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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Wednesday witterings ...

Time has been taken up with a computing accounts programme that has decided to act up, and you all know how lots of hours can be lost at the computer trying to figure whats gone wrong. A couple of hospital visits for me and a few family issues recently too. DH and i have also had paintbrush in hand to redecorate DS's bedroom. Decorating in this house is one of those jobs that you keep putting off but a new bed is arriving later this week so it seemed like a good idea to get it done now, very time consuming and tiring but almost complete.

Unfortunately the stitchy mojo hasn't been very active, i only managed to add 1 motif to Grand Marquoir. This weekend is the reveal of the challenge piece, i do have it stitched i just need to make it up into something before the reveal on Sunday.

Knitting has been more productive, it doesn't take so many brain cells to concentrate on this as the stitching when you are tired. A pair of socks did get finished.

I hope you have all been more productive than i have recently, at this rate i wont be getting all the things done for Christmas gifts that i had hoped too. The weeks are just flying by and this weekend the clocks are put back here in the UK too, maybe the darker winter evenings will help me to whizz along with some crafting projects.

Thanks for stopping by and your continued visits. I'm behind again with blog reading so time for a catch up this afternoon before i head off to the stitchy club this evening, i'm sure there will be lots of lovely things for me read about.


  1. Get away with you, you've been very productive, just not stitching! I love the idea of newly decorated rooms, just not the process so can sympathise!

  2. hello sweetie, if you fancy wielding that paintbrush at mine you would be most welcome lol.Love your sockies ,dh reminded me I was supposed to be knitting him a pair wasn't I (darn it he remembered!)
    A little stitching is better than none and you are way ahead of me with challenge pieces . Think if I turned this off I may get more done !! Take care will be in touch very soon.

  3. Love the new pics of the puddy's!
    Marquoir is looking great, I really want to start mine but I have promised myself a finish first!
    Oh decorating uh got to do that soon!!

  4. Good for you for tackling your painting job, Julie--I've been putting off stripping the wallpaper and painting my son's old room for almost two year!! No wonder you have not had much time to stitch...

    Your new socks look grand--hope with the longer nights you'll have more time to sit and stitch.

  5. I was getting confused as I thought it was this weekend just gone that the clocks should have gone back! Nice socks and progress is still progress on that GM! x

  6. Good luck with the painting. Lovely socks. Some progress is better than none on GM.

  7. Great socks! :)

    I haven't been all that productive lately either. I really need to nail down what I need to make for Christmas first, never mind actually knit it! lol

  8. Lovely socks. I find that stockinette stitch is just the thing for needing the brain fully engaged.

    So you do turn the clocks back over there. I was wondering about that. In Arizona we don't play with the clocks. Everyone else will get that extra hour of daylight except for us.

    I have to turn a lamp on around 5pm now. Of course, we have very few cloudy days, so I guess it all works out.

  9. the stitching looks very pretty, but oh my.......those socks are beautiful!!!! Maybe I can learn to do them this year....ha!!!
    we bought paint to do two that the boys have gone back home, maybe we can get it done!

  10. Great socks! You are well over halfway on the marquoir, so even one letter is quite a big chunk of whats left.

  11. Great job on the socks, itś beautiful!

    Our clocks turn back this weekend too, i had thought it was last weekend.

  12. I myself recently redecorated my living room and my dining room I feel your pain.

    The socks look great. Warm and cozy for the chilly weather.

  13. GM is looking great Julie and I love the socks.
    I enjoy decorating but it does eat into the stitchy time doesn't it.

  14. Lovely stitching and sox.
    Hope your hospital visits were productive I know how they can often feel a waste of time.
    Hope you are keeping well too.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes for my DD

    Woohhoo at clocks going bk an extra hour in bed not so good is the fact we have to get up in the dark!
    Hugs Shellie

  15. I'd say you were somewhat productive! The socks are lovely. One of these days I'll learn how to knit them :o)

  16. Technology - don't you just love it... not! Hope all went well with the hospital visits & that the family issues are soon sorted (((((((((hugs))))))))). Hope you're not overdoing things with that decorating. Love to see GM - it's such a bright & cheerful piece. The socks look so warm & cosy - love the colours. Take care. :0)

  17. Have fun painting. Not a job I enjoy either as I hate being upside down while it get sdone!

    Your marquoir is looking lovely. I love the colours in your latest letter.

    Nice socks. I bet they are very warm and cozy and just what is needed for the cold.

  18. Love the scoks and GM is coming along very nicely indeed... know how you feel about the decorating, it isn't our favourite job either!!

    Chris x


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