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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Stitch, hook, knit ...

My car is off the road, it needs quite a bit of welding work doing to it, it's an old car that belonged to my late dad so it's quite sentimental but it looks like it wont be viable to repair it.

With not being able to nip off on a whim to friends or run errands in the car this week, i seem to have had quite a bit of time with needle, thread and wool making gifts for Christmas.

The little trinket box is for a friend, she collects them and this little one has been in my stash for such a long time waiting to have it's design stitched. The notecube is a small extra stocking filler for my mum.

Crochet hook has been busy too with two doillys made for the aunts, these are so easy to make yet really nice, i'm sure they will be a hit when opened on the big day.

Yummy chocolate santas are to stuffed into these cute stockings for 2 little people and can then be hung on their Christmas tree in future years, they were very successful when i made them last year and are quick to knit up.

SIL's wish will be coming true, santa has decided she has been very good (as good as a girl can be!) and will indeed be receiving a pair of hand knitted socks. Purple is her favourite colour and this Superwash wool is knitting up really nicely, i think i might have to get a bit 'clicky happy' with the mouse button and go shopping to get some more so i can have a pair too. One sock completed, one more to go and with tonight being 'Strictly' night, i'll be knitting away again.

When the schools were closed for half term hols, my neighbour went abroad for a week to get some late sun. DH & i were looking after their 5 little kittys. One of them seems to be missing me as he is coming round every day for a cuddle and a quick bite of my boys food. He is a lovely boy and very affectionate but i really dont know how he got the name Treacle? A friend of mine made me smile when she said he wasn't a cat burgler, he was the Neighbourhood Taste Tester LOL.

I hope you all had a lovely bonfire night last night, or maybe you are celebrating tonight like a lot of local people here. There will be lots of loud bangs and whizzes but DH and i will be remaining at home keeping Mr Moe company as he really does get frightened and needs a cuddle. Have fun and enjoy, but please, stay safe!


  1. Sorry about the car but glad you can stitch - you have been busy!

  2. Love your doilies! I have a few stashed away that are very similiar, whipped up by my great grandmother. I'm always amazed at how all those tiny little stitches come together.

  3. Awww too bad for the car,
    but the gifts are so lovely.
    funny about the taste tester, it made me smile too.

  4. Every cloud hey Julie - at least you are getting some stitching done. Love the purple socks, they look very smart.

  5. Very sweet gifts you've made! Oh, no...that really bites about the car!

  6. Lovely gifts. Sorry to hear about the car.

  7. Will you be asking father christmas for 4 wheels then Julie?
    Looks as if Treacle has been tasting in more places than yours lol.
    How virtuous you will feel when your pressies are done they are certainly mounting up,well done.

  8. Sorry to hear about your car, i hope you will e able to get it fixed.
    I love all the presents you have made, especially that purple wool :-)
    And it looks like you have one more furry friend to feed now, lol, he's a lovely colour.

  9. Such cute finishes...especially like the note cube idea. Too bad about your car. happy stitching...

  10. Sounds like my car :(
    Great stitching, hooking and knitting, the little stockings are adorable

  11. Is Santa bringing you a new car?
    Oh I haven't had any other cats visit yet, but cosidering what unsocialable madam Bella is, they probably daren't! Great gift ideas, I am starting to worry i won't get my gifts done in time.

  12. Boy, you're really organized for Christmas! Those are some lovely gifts :o)

    LOL! That's so funny about the kitty :o) That's definitely a different name.

    What's with the bonfires?

  13. Sorry about the car Julie (((((hugs))))). Fabulous finishes - there's going to be some very happy folks when they open those parcels. LOL @ the taste tester. :0)

  14. Wow! You've certainly been busy, Julie--lots of wonderful creations to share with us. I haven't even begun to think about my Christmas shopping yet!

    What a lovely kitty visitor you had--his coat looks so soft. That is sweet that he still comes by your house for a bit of a visit each day :)

  15. Omgosh, stitching, knitting and crocheting, my you have been busy.
    Sorry about your car but the silver lining was all that crafty work. Its pouring here in Billericay so I am forced to stay and stitch I have to keep up with my pledge to finish a UFO per month so the rain has done me a favour!!
    Happy Stitching Julie!
    Chris x

  16. I mixed up my comments on the posts. I meant to comment on the stockings on this post.

    How wonderful of you to take care of your neighbors cats for them. Neighborhood taste tester is cute.

  17. Sorry about your car Julie.

    Lovely gifts you've been making. Thise doilies are gorgeous.

    Aww bless Treacle for coming back to see you. He must have enjoyed being looked after by you.

  18. Even home bound, you have yourself busy, don't you? :o) Crafties look great.

    Beautiful looking "Taste tester", haha

  19. So sorry to hear about your car, I hate car troubles!

    You have been sooo productive! All of your gifts are wonderful...your recipients must have been very good this year!


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