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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Wednesday already ...

Thought i ought to show you 'the indian' although i seem to have spent more time reading this week and neglected the stitching a bit. Sometimes i think we all need a break to persue other things we like doing. Tonight it's the stitchy club and a lady has a birthday so we'll be having cream cakes and you can't stitch and eat cream cakes so not a lot will get done there, it will be more chat and laughter instead LOL

Last night Mr Stick was out keeping an eye on his band of 'twiglets' to see if they were stitching. This is such a fun night at Jayne's and the girls are really making great progress on their UFO's. It's amazing just how a project can grow even when you only stitch on it 1 night a week ... well done girls.

Local weather forecast at lunchtime said we are in for some snow flurries at the weekend coming over to the UK from the US.... I'm hoping it is only flurries and not some of the deep stuff some of you had. I know you all like to share, but i wouldn't have minded you keeping this!!


  1. wow your Indian looks great
    Hope you don't get snow , it's very cold here today

  2. The Indian is growing quickly Julie, it's a lovely piece. :0)
    Snow? Ooer - best go check the forecast for round here, wasn't expecting that.

  3. The Indian looks great,I have been neglecting my reading,I have a book that I have been reading for weeks!!
    Thank you for the comments on my other blog They are very much appreiciated( hugs)

  4. WOW! that is awesome. I cant wait to see it finished.
    Have fun at the stitchy club tonite.

  5. Indian is looking fab - it looks like you have got loads done since your last update :)

    We have had snow forecast too and i hope it is the deep stuff I LOVE snow LOL

  6. Looking good Julie. You're really moving along with it.

    Oooh I hope we get some snow!


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