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Saturday, 28 June 2008

How to stitch correctly ....

Conclusion of the ladies at the stitching club on Wednesday - so long as the stitcher is happy with the end result thats all that matters ....

1. Who cares how you hold the frame or what type it is
there is not 1 type of frame that is better than all the rest, it's a personal choice
2. OR what direction your crosses go in
so long as they are all the same way, it doesn't matter which way you do it
3. OR if you cast on with a loop or not
depends how you have learnt and if someone shows you something different
4. and can anyone tell me the correct way to sit when you stitch???
If you could see me all scrunched up on the sofa with my workbox at the side with all my stuff on it and the frame bundled up next to my not quite as slim as it once was midrift, i'm sure i dont sit properly either, but its comfy and i like it!!!

No stitching but knitting whilst watching BB last night (i know i'm sad, but it's DH who is keeping up with this so i had to watch it!) Friendship Tree came out this morning instead for a couple of hours and i stitched the fence and the little kitty whilst keeping a close eye on Midge. He's not too good, he's had a run in with a rose bush the vet thinks and he's got a nasty swelling in his armpit area. She gave him 2 injections and some antibiotics yesterday and wants to recheck him again in a week in case he needs to have it operated on and a closer look.

Amy rang from Tenerife... they arrived safely and the flight was only delayed by one hour so that was good. Even better was the pizza they had with The Keiser Chiefs in the airport before they left, so that made her holiday a success even before it started.


  1. glad Amy arrived ok ,poor Midge I hope he feels better soon, the LHN is looking good.

  2. I completely agree with your 1-4! So glad Amy arrived safely with little delay. AND your friendship tree looks great; those kitties are so cute!

  3. Glad Amy had a safe flight. Enjoyed the vid & song. :0)
    Poor Midge - hope he's much better soon (((((hugs))))).
    FT is looking lovely - will it be a HD soon?
    Sounds like somebody at the other group needs to get over themselves! Poor woman, it's a wonder it didn't put her off for life!

  4. The other lot sound like a group of snobs to me! She's well rid of them. I dread to think what they'd think if they saw me stitching!
    Glad DD got away safely and enjoyed meeting the KC's ... nice memory :)
    Hope puss is feeling better soon

  5. lol little tip - did you know that if you are doing an RR with a person who does not stitch the same way as you - then just turn the work and the chart on its side and stitch the piece sideways, when it is done and you turn it the correct way your stitching will to the same way as theirs.

    Stitching looking good and DD sounds like she all set for excellent hols

  6. Hi Julie, your blog is lovely. I found the link in your siggy.
    Your LHN looks wonderful. Hope Midge feels better soon. Glad Amy arrived safely.

  7. Sending {{{{hugs}}}}to Midge...hope he isbetter soon. Glad to hear Amy arrived safely.
    Friendship Tree is looking great...not much more left on it to do..I think.
    I sit scrunched up on the sofa too with all my stuff on the seat next to me...and a loop start is impossible with one!!

  8. I never could understand stitching snobs. Glad she found your group.
    While correct posture is good for a person... I don't think it's necessary when your relaxing. Perhaps the name of the other group is "Boot Camp"?? ;O)

    I like Stitchingranny's tip about turning the work. Neat!!

    Your poor kitty! Hope everything heals up quick and he's back to himself again.

  9. i hope Midge feel better soon. In my honest opinion you stitch the way you feel comfortable and to **** with the rest. You must be doing something right all these years cos you have a lot of projects completed and they have been wonderful pieces of work.

  10. This piece is so pretty, you've made me want to stitch it for a friend ;)

  11. The friendship tree is great! I hope Midge is feeling better already. BTW I love your bunnies! If you can't sell them would you swap one? There is a good home in Finland for a little bunny. :)

  12. Your LHN is coming along well Julie:) It looks lovely.

    Hope Midge is better soon.

    Oh wow I bet Amy was on cloud 9! Hope she's having a great time.

  13. If there was a right way to stitch, you can be sure I'm not doing it that way.

    I stitch in hand, using a hoop/frame or whatever gives me cramp in my hand, backache using a stand and I like to stitch with my needle on top of the fabric at every available opportunity (just like hand sewing).

  14. I don't know what is up with me at the moment,I think I have left a comment,but I go back and find I haven't!! I think old age is catching up with me!!!
    I agree as long as the stitcher is happy with what they are doing,I hope Midge is better,Did they operate?
    Oh wow Keiser Chiefs lucky Amy!!


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