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Sunday, 15 June 2008

Nuts, nuts, nuts ...

Yes, i know you all think i am and have been for a while.... but it's the acorn nuts i added to the LHN 'Friendship Tree' SAL with Karen now we are on Week 10. So you see i didn't add what i thought i would and did something completely different ... stitchers choice i call it LOL

A lovely Mary Engelbreit card came in the post yesterday and enclosed was a beautiful green hand dyed thread from Missy at TS, its a gorgeous colour and i'll look forward to using that. Thank you Missy for your kindness. xx

2 more bunny's have made their journey over the big water safely. Gillian landed in Jana's mailbox, and Michelle received Michael.

The final one for the ladies who entered my Easter Competition on the TS MB was posted out yesterday so hopefully if Royal Mail play nicely all should have arrived within the next 10 days.

Bunny news ... I've been asked to make a special gentleman with certain colours. I can't tell you where he's going, but i can tell you he'll definately be putting the words FUN AND LAUGHTER into bunnyworld!!! Also, DS has asked me to make a whole family for his friends daughters birthday in August so the knitting pins wont be going away just yet.

Happy Fathers Day to all dads. My DH has had a lovely day so far, the kids and i clubbed together and bought him a grass strimmer/hedge cutter so you can guess what he's been up to today. {{Big hug}} to those of you who have angel dads like i do.


  1. Oh wow week 10 already,hasn't time flew!! Looks great love the 'nuts'
    I have an Angel Dad as well,So I always try and make an effort for DH and the kids ,I am even cooking Sunday dinner which I never do

  2. The SAL is coming along great, Julie.

  3. the LHN looks great , I like the new bunnies

  4. Julie, it's official; you are nuts! lol I love your progress on Friendship Tree~that cat is so cute close up.

    Gillian is so adorably pudgy. I love the bunny updates!

  5. Oh Julie, how sweet, Angel Dads, I do like that.

    The bunnies are lovely but I think they have been up to no good as Gillian has a certain look about her and a rather plump middle.

    Your Sal is growing nicely its a long way from looking like a lamp-post now.

  6. Ooooo... mysterious bunny news!! You knit at the speed of light, girl!! Pretty additions.

    My angel Daddy is too far away for a hug :O( but glad your boy got a new toy to play with!! LOL.

    Tell Midge that a "birdie" had something to do with golfing! hehe

    I would say nice... ummm... stitching. I'm too much of a lady to talk about nuts. ;o)oops.

  7. Your Friendship Tree is looking great!

  8. Big (((((hugs))))) back Julie.

    FT is looking lovely.
    More cute bunnies & more to come - Yay! :0)

  9. Wow your LHN is really coming along Julie:)

    Lots of {{{{{hugs}}}}}

  10. How awesome! Beautiful stitching.I for one really like the acorns! I love acorns anyway, I think they're so neat; that and they remind me of the chipmunks that usually go along with the acorns. It is a beautiful piece and you're doing a fabulous job on it!

    Those bunnies are soooo precious!!! I'm jealous. LOL I have bunnies (the homemade fabric types). These knit ones would be great companion friends for them! They're just so cute! I don't knit--but I crochet. I might have to take a peek and see if there is a crochet version!

    Keep up the awesome work!



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