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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A different kind of WIP

Good morning blog readers ....

The snow arrived here on Friday evening and is still with us with more predicted for today and the coming few days. The best place to be is safely snuggled up inside keeping warm and cosy.

I've been doing just that this weekend, so have an update of a WIP thats been on the frame for most of 2010. Grand Marquoir has 4 more squares added to it, only 4 more and page 5 will be completed ... does this mean i'll have a happy dance on this by the end of the year?

A few ladies have asked if i have kept a record of the colours used in this one, yes i have, so if anyone wants to know them when i have finished it, i'd be happy to pass the gridded list on to you, they are all standard DMC colours.

The last Christmas gift has also been stitched and made up, another no show i'm afraid as the person visits here. The only obligation i have now is a Christmas ornament exchange that Christine and i are doing together and the post out for that is mid December, i have the chart chosen, just need to sort threads and fabric and make a start. I am never this organised, i wonder why this year is different. How are your Christmas handmade gift plans coming along? are you on target?

It was a good job the snow didn't come before Friday, i had a very special appointment to attend with DD. She and her partner had invited me to go with them to the hospital. I'm going to be grandparent for the first time next Spring.

Technology has moved on so much since i had my own children. The lady doing the scan gave me a pic of my new grandbaby so i thought i would share this 'WIP' at just over 14 weeks with my online friends, baby is due towards the end of May.

A further scan is due mid January where they will tell DD the sex of the baby if they want to know. What would you do? It wasn't an option when i had my children and i'm not sure i would have chosen to know even if it was.

Happiness and contenment are in adundance in our world at the moment, so i'm sending some of the happy thoughts your way, i hope you are all well and keeping safe and warm in this cold snap, take care my friends.


staci said...

Congratulations of all sorts today! Great job getting your final Christmas gift finished. And how exciting waiting for a new baby!!!

Stay warm!

Lisa said...

Grand Marqoir is looking gorgeous. Well done on finishing all your gift stitching.
And congratulations on your wonderful news, you'll make a fab grandma!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on going to be a grandmother in the new year. Your GM is looking so pretty.
Thank you for sharing.

Hazel (UK)

Rachael said...

LOL Lots of baby sets to knit now!!!!

valerie said...

Congratulations on the great news! I am sure you and your DD are so excited!

Wonderful work on your Grand Marqouir!

Barb said...

I do like the bottom wip pic Julie, looks as if baby is going to photogenic as it is so perfect , such a proud moment for you and yes I agree you will be a lovely nanna.
GM is a really cheery piece and I am sorry I did not get to you sooner if you know what I mean lol.
I don't think I would want to know as it is so lovely to hear if it is a pink or a blue when it arrives.
I am not at all organised this year and I have loads of time to think ahead- oh well why change the habit of a lifetime I seem to get there in the end,

Melanie said...

Congrats to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would choose to know just because I'm a planner. :)

Sally said...

Oh wow what fantastic news Julie! Congratulation to Amy and the grandparents to be!

GM looks gorgeous. Well done on finishing your gifts. I've not quite finished mine yet but I'm working on it!

Maggie said...

Congratulations to your daughter and to you to on going to become a grandma, how wonderful!! Are your knitting needles going to be working overtime now until May??
The scan in beautifully clear, not sure i would want to know the sex, it's going to be one or the other anyway, lol i suppose it's very tempting though.

Cheering you on for a year end finish with GM, which is wonderful BTW :-)

We woke up to snow this morning, took a while to get down my steep road but once out the roads were really clear, we are predicted more tonight so i raided the grit bin at the top of the road this afternoon to put on the road outside our house!

Have a great rest of the week x

Ranae said...

Congratulations to your family on the coming new year addition, good luck to the parents.
GM is looking so lovely

Elisa said...

Congratulations Grandma Sally....better get them knitting needles out xx

Mylene said...

A wonderful news, congratulations to all.

GM is looking beautiful!!

Vicky said...

Congrats on the great news :)

Denise said...

Your sampler is looking good. Lucky you to have all your presents finished.

Congrats on the new grandbaby. I chose not to know with my last 2, that was 26 and 20 years ago. However, I seemed to just know what they were going to be.

Christine said...

Congratulations! Time to break out all those matinee jacket patterns!
We didn't know what sex Eloise was going to be (little monkey kept her back to the scanner throughout), but we knew with Naomi. Makes it easier to buy stuff in advance I suppose, didn't help us pick a name though, we were both calling her by different names for the first three days, had to toss a coin to decide in the end!
GM is looking fabulous, definitely on for a finish this year I think.
I've got my pattern picked out too...

Harmien said...

What happy news! Congratulations to you all!

Shellie said...

awww huge congrats nanny Julie the best WIP ever.
Love you stitching too where di you find the chat for this one a sI quite fancy getting my vari threads out and doing this one.
Take good care stay warm and safe
Lots of Love
Shellie xxxxxx

Carol said...

Oh, what wonderful news about the baby, Julie! I'll have to admit I'm envious--I'm afraid I'll be ancient before I become a grandmother!

Your GM is looking very grand indeed!

Enjoy your snow--we just woke up to our first snowfall this morning and I'm thrilled 'cause it is really putting me in the mood to decorate for Christmas!

Pumpkin said...

I saw pictures on Karen's Blog! ROFL! At least you have it and we don't ;o)

Woohoo, almost done! You can do it :o)

So weird! Wow, that really is technology for you. Congrats Grandma :o) I know where we used to live, they wouldn't tell you the sex of the baby. I'm not sure if they still stick to that. Not all hospitals will here.

mollycaff said...

Grand Marquoir looks amazing Julie, seeing it has reminded me that I should get mine framed soon. Congratulations on the great news, very exciting!

Daffycat said...

Grandma Julie? Congratulations! This is fantastic news!

Fantastic job getting your Christmas stitching finished. You are awesome!

Vee said...

Oh Julie I am so excited for you having your first grandbaby! Congrats to you! You will so enjoy being a grandparent. (((HUGS)))

Lori-Ann said...

This post is FULL of wonderful things. I hope it continues long into the new year for you all.

Congrats on the Grandbaby. I wasn't allowed to know the sex of my babies until birth. (hospital afraid of being sued if wrong, sigh) I would have liked to have known ahead for the second baby. It all turned out good... one of each.

My cards are gone to the postman. Presents bought (not a long list). Just enjoying stitching by the lighted tree. aahhhh.

Clare - Aimetu said...

Fab photo Julie - love the stitching too :)

Always smiling said...

What fantastic news Julie, congrats Grandma!!
And GM is looking good,
I did my ABC instead, I might put the GM on my todo list for 2011. We are still in Billericay as the M25 was a snarl up on friday, what with road works and freezing fog, so we thought might as well stay till after the weekend!
I have caught up on my present making and will be showing all when I get back to Coventry and I have a stitching happy dance too!
Hope you are toasty warm
Hugs and happy stitching
Chris x

Marian said...

I knew my grandson was on the way before he arrived. My DIL was the only one who didn't want to know, so no one shared. Would I have liked to know early? You bet!

Julianne said...


I'm so sorry that I somehow missed this very important post. Congratulations on your becoming a grandmother. I think you will be a credit to the role!

Best wished to your daughter for a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Maddy*Moo said...

It would be lovely to stitch the Marquoir in different colours, yours is just stunning. May I have the list when you are finished? I think I may have to stitch it twice, once in one colour and a second time in many colours as it's fabulous!

Hope everything goes well with baby!