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Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Another SAL pic ...

Part 4 of the Papillon Creations free SAL. If you want to stitch this you need to sign up for their newsletter and each part can be downloaded from the email they send when it's released. There's another 9 parts to be released yet, it's going to be stunning! It's a lovely project to stitch each month and so many ladies all over the world are doing it - you can see them all in the gallery at Papillon.

Happy Birthday to our gorgeous Mr Moe, he's reached the grand old age of 8, who would have thought that such a scrawny little kitten that was rescued by DH could have turned into such a loving and cuddly ball of fluff. You can't give a cat a birthday cake so he had a nice tin of sardines as a treat, of course Midge was on hand to celebrate with him LOL

Update on the road accident on Friday - the 9 year old boy ran out in front of a car and was not killed at the scene as we had heard, he has been transferred to a head injuries hospital as he was very badly hurt. Reports so far are that he is still in intensive care.

Happy Stitching to all Mr Stick's ladies at UFO night, i've got my fingers crossed there might be a finish or two tonight LOL


  1. Mr. Moe looks so handsome on his birthday!

    Nice start to papillion.

    Can you believe how much fun Karen is having with Harriet?!! lol.

  2. The SAL update is really great.

    Happy birthday to Mr. Moe!!

  3. Happy Birthday Mr Moe
    Your wip is great the colours are lovely


    the SAL is looking lovely, such vibrant colours!

  5. This SAL piece is so pretty. I love the bright colors ;)

  6. Happy Birthday to Mr Moe
    Your Pap SAL looks fabulous

  7. Happy Birthday Mr Moe!
    Love your summer garden Papillon - so bright & cheerful. :0)
    Hope the poor boy makes a good recovery.

  8. Julie,

    The SAL is looking wonderful. I hope you're feeling well.

  9. Your Papillon is beautiful Julie.

    Happy Birthday Mr Moe. Hope you had fun!

    Thinking of you today and hope everything goes well. {{{{hugs}}}}

  10. LOL! You are as bad as me giving the cat birthday treats. DH thinks I'm mad!
    Your papillon is looking marvellous. Ive stitched the centre top flower on mine so I think I've got some catching up to do!

  11. Happy Birthday Mr. Moe ...head scratches from me to you.

    Julie, the Papillion stitching is gorgeous I love your colours, well done.

    Hugs and Happy stitching and knitting.

  12. Im back to doing my UFO so Mr S can stay in his box.

    Love the PC and cant wait to get round to mine.

  13. Happy belated Birthday Mr. Moe
    The SAL is looking so pretty with those colors.


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