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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Spring is on it's way ...

I noticed that my iris have opened since the weekend, could it be the hour of sunshine we had this morning?

I have been resting and stitching, still not up to par and been back to the dr's for another check up and more blood tests ... have to wait for the results of these. I've done some to the indian and some more to the pinkie but not enough to warrant an update pic. I've also made a small birthday gift for a stitching friend whose birthday is later this month, so unfortunately that can't be revealed yet.

Tonight is UFO night at Jayne's, Mr Stick is on the prowl again, hope you are all beavering away and stitching like mad LOL


  1. Oh those flowers look so hopeful of spring. Will have to venture out into the garden tomorrow and see if I have anything opening. I have noticed a few shoots peeping through here and there so im hopeful..

    ps please thank Mr Stick for giving me permission to change days.

  2. Lucky, lucky you. Beautiful flowers. I'm green with envy. We had another snow storm last night/this morning. Next, the blast of near zero weather. Brrr. I'm kinda over this Winter stuff & would like to fast-forward to Spring.

  3. I wish my iris's would bloom. It is so cold and blustery here, had a warm up for a snow storm that left us with 8 inches. now its back it sub below zero temps.

  4. Pretty flowers! I hope you are feeling better soon!
    I was good and did some stitching on my UFO =)

  5. Your irises are gorgeous. Spring may well have begun ;)

  6. (((((Hugs))))) Julie - hope you're feeling better soon.
    Beautiful flowers but Wow, they're out early!
    Oh, & please tell Mr Stick I've been good. ;0)

  7. Beautiful flowers Julie. It's lovely here today although it's very windy and chilly. The sun is out and they sky is blue!

    Hope you're feeling much better soon {{{{{hugs}}}}}


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