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Thursday, 19 June 2008

Summ progress ...

on Elizabeth Designs 'Summer' at the stitchy club, but you know how it is ... you get this idea in your head of what you hope to achieve and you rarely get it done. To get to where i had hoped to be i sat for an hour or so in my pj's in the conservatory this morning and got the left hand side of the outer border completed. I even answered the door to the postie in them, that gave him a surprise LOL

Royal Mail sure is playing nicely recently, another of my bunny's has arrived safely with Kathy in the US.

I hope i haven't jinxed the postal service by saying that as i'm off to the post office tomorrow to post out the 'funny bunny' to his new mum and also the biscornu for the exchange at JA as i finished that off this afternoon. As i said before no pic to show you till reveal date, which i think is 11th July. I wont forget to show you though as i have added a label to my list in the side bar to remind me that i need to reveal it (i have a brain like a sieve recently!)
Tomorrow is Friday, so that means the Friendship Tree is back out again WOOHOO!!!


  1. summer looks great, another bunnie gone arboard lol they will be taking over soon

  2. Bunnies taking over the world!!
    Actually I have a video game of just that!! It's called "Raving Rabbids"(no spelling error there). Too much fun! You certainly can stitch those faster that rabbits can... never mind. ;o)

    "Summer" has grown quite a bit in my oppinion and looking very nice. Finally it has arrived for real here too!

  3. Summer is looking lovely. A very smart looking bunny too. :0)

  4. Lovely work on Summer, Julie, well done :)
    I've really enjoyed seeing all your little bunny's and finding out where they've flown to. This latest one is soooo cute ;)

  5. I have the same game as Lori-Ann! Your little bunnies are much much cuter!

    Summer looks very nice, I can't wait to see more!

  6. Summer is a great choice for a bit of midsummer stitching!
    Well done on finishing your exchange biscornu. The frogs got into mine big time, so I've still got a long way to go

  7. HI Julie, your Summer looks great, cant wait to see more....

    You've got bunnies all over the world Julie, lol, they are soo cute.

    Hope you're keeping well...hugs and happy stitching/knitting....

  8. Summer is looking gorgeous Julie.

    Another cute bunny:) They are breeding like...... well bunnies!

    Looking forward to seeing the LHN.


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