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Monday, 1 November 2010

Nice mail day

Look what dropped through my letterbox last week, this years JCS ornament magazine sent to me by my dear friend Karen. There are lots of lovely ones in there this year that have been added to the must stitch list. Thank you so much Karen, it really brightened my week.

I do hope the monthly ornament runs again next year at Stitch & Stash, its a great way to get 12 stitched and finished each year to give as pressies to family and friends and to make sure you add a new one to your own tree each year.

Talking of the monthly ornament, those of you that follow my blog will probably be wondering where the one for October is.... *hangs head in shame* and admits that the challenge this month at Stitch & Stash was the lovely free design from Gazette94 called Noel, it just screamed lovely ornament and as i have been in a more knitting/crochet mood than stitching recently i haven't actually got an ornament done this month. You can see the other finishes to the challenge in this months album - well done ladies!

DS's girlfriend is studying equestrian studies and has requested a shorter fluffy scarf for the winter months when outside in the stables. Another pressie crossed off the 'to do' list as i've been knitting away each evening when watching 'It Takes Two' the daily update on Strictly Come Dancing that is on just after we've had tea. It's amazing how quickly a knitted project grows in that 30 mins each evening.

Strictly again on Saturday evening, the full show and also Merlin, so i was firmly planted on the sofa with knitting pins again and started another pair of socks. This superwash sock wool is so lovely to knit with and was a bargain price. Very good service from Knit and Sew with speedy delivery too and even though one of the balls was out of stock they only charged me one lot of postage.

Someone has been really kind and shared their germs with me, so i am now doing a very good impression of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer as i have a cold and the tissue box permanently planted at the side of me. There seem to be a lot of germs around right now, so {{big hug}} to the poorly folks, i hope you feel better soon.

I'm hoping my cold does a quick disappearing act, but not to you, this post is germ free... honest!


  1. That WAS very sweet of Karen :o)

    Your knitting/crochet work is beautiful Julie!

  2. Love your monthly challenge finish.
    There are some stunning designs in this years ornie mag aren't there? Next on my list is the Plum Street Samplers one

  3. Love your October ornament!! :)

    There are so many nice designs in this year's JCS mag I'm not sure where to start!

  4. Hi Julie
    Hope your cold goes soon they can be so debilitating when you already have probelms can't they. Good luck with you scan, I see my man on the 13th gawd knows what he will say its 2 years since my clear MRI so maybe he will suggest another as still no further forward on a diagnosis having said that I'd rathe rhe was sure rather than telling me I had something I dont have llike when I was supposed to have lupus I went 10 years thinking thats what I had.
    Anyway enough of my waffle lovely work as always esp the ornies and great ornie mag too
    Hugs and Love Shellie

  5. Hi Julie,

    I can't wait to see you stitch up some of the ornaments from Karen's gift to you.

    Your October ornament looks great, and so does your knitting.

  6. Oh lucky you, I have that mag and have already started my second ornie from there, LOL It has brought my stitchy bug back with it!
    Love those socks
    Noel looks pretty with the green letters!

  7. Lucky you Julie, I haven't got my hands on a JCS this year yet. Your knitting looks great as does your ornament finish.

  8. I look forward to seeing what ornaments you stitch from the JCS magazine. The scarf looks gorgeous. Lovely challenge piece completed, I still haven't finished mine. Hope your cold soon goes.

  9. what a great friend you have in Karen!!! That is awesome!!
    The ornament you stitched is gorgeous....I love having the challenge of stitching an ornament a month. None of my groups have done that this year & I haven't stitched them.
    Sorry to hear someone shared their bad germs with you.......don't they know better??? Get better soon!

  10. I am happy for you that Karen gifted you with the issue. There are a lot of beauties to stitch.
    I still haven't jumped in and knitted any socks but I admire the yarns everytime I go to Hobby Lobby.

  11. Well hello there Julie,
    Oh I like that challenge piece and will maybe have to do that at a later date.Also the colour of the socks very-nice.
    What are we going to do when strictly finishes,I am afraid I am a complete addice and my name is Barbara lol.
    I have yet to do a ornie from this years so much to do so little time.
    Awwww poor you hope you feel better soon -perhaps you should just curl up under the snuggly blanket with a good book ,and I am not laughing at your red nose honest . Take care sweetie.

  12. Enjoy your mag Julie. There are some gorgeous ones in it this year.

    Love your challenge piece. I didn't get it done again!

    Lovely knitting. I'll save the website for future reference.

    Hope you're feeling much better soon {{{hugs}}}

  13. karen is so generous to gift you the most wanted magazine of the year.
    Super nice ornament
    Get better soon!

  14. Nice post - if the cover is anything to go by there are going to be a lot in there going on the Must Stitch list. Lovely ornie finish. The scarf looks warm... & a lush colour. Lovely socks too. :0)
    Hope you feel much better soon (((((hugs))))).

  15. You monthly challenge finish looks lovely.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  16. Knits always give me the "warm fuzzies", great stitches.

    This ornament magazine is full of some great patterns (I think). Too bad I can't stitch that fast, LOL.

  17. I love those cute little stockings idea. I should make some to stick in my DD and DGD presents.

    My neighbor has been coming over and trying to share his cold germs with us all weekend.


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