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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Christmas in coming ...

Sunday was the switch on of the 2010 Christmas lights in our city's town hall square. It's always very well attended but I love to wander along the streets and see them all late at night when the town is empty, its more magical and is one of the those family traditions that we have been doing since my children were small. I'll take my camera and get some pics to show you this years theme when we have our wander in the City

Sunday i was busy making my Christmas cake. The recipe is one from my late MIL who received it from her own mum.

MIL would always tell DH when he was a boy and then my own children they had to have a 'wish stir' of the mix before it went into the oven as that was the tradition that had been handed down in her family when she was a child and through the years. When they were small they would get 2 stirs, one at MIL's and one here and it still happens in our house. When i mentioned to DD that i was making the cake at the weekend, i had strict instructions to make sure she would be there to have her 'wish stir' this year!

Eyes closed and holding tight to the spoon, wishes were made by us all and not necessarily what we would like from Santa this year. As you get older your wishes become different.

3 hours later and it came out of the oven, the smell whilst it was cooking was lovely. I even sent her a pic of the cake from my phone when it came out of the oven LOL. It is safely wrapped up now awaiting its marzipan and icing decoration a little nearer the holiday season.

What family traditions do you have handed down in your family regarding the Christmas holiday season?

Knitting pins busy again this weekend and SIL's socks are completed, these can now be wrapped up, i hope she likes them.

I've also been stitching, another no show though, sorry folks, the things i have done are for December birthday gifts.

I'll soon have finished gift making for 2010 and am hoping to make Grand Marquoir my focus piece as i really would like to finish it before the end of the year. I'll be joining Barb, Tina (no blog) and Hazel in their SAL of Shores of Hawk Run Hollow when it starts in January, thats going to be my biggie project for 2011, just need to decide on which fabric i'd like to use. If you've stitched a Hawk Run Hollow sampler design, what fabric did you use for yours?

This view was taken a couple of weekends ago when we visited a garden centre out in the country. A reminder of sunshiney autumnal days and thats what i have today as i look out of the window. Its not going to last though, weathermen predict a sharp drop in temperatures from tomorrow, snow for some along the east and southern coasts. Stay warm, cosy and safe ladies who live along that part of the UK, there are a few stitchers i know well and others that visit here that live that way.

Make time to indulge in the hobbies you love...


  1. Loved hearing about your family tradition. Gorgeous socks. Love the picture of the scenery.

  2. Lovely blog post Julie,i feel a bit more Christmassy now.could almost taste the cake lol
    Look forward to doing the SAL with you in Jan

  3. What a lovely post Julie, your wish cake sounds very interesting.
    We always go to the Tree Lighting at the State Capital on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

    I love your new socks. I almost jumped in and started a pair. If I do I think I will use circular needles and knit both at the same time.

    I am stitching Shores but haven't picked it up in a while. After Christmas I am going to have to stitch on it.

  4. OOhhhh cake yummy. Christmas Cake is just no good without a piece of cheese with it .
    Stir up Sunday isn't it called, I would love to make a cake but only me eats it.So not a good idea.
    No real traditions here.
    I have told Tina I am not doing the Shores sal if she has not finished QC by then and I want proof lol. NICE SOCKS !

  5. Your cake looks delicious Julie. My children don't like Christmas cake so I don't bother any more :(

    Great socks by the way

  6. Sox look fantastic
    Enjoy your visit to the xmas lights and the cake looks yummy how u manage to save it til Christmas I dont know lol.
    Thanks for the chat early love and hugs Shellie

  7. That's a lovely holiday tradition. I think my only holiday tradition is that we put the tree up together - for better or worse. (We sometimes 'fight' over whose ornaments gets the prime spots. lol)

    ...As you get older your wishes become different.....

    So so so true!

  8. I agree Julie - Christmas lights are lovely when all is still and quiet.
    The Christmas cake looks lovely, I would love to make one but no-one likes it excpet me so it would be a bit of a waste!
    My only advice about HRH is don't use 36ct fabric - unless you eyesight is much better than mine. I think that is the reason mine is taking so long, my eyes are just not up to it at the end of a long day.

  9. Lovely socks and hmmmm that cake looks yummy!!

  10. A wish stir.... hmmmm that has me thinking.
    Pretty socks!
    Good Luck with Shores, I will love to follow the progress on that. The first block of Houses is killing me, lol too much to fill in, lol I survived Villages I guess I can survive Houses.

  11. Love the idea of your "wish stir" tradition, Julie--it sounds so comforting somehow.

    Your landscape photo is just beautiful. We've been enjoying warmer than normal weather, too, but it will all change tomorrow. Unfortunately, our Thanksgiving weather forecast is dismal: rain, cold, and perhaps even a bit of snow.

    I'm stitching my Christmas at HRH on 32 ct. flax Belfast and I've been very happy with it. Good luck deciding on your fabric--I'm sure whatever you choose it will be lovely. You can't miss with that design :)

  12. I bet your house did smell good!

    I bought Shores and got the fabric that was called for. I think I have 36 count. I haven't started it yet. Can't wait to see yours :o)

    Beautiful socks!

  13. Your cake looks yummy Julie. I'm not making one this year as half of mine got wasted last year. Might just make a plum loaf instead! You're right our wishes do change as we get older.

    Love the socks.

    We've got snow up here. It's a lovely winter wonderland out there and the robin I haven't seen for weeks is back :)

    I'm stitching Shores on 40 count fabby. I think you'll enjoy it. I love mine and still hoping I might get it finished by the end of the year.

  14. What a lovely family tradition. The cake looks yummy!

  15. Its sad that my family just dosen't have those wonderful traditions. I don't know what went on my my parents' families for this to happen to us.

    If I had kids I would definately get some annual traditions going. Some times I'm wistful that I just don't have those age old traditions.

    Those socks rock!

  16. I'm sorry, this post seemed to have slipped by me.

    The cake sounds interesting.

    Love your purple socks for you SIL.

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