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Monday, 4 February 2008

Our snow ...

We woke up to a couple of inches on Saturday, but by lunchtime it was all melted away as the sun decided to come out - typical!!
Had a quiet day yesterday beavering away on 'the indian', tail feathers are all done and hopefully the lower wing will be soon if i don't get distracted with something else.... like the Feb challenge or the colouring book page at TS or the pinkie LOL


  1. I love the look of snow before anything or anyone walks on it, pity it melted so fast.
    Looking forward to seeing more of the Indian

  2. You had a little more than us then,it did look lovely :0)
    Can't wait to see another progress pic!

  3. So it's you that kept all the snow! We didn't even get that much.
    Looking forward to seeing your next Indian update. :0)

  4. what a lovely photo of the snow, we only got a tiny bit and it was gone before we could blink :(

  5. We haven't had any :-(( Nope not a scrap, whisper or reeze of any, weather emn said that we would have and even said that we had, but out of my window, there was nowt!!


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