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Thursday, 31 January 2008

Happy Birthday Stephanie ...

Steph is a member of our stitchy club and this is the little handbag sized paper tissue holder i stitched for her.

Why didn't i remember i had this chart?? It was in CrossStitcher Magazine 1998 and appeared when i was having a sort out, another of those 'lost or forgotten in the somewhere safe place' items LOL

Cut two 6" lengths of 16ct aida band, stitch any design you like on each piece of banding, back each with co-ordinating fabric, add a backing piece sewing all round it, turn right side out, insert the handbag sized tissues and hey presto!! I overlapped the banding a little in the middle so that it would sit flat and not sag when you pull out a tissue


  1. That is a lovely design,I bet she loved it!
    I love looking though old mags and stitching something that I just didn't get around to the first time

  2. What a novel gift idea - love it Julie. Bet it was well received too.
    Ah, there are several of those "safe places" in my house too! LOL

  3. Love the tissue holder Julie. What a brilliant idea.

  4. That is a great gift Julie, well done :).

  5. Great gift that you made. It's beautiful. Your "Indian" piece is coming along quite nicely ;)

  6. what a good idea Julie, its lovely and useful too.

  7. what a wonderful idea! I bet Stephanie was really pleased :)

  8. That's a pretty finish.
    Wonderful idea.

  9. Julie,

    Your tissue holder is top rate! I love the colors and the pattern. What a nice gift. Have a great week.


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