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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Bye Bye Bunny's ...

The chart for the bookmark is from an old Gallery magazine. It was parts of a kitchen sampler that i adapted to fit. I decided on the yellow edged 28ct linen band to make it a bit different and attached this fabric i found in my stash onto the back with the iron on 'wundaweb' skirt/trouser turning up stuff as i wanted it to be as thin as possible. A member of our stitching club is going to laminate it to make it wipe clean and protect it. You can see the book underneath that was donated to us as the prize for the best in the cookery section by Sarah Raven the author.

I'd like you to meet Lucy-Lu, she is the house rabbit of a friend of mine. She is such a character and runs to meet me when i go to visit and expects a nice treat. She was the inspiration for the first bunny i made (Rupert). If you remember he was the Easter gift for Lucy's owner. I have made and given away 22 more bunny's since then and decided that it would be nice for the final one to be Lucy-Lu herself. I'm still waiting to hear that one of the bunny's has arrived safely with it's owner in the US but decided that today i would give knitted Lucy-Lu to her new mum.

The knitting needles are still in the workbox as i've decided to knit something for my entry into the show this year. It can be anything knitted but i have found a lovely pattern for a very different kind of toy that i started yesterday. Wonder if you can guess what it might be ....

I'd like to thank you all for your wonderful comments whilst making the bunny's and i've had some really nice emails about them asking if they are for sale. Unfortunately the copyright wording on the pattern states that you are not allowed to make any kind of commercial or industrial profit from them so this is not an option - i'm so sorry as i really do enjoy knitting them.


  1. Lucy lu (the first) looks so sweet, so its hardly suprising that her namesake is sweet too. Will really miss seeing all the bunnies Julie as I have enjoyed all the fun with them, and between you and the bunnies I think you have made a lot of people very happy.

  2. Wonderful Bookmark!
    Aww what sweet bunnies both the Lucy-lu's are. Wow 22 bunnies sent out in the world!!That sounds like a lot of wool!
    I am curious as to what your new project is...I have no idea! But I am sure it'll be wonderful whatever it is!

  3. I love the bunnies!! the real and the knitted kind.... they are all lovely.

  4. Lovely bookmark.
    I know what you are knitting :O)
    Have both the Lucy-Lu's been introduced yet?

  5. Wow 22 bunnies! You have been busy with those knitting needles! I shall miss seeing them.

  6. Lovely bookmark Julie - that'll be one lucky winner. :0)
    Another cute bunny - I'll miss seeing them.

  7. So long bunnies! Lucy Lu is a fitting tribute. I've enjoyed seeing your stitched bunnies.

    The book mark looks super! I like the back, in keeping with the theme. Good job!

    Can't wait to see what your knitted entry into the fair will be. I'm guessing mother hen and chicks (I've still got that pattern on my brain I guess, LOL)

  8. Gorgeous bookmark :) Hello to Lucy-lu 1 and Lucy-lu 2, both are very pretty girls!! Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog too...much appreciated!

  9. Lovely bunny rabbit.

    Wonderful bookmark, Sarah Raven is a favourite of mine, but more on the gardening side of things.

  10. Lovely bookmark Julie.
    All the winners get at our show is a little purple card that says "Best in Show" ;D

  11. I am going to miss your bunnies, Julie and I have only just begun coming here! I love the pretty!

  12. I love your knitted bunnies. Absolutely cute !


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