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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Socks and WIP

DH now has his second pair of cosy socks so is very pleased.

My DBro and SIL were attending a function in the city last night and stayed over in a hotel, so they called in on a surprise visit this morning, and a lovely surprise it was too.

SIL asked me how early can you send a request to santa?? She wants to send him a note that she would really love another pair of handknitted socks in her Christmas stocking this year as the ones she had last year are by far the comfiest and cosiest she has. As i told her, you really have to a good girl if you want something special, i wonder if she has been good this year and will get her wish granted LOL

Grand Marquoir was out of the workbox this week again and 3 more motifs have been added, i do love the little owl. Another 3 to go and page 4 will be complete. I'm not sure it's going to be completed by the end of this year as planned, there seems to be some hook and wool that keeps calling to me each evening. The new autumn schedule on the TV has some good programmes i like and i'm finding it harder to concentrate on needle and thread and watch, whereas i can knit or crochet and watch much easier ..... that sounds a terrible excuse doesn't it!

Amy's granny square blanket has a few more rows added to it, blame Strictly and Merlin on TV last night for that. Whilst i was wondering how Matt Baker can dance like he did on week 1 of strictly and trying to stop laughing at DH's comment about Paul Daniels i hooked lots.

A beautiful day yesterday weatherwise, so different to Friday when it persisted down all day and was so cold in the evening. Today was dreadful too, damp and miserable, but as you can see, there are some in this house who seem to have found a nice warm and cosy place to dream their time away.

Just look at Mr Moe's face, it was so funny when he opened up his eyes to look at me just as i pointed the camera at him, i wonder what thoughts were racing through his mind when i took this picture? Midge as you can see is totally deaf when asleep, unless the words 'dinnertime' are being shouted and he's soon wide awake and first in line then, that boy certainly loves his food!

Better sign off, DH is awake himself now after watching the bike racing though the back of his eyelids! Does anyone else have a hubby who can do that? How come as soon as you try to change the TV channel when they are asleep they automatically wake up and say they were watching it, must be a man thing .....


  1. Oh Julie I have a DH who can do that!!! Lol! Especially when it's F1 as that seems to send him to sleep more than anything else! try and change the channel and he's awake!

    Love those socks. I reckon your SIL will have been a good girl!

    Your WIP is looking gorgeous.

  2. Socks...yep, sounds like a good request to me!
    Lovely piccies!

  3. I wish you were my SIL ;o) LOL!

    I really love your version of this Marquoir. Any rhyme or reason to the colors you are using?

    We're looking or rather hoping to add a fireplace this year. Your kitties look so comfy!

  4. Yep, definitely a man thing, mine can do that too.
    Great socks, and your marquoir is stunning

  5. Yep a man thing. Love the socks. I'm sure your SIL has been a good girl I wish you were my sil. Love the pictures of the cats and great progress on GM.

  6. Oh the cats by the fire...such a peaceful scene. We are still using the airconditioner here!

  7. Julie another fantastic pair of cozy socks!

    Marquoir is looking fabulous!

  8. love the socks julie and the Marquoir is lovely. I love the colors and that owl is great. I have a thing for owls.

  9. I love your grand marquoir! You have such a pretty colours in it.

  10. Julie has anyone told Midge the fire is not lit in his pic. Mr Moe has the right idea.
    Love the stitchy piece will look simply stunning when finished.
    Hmm I have one that can watch through closed eyelids too- usually when its a programme I am not fussed about.
    My dh still waiting his other sock-must get on with it.
    Nice to get an unexpected visit .

  11. So jealous on ppl who can knit... Lucky DH! =)

  12. The socks looks great and Marquoir is looking lovely.

  13. Nice socks for your Dh. Cross stitching with intense tv watching can be bad if you miss count your stitches.

    Your kitties look alike. There is two of them if I read right.

  14. He he he my DH does that all the time but of course denies it!
    I don't mind it give me an excuse to close my eyes too!
    Like you Julie I have been more into yarn and hook these last few days and I am so enjoying it. I had forgotten how satisfying it can be!
    Happy knitting Julie, I am sure Father Christmas will be there for your you SIL! LOL
    Chris x

    PS See you at the meet up in 10 days time

  15. I have a DH just like that as well Julie. ROFL Love those socks & looking forward to seeing what colour you chose for SIL's... providing she's been good, that is. LOL Love how GM is developing & the owl is my favourite block, so far. Could do with one of those lovely warm fires... central heating just doesn't have the same cosy feel to it. :0)


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