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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Midweek ramblings ...

No stitching updates to share with you this week, it's been a funny and strange week. I've knitted another bunny he just needs to be made up and i've made a start on the needleroll for the exchange at TS, i took this with me to the stitchy club tonight - another birthday and more cakes this week ... yummy!

(close up of flower)

I thought you might like to see a pic of this very special camelia i have in my garden. My maternal grandma (whom i was extremely close to, we spent weekends together and she taught me to knit, crotchet and stitch and gamble at cards!) had it as a gift for her 80th birthday back in 1989. Unfortunately she passed away a couple of years later and it was given to a family member who expressed a wish for it. Some years passed and my mother went to visit and it was in a very sorry state so she asked if he still wanted it. He didn't so she brought it to us. My DH, a keen gardener, has nurtured it back to health and it rewards us with this wonderful display each year. I have no idea of it's name so it's fondly called 'Mama's camelia' by my household and is loved very much. Do you have any plants in your garden with special memories to you??


  1. Beautiful flowers!! I love your topic today.

    There is something special about "family Botanicals" for sure.

    I have a Peony plant that has lived and moved with us for our whole marriage 16 years, now. Last year it bloomed for the first time since it's transplant. (Karen is working on it in stitches I believe)

    It used to belong to my husband's paternal mother. Memere in french.

    I also love bleeding heart plants. I don't have much of a green thumb, so my plants have to be hardy. lol.

  2. that's lovely Julie, and a touching tale too :)
    My camelia finaly decided to bloom for the first time last year, and now it's coming in again beautifully
    I've got a lovely rose I planted for my Dad called 'In Loving Memory'

  3. Your camelia looks beautiful Julie and what a lovely story. I have a holly bush that was my Mum's. Dad decided he didn't want it so gave it to me.

  4. Hi Julie,
    Mama's Camelia is stunning, well done to your dh for giving it the tlc it needed.
    I'd love a garden to fill with brightly coloured flowers...***sigh*** one day!
    Happy knitting and stitching and hugs to you from me.

  5. Gorgeous flowers, it's obviously very happy living at yours. :0) Alot of the plants in my garden are ones my Dad gave to us, so are precious to me. The ones that are growing near my Green Man run riot though - it's almost like a jungle down there!

  6. Julie your camelia is gorgeous, i loved reading your post today, such a lovely story. I don't have a nice garden, as none of us are green fingered, but I've always said that when I lost someone dear to me, i would plant a flower to remind me of them. I think it's such a lovely gesture.

  7. I love the colour of the Camelia ' sorry I can't post any plant photos as you know we are not a gardening family lol we have wall to wall grass and poppies in the driveway LOL

  8. Your Camelia is beautiful Julie. I have a white one, but it isn't flowering much yet although the buds are there and one or two flowers are out. Maybe if this weather ever warms up it will do better.

  9. So pretty,maybe your DH could give me some tips as our camelia is in a poor state,I was advised to put used tea leaves in the soil around it,I haven't tried it as I thought the neighbours would of thought me potty seeing me bury tea bags!! lol

  10. So pretty! My best friend's favorite flower is the camilia, and yours is just gorgeous.

    We haven't had the opportunity to have our own garden yet, but when we do, there will be peonies and lily of the valley for my grandmother. I was very close to her and those flowers have very special meaning to me.

  11. awww they are so beautiful!!!

    we dont have any plants in our garden...we live in the desert and nothing really grows here...and if they do, they dont let us water them lol only once a week


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