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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Happy Birthday Tina

Clear blue sky, a spot of winter sunshine, looks lovely from inside in the warm but venture outside and you really do get a chilly surprise. Temps here have been well below zero for the past week or so and ice is a problem. These lovely frosted trees are at the bottom of my neighbours garden and looked so lovely. A woodpecker lives in one of them, i hear him often and he can be seen on my bird feeders some mornings.

Tina (no blog, but really should have one!) from Stitch & Stash has a birthday today. She is a kitty lover so i decided to make her a beaded edge scissor fob using a Margaret Sherry design from an old magazine. I did add a couple more little things to the parcel (just to help your practice in making ornaments Tina LOL) but forgot to take a pic of those.

Last week, half a motif on GM was stitched - not worth a pic, and the ornament for my personal exchange with Christine so no other stitching pics to share this time. I've also decided on the design for the Round Robin at Stitch & Stash that starts in the New Year, but i'll save details of that for another post when i have the fabric all charted up ready to go.

Have you got your Christmas tree up yet? Hopefully mine will be going up this weekend if DH gets it out of the attic for me. I do have my advent Santa up and each day he gives me a lovely Quality Street choccie... yummy! I've also been practising getting a little festive by sampling the lovely seasonal M & M's that are on sale, why is it they taste so much better than the usual ones and i can polish off a whole packet in one sitting if i am not careful LOL


Pumpkin said...

Oh lovely Julie!

No chocolate is safe here ;o)

Julianne said...


The trees you've pictured look so beautiful but it does look very COLD!

The gift you made for Tina is so cute! The beaded edge is the perfect touch.

Enjoy your sweets :)

Denise said...

Those trees look really pretty, but just knowing how cold it has to be for them to look like that makes my bones hurt from the memory.

That is a really cute scissor fob.

Wow, they sell M&M's in the UK? They've been my favorite candy since I was 2. I just loved when they started making the seasonal colors.

Hazel said...

Lovely gift for Tina! I bet she loves it. x

valerie said...

Happy birthday to Tina! That's a very cute fob! Be sure to stay warm. The snow is beautiful but I become a whiner if the temp is below 50 degrees! I'm so used to the weather here.

Clare - Aimetu said...

Lovely gift for Tina Julie, youre so thoughtful.

Enjoy your Santa choccies :)

Shellie said...

Gorgeous gift, mine is still do its job perfectly.
I love chocolate too in fact what women doesnt! Only probelm is chocolate and stitching doesnt mix lol
Great pic of the trees too.
TC and Caht soon
Happy Stitching

Shari said...

what a great gift!!! So adorable!
I love the winter is bitter cold here too, but, I can honestly say....not that cold!!
I hope we can go cut down our tree this weekend, otherwise, I am going to have to drag our artificial one up & I do not like it!!!!!

Christine said...

Thats a lovely present for Tina.
Your frosty trees look beautiful, but I wouldn't fancy the woodpeckers chances of pecking holes in them at the moment!

Rachael xx said...

Oo what a cute pressie for the birthday girl.
Nice wintery pic
Our tree went up at the weekend, not put up the outside lights yet it's too cold.
LOL Chocolates any toffee penny's LOL

Lesleyanne said...

What a lovely gift. Gorgeous pictures. Yes my tree is up.

Carol said...

So cute, Julie--I love your ornament for Tina!

M & M's are a huge weakness of mine--just seeing your photo on the screen is sending me to my pantry for some chocolate :)

Stay warm over there!!

Bonnie said...

Aren't the trees beautiful with their frosting? We had snow one day last year and I got some pretty pictures.
I love the little kitty ornament.

Sally said...

Gorgeous gift for Tina. So cute :)

Not seen those festive M&Ms yet round here. Must have a look when we go to Hull tomorrow.

Melanie said...

Very nice gift!!! :)

Elisa said...

Lovely fob :0)...I am a peanut M&Ms fan...yummy!!

Daffycat said...

M&M'S!!! YOU'VE GOT M&M'S!!!

I love the little MS fob! What a cutie!

jane said...

Lovely little scissor fob, Julie. Looking forward to see what you have chosen for your RR. Those M&Ms look good - I think some of those may find their way to my house!

Barb said...

Hi there my Julie friend,
We too have had frosted trees but today is just grey. Oh how lucky are you to have a woodpecker visit,I think I have only glimpsed one once and that was on a walk in the fields.Love the little cat ,it has such a happy face. Now all we have to do is nag Tina into a blog and to get an ornie finished.
Yummy chocolate .Just too much temptation.

Ranae said...

What an adorable FOB for Tina
Those m&m's sure look good

Tina said...

What an honour to have a blog post especially for me,thankyou so much,absolutely love my MS cat,must have been really fiddly to do,New years resolution.... to try my hand at finishing,have been having a good look at the one you sent me and Barbs one so getting some ideas.
The trees look lovely,almost worth all the hassle that snow brings
Hope you are feeling better today
Tina x

Lisa said...

I'm so glad the snow and ice have finally gone for now.
Love the fob you stitched for Tina, so cute.
I've seen the M&M's but haven't tried them yet, trying to resist lol.

Lori-Ann said...

what a sweet ornie, Julie!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Adorable fob!!!

Maddy*Moo said...

I remember stitching this little catitude into a scissor keep too, actually I use it all the time lol, so cute! And I love M&Ms but i struggle to find just chocolate ones and have you tried the coconut ones??? They are gorgeous!