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Thursday, 12 June 2008

A new baby ....

Esther was a quickie knit baby bunny for Lisa's daughter Chloe. She is having some problems at school right now and needed a little friend. She arrived safely today and i'm looking forward to seeing some piccies on her blog of what they get up to together.

4 more are on their way to their new homes, 2 should have arrived by now, so i'm eagerly awaiting confirmation from their new mummy's before i post a picture. Not many more to go now and you can all breathe a sigh of relief that they are finished LOL

I took 'summer' with me to the stitching club last night. We had a new lady come to join us, so i got a lot done while i was listening to what she had to say to us all about her stitching projects and what she likes/dislikes.

Yoga class today, and boy did she work us hard, i dont normally hurt after but as the day has gone on i feel a bit sore. A good excuse to sit and stitch i think, and of course tomorrow is LHN SAL with Karen, Friday sure does come round quickly doesn't it!!!


  1. summer is coming along nicely , I hope Lisa's daughter likes her new friend

  2. Ooo, Summer looks lovely! Those green leaves are so delicate looking! Very nice stitching.

    Love the bunnies. I'll be sad when you stop knitting them.

  3. I loved the bunny stories. They are so cute too!

  4. I will miss the bunnies too - love hearing about their travels and adventures...rofl

  5. Oh, I bet Chloe will love it & am sure it'll give her a lift in spirits. :0) I'll miss seeing those bunnies.
    Summer is coming on well.

  6. Your bunnies are so cute. "Summer" is looking good ;)

  7. Nice summer stitches! Can't wait for an update on the tree.

    Sweet little bunny :o)

    I missed one day of yoga and I feel like my muscles are lazy already. At least I can choose when to stop. Does your Yoga instructor us a whip? LOL ;o)

  8. I bet Chloe will love her bunny:)

    Summer is looking lovely.

    I haven't done any yoga since I started to feel off balance and sick when I was doing it. I really need to try again but I'm wondering if it's doing something to my neck when I'm stretching and looking up.

  9. Now if I didnt know better I would think you were Maralyn Munroe, or Micky Mouse lol.

    I shall miss the little bunnies when production stops. In fact I have been wondering what Harriet has been up to lately, will need to have a word with Karen and check shes not left home.


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