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Monday, 11 October 2010

This weeks news ....

I know its the season for creepy crawlies and other scarey stuff, but i didn't expect to be scared witless when i walked outside my front door and was about to get into my car on the driveway, i spotted this above the front hedge (pic is clickable for a better look)

This little chap - i always think of spiders in the male gender - had been real busy during the night and early morning sun, the web he had whipped up was enormous.

After the inital scare, i did get a closer look at it, being very careful not to disturb its occupant. The 'thread' of the web was really thick and reminded me very much of my previous evening hooking away at my crochet blanket - minus the livestock inhabitant though...... eeewwwww now that would be a nasty thought LOL

Talking of the crochet blanket, this is where its at. I think it's big enough now for Amy's small 2 seater sofa and will make a nice snuggly throw. Just the border to add now and i've been over the Lucy's blog at Attic 24 and seen a nice pattern for a granny blanket edging, the little scallops are going to be added using the red.

I'm hoping to get it all completed this week to be able to take with me to the meet up on Saturday at Nuneaton. It's been 6 months since the first time i went to a stitchers meet up. I'm looking forward to meeting all the lovely ladies again, there will be some new faces there this time too. I wonder if Mr Stick has remembered to put the date in his diary this time??? **insert evil chuckle here***

The local constabulary held a meet and greet at the garden centre a couple of weekends ago and DH and i went along as it was all about allotment security and ways in which they could offer help and advice to those who had been victims of vandalism and burglary.

They were giving out a new type of padlock that emits a very loud squeal (bit like one of those personal alarms you can get) and also some good advice. We filled in a questionaire about our experiences with vandals and what things had been taken over the past couple of years, we've been burgled 4 times since we took over the plot. A lovely surprise arrived in the mail Saturday, DH had won £25 worth of garden centre vouchers in the raffle draw just for attending the event. He had his eye on a nice flashy pair of insulated wellington boots whilst we were there, i wonder if they might come home with us next time we go now he has a little help towards the high price of them.

He does enjoy his time there at the weekend, and so do i, especially when he comes home laden with lovely things for me like these chrysanthemums be hrought me yesterday. There were so many of them that i now have 3 large vases filled. Still harvesting carrots and potatoes too, and we have some strawberries that are flowering again, but i'm not sure that there will be any fruit on them as its way too late. I guess the lovely sunny days we've had at the end of last week have tricked them into thinking the summer has come back!

I thought i'd end this post with this lovely pic of my little fluffy guy. There's something about a black and white picture that appeals to me, it makes me feel all nostalgic and remember the old photos i have of my family that are all black and white before the invention of colour. Progress is a wonderful thing, but sometimes i think some things were better as they were.


  1. Lovely blanket! I was thinking of bringing my flower cushion but wasn't sure it would fit with the stitching theme??? Maybe I should bag a load of blankets too lol. Your furball looks so cute. See you at the weekend. x

  2. Eeek!! That is one big spider web. I don't even want to know how big the spider was!

    Lovely blanket and the photo of your kitty is precious. I like black and white photos too.

  3. OMG, that web is huge, I am covered in goosebumps now just from looking at it!
    Amy is going to love her blanket, gorgeous colour choice.
    Enjoy yourself at the meet up. Hazel was trying to get me to go when we met up, but it was rather too short notice unfortunately and funds won't allow it right now, but I'm hoping I might be able to make the next one.

  4. That was definately one busy spider!

    I love your blanket, I think the border is going to look great!

  5. Lovely blanket and piccie of your cat. Enjoy the meet at Nuneaton. Too far for me unfortunately.

  6. Must be the season for spiders, we've had a couple of big ones in the house recently! The cas think they are playthings, lol.

    I love the blanket for your daughter, great colour combination.
    I do envey you your allotment, it must be a great feeling cooking veg you've grown, and all those lovely flowers, i think your hubby deserved to win the gift voucher in the raffle for his lovely flowers alone :-)

    Cute photo of your cat, some photos just look better in B&W don't they?

    Have a good week :-)

  7. WOW! That is a great spider web.
    I would totally be freaked out about it too just coming across it in my yard. It is a beauty though....from over here.....where the spider can't get me. lol

  8. That is a huge web!
    I love your cat picture, I'm a sucker for b&w photos too, but DH (the photographer)thinks they are old fashioned, so I really struggle to get him to convert any

  9. Arent they wonderful at spinning webs Julie, truly a work of art ,although like you I am not fond of the creatures themselves.
    Wow that is some throw there, will mine ever get that big I wonder. It will look good with that scalloped edge too.
    Awww Mr Macgregor is a sweetie bringing you flowers they look lovely.
    The black and white photos are much better I think than colour somehow seem to get more detail but puddy tat looks so comfy.
    Dont forget camera for meet up ,I need to see!!!!
    Take care will be in touch soon.

  10. Ewwww! that spider web while it looks spooky it also is really cool.
    The blanket is looking great.
    Woohoo!! on the 25.00 win, that's great.
    I love b&w photo's too. I just had some made of the grandbaby's and they come out really nice. There is also a sepia??? that is really cool too.

  11. How fun, you have a decorator for Halloween.

    Lovely blanket. A scallop edge is fun and pretty to do.

  12. I know what you mean. We have so many spider webs around our place that I thought they were trying to lock me in the house ;o) LOL!

    LOVELY afghan! The colors are fantastic.

    Congrats to your DH! What a nice surprise :o) I'm sorry to hear about your problems. We were robbed twice when we lived at our last address and it really is bothersome :o(

  13. I know what you mean. We have so many spider webs around our place that I thought they were trying to lock me in the house ;o) LOL!

    LOVELY afghan! The colors are fantastic.

    Congrats to your DH! What a nice surprise :o) I'm sorry to hear about your problems. We were robbed twice when we lived at our last address and it really is bothersome :o(

  14. Tell you what Julie there are loads of HUGE spiders and webs about this Autumn! Eewww!!!

    Love the blanket you're making for Amy.

    Your kitty piccie is lovely. I love black and white photos.

    Enjoy Nuneaton. Would have loved to go but it's a bit far for me and funds won't allow it anyway!

  15. What a great blanket and I bet Kim will love it!

    I love B&W photos too, they just seem so simple and eye catching without all the motion that colour can cause to distract us!

  16. I'm always amazed at just how quickly a spider can spin a web--they really are fascinating!

    I love the snugly looking blanket, Julie--beautiful colors!

    Your kitty looks quite snugly himself--so sweet :)

  17. Spiders webs are such works of art aren't they?
    YOur throw is lovely - that edging will look great, I'm sure.
    Love the kitty pic!

  18. Not sure what you'd have done if the 8-legged chap that scuttled over my duvet towards me a couple of nights ago had appeared at your house. Wonder if you'd have screamed louder than I did? LOL The blanket looks fabulous. Well done to DH on the win.. did he get the wellies? Beautiful flowers & a lovely pic of the fluffy guy... looks like a professional pic. :0)


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