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Friday, 18 January 2008

Proud mum ....

My DD passed her theory test part of her driving test today, she got 49 out of 50 .... talk about excited she's not shut up since she got home, anyone got some spare earplugs!! She just needs the driving instructor to put her in for the practical driving part now and then that'll be another 18 year old let loose on the roads LOL

Progress pic of the 'pinkie' i'm loving this, the colours are stunning, this is the front almost finished. Did you all get the Papillon Creations newsletter?? I've decided that i will be stitching the monthly SAL called 'How Does Your Garden Grow' anyone else doing it??
I'm in the process of sorting out threads and fabby so i can make a start on the first part.

Hope you have a good weekend with plenty of nice weather and time with your families and of course lots of stitching time too


  1. well done to your DD on passing the test one step closer to scaring us all on the roads.
    The pinkie looks great

  2. Congrats to your DD, coincidence, DS has his in the morning, I'm sat here listening to my DD test him.

  3. I've fallen in love with the PC SAL too.

  4. You're right, the PC SAL is gorgeous - I love the colours used in the speciality stitch version!

    Well done to your DD too!

  5. Congrats to dd she must be over the moon...
    The "Pinkie" is gorgeous...well done with it.
    Good weather Julie?? It's bucketing down here all day today, yesterday the day you get the picture. Roll on Spring and some brighter days....
    Happy stitching....
    And ((((((hugs)))))))

  6. Your pinkie is gorgeous! My favorite colors. Congratulations to your DD!

  7. Congratulations to your daughter!!
    Which of the garden's are you going to stitch I might try the speciality stitches one,not sure yet!

  8. Great piece and congrats to your DD ;)

  9. Congratulations to your daughter. Keep death off the on the pavement. ROFL.

  10. well done to your DD :)
    Mine's got hers next month, god help us!!!

    Love the pinkie, it's very pretty, well done :)

  11. Pinky looks lovely. Congrats to DD. And yes to PC.

    I am doing the speciality stitched one and after a lot of mind changing about colours I think I have made my final selection and I made a start on it tonight. (Barnabee on hold now till wednesday)

  12. Congratlations to your DD, my DD passed her test in December - I'm not over worrying every time she goes out
    Lovely stitching even though I'm not a fan of pink.
    I love the PC freebie - am planning to start soon, can't quite believe the number of new starts I have this month, I think my stitching for the whole year is sorted now!

  13. Love your WIP Julie... it's certainly very pink, which is great! :o)

  14. Congratulations to your DD Julie. :0)
    Your WIP is gorgeous, can't wait to see it completed.
    I love the mixed stitch PC piece, am so tempted by it too.

  15. Congratulations Amy!!! Soon be no more Mum's taxi:) Lol!

    Your pink piece looks gorgeous:)

    I don't think I've got time to fit the PC mystery in as yet. I'd love to start it but too much going on I think and I'm getting very frustrated that I can't get on fast enough to stitch what I want! Lol!

  16. That is so pretty! Congratulations to your daughter.

  17. Julie,

    Great job on the pinkie. I just love the colors. Your irises are beautiful.


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