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Tuesday, 10 September 2013


The Horticultural and Craft show on Saturday was a great success.

It's a lot of hard work organising and making sure all goes to plan, but well worth the effort.

So many excited faces of the exhibitors as they pick up their winning rosettes and trophies and they tell you all about the gardening and craft plans they have for next years show.  Seeing what others enter, you can almost hear the cogs in their brains whirling away with excitement for next time.

There were 17 shows within 30 miles of ours this weekend alone.  Fully qualified judges who are trained to Royal Horticultural Society rules and standards and follow a 3 year course to become qualified judges are booked well in advance to attend.  We were a little down on entries from last year, a couple of major entrants were sadly unwell or in hospital and a couple were having a late holiday but there were still lots of nice things to see on the show benches.

We have lots of ladies who do some wonderful crafts in the community

Home Sewn Veg!

DD did well, her raspberry jam won 1st and also her decorated cup cakes took a 1st place rosette, she was thrilled.

Hubby only entered his tomatoes and cucumbers this year.  Both came 1st and he won the trophy for the best vegetable with his cucumbers. 

Disaster vegetable is a funny one, this carrot made us smile ...
Flower arrangement on a standard cup and saucer is a fun category

and this years themed floral decoration was Halloween

Shores was my only entry this year.  It did look lovely all framed and sitting on the bench. 

It's not the best feeling to win best hobby and handicraft section and also take the cup for the Best Exhibit in the Show when you're an organiser.  I tried very hard to bribe the judges after the room was re-opened after the judging had taken place to choose another winning exhibit, but they wouldn't play nicely.  You guessed it, that means the Best in Show sampler did come back home with me!

There were mutterings again about organisers not being allowed to enter as its not fair to those who are newcomers to entering, so we'll be discussing that as a committee again next year.  What's your view on that, should organisers be allowed to enter?  There are very strict guidelines for exhibiting that they adhere too and mark from.

After the show we auction off all the produce and flowers that have been exhibited and the proceeds go to a charity.  This year the money went to a local 10 year old little girl with Rhetts Syndrome.  They are trying to raise funds for a new motorised wheelchair for her and local people dug deep and we raised quite a bit to add to their fund.

Is there a show near you that you enter?  Do you go along to look or are you brave enough to enter and try to get a win?


  1. Oh, I'm so excited for you, Julie--I am not at all surprised that your Shores won "Best in Show." You well deserve to win it! We don't have fairs at all around here so I really enjoyed seeing all the photos of the various entries from your local fair. The disaster vegetable is so funny!! We've had a few of those here that we could have entered...

    Anyway--congratulations--I'm so happy for you!

  2. No fairs or shows to enter in around me but they do look like fun. Congrats on your Shores first place finish, it is lovely :)

  3. Congrats for the shores for the first place win...
    Beautiful fair
    Hugs x

  4. Very Well done Julie. A fabulous piece of work,and I think organisers should be allowed to enter as it is judged independently. We have the local horticultural show and the County show. I did win best apple pie in one and for 2 Brambly hedge mice bride and groom many moons ago. There is also the Arts and Crafts show too , so many this way.
    There are so many talented people out there .
    Hugs to both

  5. Yay! Good for you Julie!
    I keep trying to convince myself to enter our State Fair.

  6. Well done Julie I am so glad you won and your DH your work is just wonderful
    Oh we have the same here you just can't please everyone.
    I can not see why you can't enter different if you were the judge hugs.

  7. Congratulations! Shores was well deserving of Best in Show! I have entered our local county fair here for over 20 years. When you bring your exhibits in, the judges are not around, and the intake person carefully folds over your name on the exhibit tag so that it can't be seen, in order to avoid accusations of favoritism.

  8. We don't know this kind of fair around here. But it must be very exciting to go and look at all the entries in the different sections. And even more exciting when you win. And you won well deserved - Shores looks really gorgeous. Congratulations!

  9. Great photos from the show Julie. Congratulations on the win for you, hubby and your dd. I see no reason why you shouldn't enter.

