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Sunday, 22 June 2008

Revealing ...

Today is reveal day at JA for the challenge. Here's what i decided to do with the free chart from Blue Ribbon Designs 'Wishing you Health and Happiness.' I've now put it away in the 'safe place' so i can use it as a Christmas pressie - it's great to be organised, just hope i remember where it is when it comes time to wrap it up LOL

Mr Funny Bunny has arrived with his new wife and family .... i'm sure you'll all soon know where he's gone to and what strange and funny antics he'll be getting up to ...... i would just like to point out that i didn't choose the colour combo for this one, it was a specific request LOL


  1. LOL are you sure you didn't choose the colour.wonder what he will get up to
    Nice orni I like the way you finished it

  2. MMMMMMM wonder where hes gone then - only two places I can think where he may have a wife and family.

    The orni is lovely - I will have to go look I thought it was tomorrow for reveal.

  3. Lovely challenge peice, it was difficult to choose between the two. I love Mr Funny Bunny with his odd coloured sweet!

  4. The ornament looks wonderful. And another cute bunny.

  5. Lovely ornament Julie:) You've finished it so nicely.

    Lol! I dread to think what bunny will get up.

  6. Your SAL ornie looks very nice! Love the bow on the corner.
    Funny bunny is just like the real ones. Colors scattered. Great job.

  7. Lovely ornament Julie. Whenever I put anything in a "safe" place I can never find it again! (LOL)

  8. wow Julie, you are amazing with your bunnies. I cannot believe how many of them you have whipped up!! It will be interesting to see where this guy is going!!! Adorable! Love the stitched piece as well!!!! BRD is one of my favorite designers!!!

  9. Oh my goodness; Mr. Funny Bunny is SO CUTE! I think that one is my favorite of your bunny-finishes thus far. ;)

    The Christmas ornament is just beautiful, and it is sure to add a touch of grace and homestitched elegance to *any* tree. Great job!


  10. Beautiful ornie - love the finish Julie. :0) That safe place is deadly though - it's like a blackhole that everything disappears into. LOL
    I'm off to Karen's blog next to see what Mr FB has been getting up to. LOL

  11. Oh lovely JA ornament piece Julie.

    Karen's bunny is weird, but then again so is she sometimes LOL


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