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Saturday, 12 April 2008

It's the weekend!

The Friendship Tree
Friday evening is officially the start of the weekend they say and this week it was also the start of the LHN SAL for Karen and i. So far i have a trunk and a branch on my tree and a little bit of grass. I decided to get the largest brown bit out of the way on the first night, wonder if Karen stitched the same bit?

The April challenge at JA is finished and a pic emailed to Karen for the album, no reveal till the 27th (i think?) so a wait to see what i did this month unfortunately, all i can say is it was a joy to stitch.

My 4th bunny came to life today too, this one is different from the others. It's all packaged ready to go in the mail Monday, so another 'no-show' till it's received ..sorry!

Another small project had my attention today. My SIL's mum has a birthday early next week and she really looks forward to receiving a small handmade gift from me. This year i decided to make a pretty bookmark.

Hope you're all having a good weekend. The weather here has been awful, dark skies, thunder and lashing rain with short sunny spells inbetween.

Happy Stitching


  1. nope didnt stitch the same bit lol you will have to wait till the camera is charged tomorrow for a pic

  2. you made a good start on the LHN Julie, well done.

    The book mark is so pretty, I'm sure your SIL's mum will love it :)

  3. wow, lots of stitches there! Nice pressie for SIL's Mum.

    Your weather sounds like something from a movie, lol. Any snow in that mix? hehe. It grows great snacks for Robins. ;o)

    Tell Midge to behave around the birdies. lol.

  4. Another great start!,oh the bookmark is so pretty,No wonder she looks forward to receiving something from you!

  5. The bookmark is beautiful. Good progress on the tree (glad you told me what it was lol)

  6. Nice start on the LHN Julie. I shall look forward to seeing this one grow.

    Lovely bookmark.

  7. That's a great start on The Friendship Tree, and the bookmark is very pretty.

  8. Nice start on LHN. And the bookmark gift is beautiful.

  9. Lovely bookmark Julie, and a great start on the LHN

  10. Great start on the LHN, looking forward to watching it develop. Such a pretty bookmark too, bet it was well received. :0)

  11. great start on your SAL..i had lots of fun sneaking in and checking the other two grow =D ...they're still in my to do list thou =[


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