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Monday, 28 April 2008

Late reveal ...

Sunday was the reveal day at JA for the monthly challenge - The Caron Keeper by The Drawn Thread. I loved stitching this one and did in fact stitch it twice, once for the front of my scissor holder and again for the back where i also added the date to make it a little taller than the front. I'm late revealing this as the laptop decided it didn't want to play yesterday and wouldn't let me sign in, computers are wonderful but can be such a pain at times when you want to do something!!! The technician (DH) has hopefully fixed it this evening and all is well till the next time the operator (me) does something wrong and it decides to go on strike again.

If you are a nosey person like me and like to know what folks are up to then this is for you, i thought i would share a pic of the curtains i made now that DH has put them up. The stairs/hallway are decorated a lovely shade of lavendar and the paintwork is creamy yellow. We're now on a search for a new carpet and look like a student accommodation with bare floorboards, i keep telling (shouting more like it!) at the kids to walk and not run up them, it sure does echo!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend with lots of stitching activity, or maybe you were out in the garden as we had some wonderful sunshine here in the UK even if it did turn into a nasty thunderstorm Sunday afternoon. I did manage to get the hemstitch done on both ends of a needleroll for an exchange (no pic for a while sorry) and also started on another little bunny last night whilst watching TV when i really wanted to be on here LOL


  1. lol it's often the operator at fault , not always though ;o)
    Your finish is super I love the colour you used
    Fab curtains I will email a list of my windows over lol

  2. I like your JA scissors keeper.Great idea to make it into a keeper.

  3. ohh!! pretty curtains and I love that keeper with the FOB.
    I don't like when technology wont play,lol.

  4. Lovely finish as always Julie :) Love the hallway colours and the curtains are beautiful...well done you

  5. Nice stitching, Julie.
    Isn't it nice to change things up in the house? after it's finished of course! lol.

  6. Love your scissor keeper Julie (yet another finish for me to try!). Love those curtains too.
    Yup, we had that thunderstorm too - switched my computer off when it started & didn't get to switch it back on again until today.

  7. Your scissor holder is lovely Julie.

  8. Your scissor keeper is just beautiful. Nice job ;)

  9. I love the way you've finished the SAL challenge Julie. It's so pretty.

    Love the curtains:)

  10. I hate when I cannot do something and DH walks in and with one click looks at me and says "whats wrong with that", I have a nagging feeling that computers are anti-female.

  11. wow! I love the way you finished the challenge.

    Lovely curtains!!

  12. love the Caron fob, well done. And wow your curtains are so pretty, wish i was good with a sewing machine!

  13. Great finish Julie (the scissor case AND the curtains)


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