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Monday, 16 June 2008

Home produced ...

DH came up the garden with a big grin on his face yesterday afternoon and asked what was for tea? he then gave me his 1st mini cucumber of the year, so we had a lovely ham salad. He tells me there are plenty more to come ... yipeeee!!! His weekend visit to the allotment saw his first crop of new potatoes being eaten for our Sunday dinner. Home produced fruit and veggies taste so much better.

Thank you Royal Mail for taking care of Margaret, she's arrived safely in the USA with Sharon.

Stitching - Front of the biscornu for the exch at JA is complete, i'll start the back later today. Another secret exchange so a no-show till reveal date. Personally, i prefer it when they're not secret exchanges so you can thank the stitcher immediately and show it and others can ask questions about the design/fabby etc as i feel when the reveal date comes up its not quite the same. Also, recorded delivery means you put your name/address on the envelope so it kind of defeats the object - but thats just my opinion and wont stop me from joining in with them.

The monthly challenge is also completed and a picture emailed off to Karen for the album. It's going to be a fun one this time as with the MB being down in May we were able to choose any of the charts listed so there will be a lot of variations this time, roll on next week and the reveal date for that one.

Happy stitching and crafting!


  1. Oh my Margaret looks so shy and innocent and you sent her out into the big bad world all on her own. How could you?

    I know we have 2 sorts of lettuce and herbs and carrots growing in the greenhouse along with the tomatoes this year. Can hardly wait for salad for tea.

  2. Cute cuecumber lol , we used to grow cue's and other salad bits in the greenhouse when we had the restaurant , the girls that worked for us used to love going down and picking the tomatoes and cues
    Margaret is very pretty

  3. I've never had any luck growing cues, I always get one or two off then the plant keels over on me!
    I can manage any other kind of veg, just not cucumbers!
    Miss Margaret is just adorable!

  4. Very pretty bunny.
    I envy you the homegrown goodies: tomatoes especially taste better than supermarket bought. We buy from Farm Shops, as the next best option, whenever possible. :0)
    Looking forward to reveal day too.

  5. You make lovely rabbits!
    kind regards,

    Sonnja & Beertje Zonn
    from the Netherlands

  6. Margaret is a real cutie:)

    My Dad always grows cucumbers and tomatoes and he has some potatoes growing too.

  7. The closest I come to veggies yet, is buds... not even blossoms :(
    Your cucumber looks fresh and delish!

    What a sweet bunny.

  8. Ohh you can't beat home grown veggies especially new tatties all tasting earthy, did you have with butter and mint sauce?

    Looking forward to seeing everyones monthly challenge peices, I am almost done.

    I totally agree with the secret exchanges, it does defeat the object when putting your details on the

  9. Congratulations to your DH on his new cucumbers! I agree with you, home-grown vegetables DO taste so much better than the store-bought variety! =)

    As for Margaret -- HOW CUTE!!! I agree with StitchingGranny though, how could you send her out into the 'wild blue' all by herself? Poor widdle thing. I really like her!! You're very talented, and I'm glad you visited my blog, because now I have a new favorite blog to read!! lol


  10. Wow, your LHN 'Friendship Tree' is looking great. Can't wait to see an update.

    And aren't fresh gardens awesome. We only have room for tomato's this year. I'll miss the melons and cumbers.

    Margaret looks great. Do you sell these or make them for friends?

  11. I do like a bit of fresh veg,we get Beetroot of the FIL and DH cooks it when I am out,as I can't stand the smell of them cooking ,but love eating them!
    Oh and must make a start on my monthly challenge piece :-0
    Another cute Bunny!!


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