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Saturday, 26 April 2008

Mrs Fix-it...

I'm thinking this blog should be called 'Julie's stitching/knitting/sewing and mend-anything blog'

This week i've been asked "mum can you sew my work trousers the stitching ripped"
"mum can you sew my work jumper its got a hole in it somehow"

Then there was a visit from my mum who brought this hedgehog. It was a gift from a friend a long time ago and she had washed the dress and it had disintegrated (it's a toilet roll cover apparently - don't ask!) the blue/yellow one is the rotten one, the navy blue one is the replacement one i made today. Then there was the comment from DH "will you be making the new curtains for the newly decorated hallway/stairs window this weekend" When the sewing machine was out today for 'Hetty Hedgehog' i carried on and made the curtains too, so what was going to be a nice restful weekend with lots of stitching didn't happen yet LOL

But .. i did get to stitch on the LHN last night, week 3 and i now have a lady ... roll on next week, this is such a nice project to stitch.

Tomorrow is the reveal of the JA monthly challenge piece, i'm looking forward to seeing everyones piece this month and showing what i made with mine. Of course it will be the poll then for next month...


  1. Hetty looks better dressed, I really think you should make yourselfd one LOL
    LHN looks great

  2. Wow you could start a new fashion in toilet accessories - oooh I do think I'm funny.

    The lady under the "lamp post" is lovely (looks more like an elongated LP than a bent twig now)lol. Ok I will crawl back under my stone now.

  3. Sounds like you've been very busy Julie:) I think you deserve a rest and a stitchy day today:)

    The LHN is coming along nicely.

  4. Julie, nice to see the "shoes" have a body! lol
    Love the toilet roll holder too...
    Nice to know the family are keeping you busy and out of trouble!! lol
    Happy stitching..

  5. Love the LHN - enjoying watching it develop. :0)
    Oh great hedgehog - mum used to have one of those crinoline dolls when we were kids. :0)
    Hope you manage to get some rest today (((((hugs))))).

  6. Sounds like you had a really busy weekend. Those hedgehog dolls are cute ;)

  7. Oh her new dress looks lovely,we had one of those cheap doll toilet roll covers with the knitted dresses,when I was a kid ,eeewwww!!
    You certainly got lots done!!

    and that'll be lovely if you do go to the next meet up,I did get to meet Jayne which was lovely, as well as parting with some cash ;)

  8. Good progress on the LHN piece.

  9. your toilet paper doll made me laugh! I have one that my grandma made years ago. It is crocheted. You made great memories for your mom!
    Your weekend sounds oh so familiar. Why is it, when we THINK we will get lots of stitching time, LIFE gets in the way?!?!?!
    Your LHN is looking great!

  10. LHN lady looks like she is waiting at a bus stop ;)
    I'm sure it will look more like a tree soon though

  11. Your LHN project is looking good!

  12. You are one little buzy bee.
    LHN is looking great.


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