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Friday, 27 June 2008

It's Friday!!

Not much was achieved on ED's Summer at the stitchy club on Wednesday as we had a heated debate, so i continued with this yesterday to get some more of the border completed. It's gone away now as today is Friday and the Friendship Tree will be out again. The new lady who started a couple of weeks ago had been to another group and was told she doesn't stitch properly, so we had a discussion about the rights and wrongs of stitching.

Are you ladies having withdrawal symptoms now my knitted bunny's are finished? Karen has set up a blog for them so that the ladies have somewhere to post pics of what they are getting up to (she knows i can't be trusted on the PC!). It starts 24th April with the wool box and the first 'alpha male bunny' Rupert. There is a pic of all the rabbits on there and surprisingly there are no two the same. If you want to keep up to date with their travels (one has even been on an aeroplane on her hols hasn't she Rachael) and the other exciting stuff they have been doing, hop on over to Rabbit-Rabbit.

It's going to be a quiet week here, DD is off on her hols with the boyfriend to Tenerife this afternoon. It's her first trip abroad and without the family. She is so excited and i am so scared. DH has set off with them to the airport. Anyone would think she was going for a month with the amount of stuff she's got packed LOL

Enjoy your weekend whatever you have planned, its supposed to be a wet one here, so i guess i'll have to stay in and find something to do inside .... wonder what that might be!!


  1. Summer is coming along nicely Julie. Not much summer here right now as it's raining!

    Hope Amy has a fantastic time!

  2. Summer is growing!!
    Happy travels you your DD !!
    (I gotta go elevate my foot!)

  3. I have come to the conclusion there are some terrible snobs in the stitching world. How can you not stitch right??? Are you supposed to stand on your head or something LOL. I would love to know more (cant help it I am very nosey and these things interest me).

    Summer is growing nicely.

  4. I agree with Helen, how can you not stitch right? You'll have to tell us more Julie lol

    I hope your DD has a wonderful holiday, and that she keeps in contact so mum isn't too worried! My DD2 wants to go to the Reading Festival and I'm worried about THAT and she will be in the same country lol

  5. How can you not stitch right??? you have piqued my interest too.
    no more bunnies:(
    I was thinking about writing you to ask how much you were selling them for? I can scratch that out now, lol

  6. Summer is lovely Julie, well done. Awwww no more bunnines, that's a shame they were gorgeous. What are you knitting next?? huh??

    So what is the right way to stitch?? lol I would hate anyone to see the back of my

    Hope dd has a lovely holiday try not to worry too much Julie.

    hugs, and happy stitching and knitting...

  7. Oh your DD will be fine having a wonderful time,I do hope you keep your mind active with lots of stitching/knitting so you don't fret too much.
    I am quite intrigued by the discussion of how to stitch the right way,I love a good debate!! lol
    BTW~Summer is looking wonderful

  8. can you stitch wrong...stitching is

    I have loved hopping over to Rabbit Rabbit and catching up on the knitted flopsies.

    Enjoy the peace with no DD for a week...:)


  9. Our babies grow up too quick, don't they? Hope you're not worrying too much Julie (((((hugs))))).
    Summer is coming along nicely. There's no right or wrong way to stitch - there's just your way!


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