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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Watch out... Watch out...

Jack frost is about, he's after your fingers and toes!! As soon as we have the first bad frost of the year i am always reminded of my maternal grandmother who would always without fail say that as she was helping me to put on gloves and scarves before venturing out when i used to stay with her at weekends in my childhood, such happy memories of those times.

This week we have woken up to some real bad night/early morning frosts and folks have been busily scraping car windscreens before they can be off to work. My camelia bush has its buds ready for next spring and the wall flowers are planted ready for some spring colour too, but they do look sorry for themselves on these frosty mornings. Good news is that is does make for some lovely sunshiney days, i'll be taking advantage of it when i go off to the post office this afternoon, a girls got to make the most of the sunshine when its around to boost the mood at this time of year.

This weeks crafting pics are a bit like deja-vu from last week. A visitor commented on the noteblock last week, so i decided that it would make a good gift the them, and also a couple more of the doillys were crocheted. I have been stitching something else but unable to show that. It's that time of the year when blogs are not so full of pics as ladies are making things as gifts for friends.

Best place to be in the cold weather is curled up in a chair having a nap. Midge seems to be in coohoots with Alexander the meerkat off the TV advert (someone bought it for DH as a birthday gift) They can often be found cuddled up together and deep in conversation. What do you think they might be saying to each other???

Thanks for stopping by, i hope everything is wonderful in your world and life is being king to you
Love and {hugs}


Dani - tkdchick said...

Midge is halarious! Great gifts!

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely craft projects. Midge is gorgeous.

Barb said...

I remember that ryhme well Julie, I expect we may look a little like your poor plants if we were left in the frost all night what say you lol.
Nice little finishes there,and I reckon Midge is wondering if he should have an ear tag too.
Hmmmm simples.

Rachael said...

and don't we know it, it's freezing!!!

Missy said...

We had a quick snap of frost a few weeks ago and I was harvesting everything the night before but Mr. Frost did get my Poppy plant.

Midge is ready for a fight!! LOL

Christine said...

We had a frosty start here too, absolutely stunning sunrise again though.
It looks as if Midge and Alexander are plotting something, I'd watch out if I were you...

Denise said...

We get only a couple weeks of frost here in late December, early January. It goes away as soon as the sun comes up here in the desert.

I wish I could pack up some of my sunshine and send it to you. Cloudy days are rare and we take advantage of them. Much the opposite of the north.

valerie said...

Midge looks cute and very suspiscious of the doll! lol

Great gifties!

Stay warm...I hear we're getting a cold spell this week and I already feel like I'm getting sick. Oh noes!

Bonnie said...

Brrr. We haven't had our first frost yet, but it is coming I am sure.
Love your doilies.
Good picture of Midge.

Shari said...

we have had some frosty mornings here this week as well...last week, it was gorgeous...this week, cold & dreary. All of your stitching looks great, as usual!!
The cat doesn't look very happy with the stuffed animal!!! Wouldn't it be great to know what our pets think???

Pumpkin said...

We've had some frost here too but nothing like other places...yet.

Your doilies are gorgeous Julie! It's funny how secretive Blogs become this time of year ;o)

LOVE Alexander! Too funny!

Shellie said...

Lovely to chat to you the other day hun, new drugs seem to be working but have not so good side effcts at the mo
One question How do you get so many comments Im lucky if I get past 6 lol
Love and hugs Shellie

Sally said...

There is definitely a nip in the air isn't there Julie?

Aww how cute Midge and Alexander look :)

Lovely stitching and crocheting as always:)

Carol said...

Midge looks like as if she might not be quite sure about that meerkat! What a gorgeous kitty...

Your notepad and doilies both look wonderful--I'm sure you're enjoying making secret goodies for your friends Christmas gifts :)

Stay warm!!

Karan said...

It's funny what triggers childhood memories, isn't it? More lovely gifts there Julie. :0)
Great pic of Midge & Alexander... looks like Midge isn't so keen on sharing the space though. LOL

Julianne said...


What a wonderful memory of your grandmother! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Your little notepad is a super cute gift! I am sure your friend will be delighted with it.

Mylene said...

We haven't had it here yet but it sure feels very cold as it is too windy.

Beautiful gifts!

Maggie said...

Midge & the Meerkat, very cute!

I just love frosty mornings, don't you? much better than all this rain we have been having the last few days!

I love the gifts you made too :-)

Lori-Ann said...

I'd be carefull if I were you... I think midge and Meer are conspiring. LOL

You folks seem to be getting Canadian weather.