  10. I enjoyed seeing the photos you shared from the show : ) I agree with what Southpaw Stitcher described ... keep the names of the entrants "secret" so no one can be accused of favoritism : )

  11. If the judges are external I dont see what the problem is but you will always get mutterings...perhaps enter yours in a show near by and that will shut them up rofl xx Congratulations...the pics are lovely, and congrats to your daughter as well!

  12. I found it very interesting to read what is involved in becoming a judge. Looks like there were a lot of lovely entries. And I think your win was well deserved! Congratulations! And it looks like congratulations are in order for your husband and daughter as well! :)

  13. Congrats on the win, SHore is very beautiful

  14. Congratulations Julie,hubby and DD - I personally think that if you've taken the time and made the effort to make/cook/grow something then you are the same as any other entrant. To be honest if people question who's won they are undermining the qualified judges not the entrant which is very rude.

    Be proud of all your achievements and hang your 'Best in Show' sampler with pride !!

  15. We get disgruntled mutterings at our show too, it can be quite amusing to hang around and hear peoples comments about exhibits that beat theirs. Mostly they'd find something to complain about no matter who won (unless it was them of course).
    All the judging is completely anonymous so why not enter?
    In any case Shores is stunning, anyone can see that, it deserved to win

  16. woohoo Julie! Congrats! And how fun to see all of that in person!!!!

  17. CONGRATULATIONS JULIE!!!! That is so awesome and well deserved if you ask me :)

    If your work is that good, why shouldn't you be able to enter? If it was from an organizer who wasn't very talented, I'm sure they wouldn't make a stink about it. I hope that didn't come across the wrong way...

    I love seeing fair entries and I miss entering my pieces. I do enjoy seeing what others have done but it's also a nice boost when you got that ribbon ;)

    Enjoy it girl!

  18. Well done Julie,
    I don't think it is a problem as long as the judges are independant and not anything to the winners. Would they prefer you to step down and keep entering or to give your generous help!

  19. Congratulations on your and DH's fair winnings! Your Shores is totally deserving of Best in Show. That disaster carrot is so funny looking!

  20. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so so so happy you won!!! It's a fabulous piece and you deserve it.
    Congrats to the hubby too! :)

    Loved seeing the other types of entries. That witch doll is a cutie.

  21. Congratulations Julie! I think that is very well deserved. I don't think there's a problem with organisers enteringl. If they are external judges it is fair and impartial

    Loved seeing all the the photos.

  22. Congratulations Julie.

    The judges have no idea who's entered what and having been a steward for a WI craft judge and have her pick holes in my work shows it.

  23. PS

    I used to enter the village show every year when I was with my husband and we even gave a cup for the kids to win with crafts now I only enter the Cheshire Show

  24. Congratulations Julie, and to your DH & DD. You are a very worthy winner with Shores - it's stunning.
    Love the disaster vegetable!

  25. Well done Julie its a lovely piece of stitching and the prize is well deserved.

  26. Congratulations, it's a beautiful piece and deserving of winning. I see no problem with an organizer entering, as long as they aren't a judge of what they entered into.

  27. Well done at the show with shores! That's fantastic and a great reward for all your hard work as an organiser! Whether you approve or not - you deserve it!

    Well done to your DD and hubby too!

    I'm having another look at my blog today - see if I can do anything about the commenting problem!

  28. Congrats on the win! Shores really is an amazing piece and totally deserving of the win.

    Maybe you could have a separate category for "Previous Winners" and for "Newbies" next year?

    I remember one of our Summer Balls where everyone bought a raffle ticket and the top table were all spending loads of extra money on tickets to compete with each other who was most generous. Then they all kept winning! It got really embarrassing so one manager grandly put his prize back to be redrawn and they all felt obliged to do the same LOL.

  29. I think that it is wonderful that you were honored with Best of Show, for your beautiful 'Shores'! Oftentimes, I have thought that it is unfortunate if the organizers of a craft fair, aren't permitted to enter their own lovely pieces. If your piece was the most exquisite, then it deserved the honorable award. I am very happy for you.

    What a great fair! It must have been very well attended and so much fun. How truly wonderful that the proceeds for all of the produce and flowers went to help the little girl, with Rhett's Syndrome, to get her motorized wheelchair.


  30. Congratulations! I entered my first craft fair last winter. I was quite nervous, but I did manage to sell a few things.

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