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Friday, 25 April 2008

Happy Anzac Day ....

Happy Anzac Day especially to you Karen in Australia. I bought some Anzac cookies from our local grocery store to raise a cup of tea and celebrate with you.

No stitching updates here this week, haven't picked up a needle for days, been breeding the rabbits instead LOL. Have you been over to Karen's blog to see what wonderful adventures Harriet has been up to??? Another left the UK today heading off overseas, i'll reveal that when it's been received as i'm not sure if the lady reads my blog.

My hospital appointment was yesterday for the elecric shocks! WOW what a shock he gave me too, the body ones weren't too bad but the ones in the neck made your whole body jump off the table. Afterwards i saw the clinic nurse and she made an appointment for me to see the consultant for a follow up to get the results .... not long to wait for that ... his next available appointment is August 6th (typical NHS here in the UK)

Tonight it's the Friendship Tree SAL with Karen, think i might get a couple of hours on that tonight and hopefully the lady will have a body and head by the next time you see her!

Thanks for visiting here and leaving me comments, i really do appreciate your visits.


  1. Pleased to hear it went well Julie {{{{hugs}}}}

    Mmm that Harriet is a floosy!! LOL!

    Looking forward to seeing your SAL progress.

  2. Glad to hear all went well.
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. I'm please to hear all went well.

    Aren't those ANZAC biscuits so yummy. I have a hard time stopping at one.

  4. glad you got through the shock's ok Julie, did they make your hair curl? rofl

    Console your self that if they results where bad the consultant would see you straight away! Hope they come back with a good result for you (((hugs)))

  5. Your "shocking" report doesn't sound like much fun at all. Glad it's over for you.

  6. Glad all went well but August!
    Looking forward to seeing the LHN update. Now off to see what Harriet the Hussy has been up to. ;0) LOL

  7. Glad all went well with your apointment Julie, it won't be too long until the next one....

    Oh dear, there's another Harriet on the loose.....OOoooh lol

    Happy knitting and stitching


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