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Sunday, 20 April 2008

LHN SAL Week 2 ...

Another branch and a fence were stitched last night, but when it was time to pack this away i had just stitched the feet of the left hand lady, it reminded me of the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz LOL.

My needleroll for the exchange at TS is all stitched, i'm just waiting for a charm i ordered to arrive and then it can be made up and sent on its way.

Today i did make a start on Part 4 of the Papillon SAL as i planned but not a lot got done as DH kept calling me to help him!! I was hoping to get it done so i can concentrate on completing the Chatelaine as i had some stitchy mail on Saturday -instead of an Easter egg i had a stitchy treat from DH, he bought me My First Sewing Box & Scissor fob with the Whitman Tin and i really want to make a start on it.....wonder if i'll resist till the Chatelaines done LOL


  1. LHN is looking good, when will u stitch your tin? ;o)

  2. I have My First Sewing Box and Whitman's tin too Julie...can't wait to get started on mine when I find the time! Did you get the alphabet for personalising? Email me if you didn't I might be able to help. :o)

  3. The LHN is looking lovely Julie:) I enjoy watching yours and Karen's progress when you do these SALs.

    Can't wait for you to start the sewing box and fob. It looks gorgeous.

  4. Hi Julie, your WIP is looking good, Hmmm I see those little feet lol
    Hugs and happy stitching....

  5. Nice of hubby to treat you!

    So, when you putting down the house, Dorothy? hehe ;o)

  6. Great progress on the LHN Julie - another one I'm enjoying watching develop. :0)
    Ooo, was eyeing up those goodies on the Thread Bear site recently but decided I'd spent enough already. ;0)LOL Looking forward to seeing it stitched.


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