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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Midweek ramblings ...

The view from the kitchen or conservatory window of this wonderful cherry tree in bloom (picture taken in the lovely sunshine on Saturday) is so uplifting on days when the rain just doesn't stop and it's so dull and dreary like today. Such a shame that the blossom doesn't last long and is soon blown away in the wind, to leave a green leaf tree till the autumn when the leaves are red and fall off and then it's bare till it comes to life again the next year.

I have finally made my choice of a chart for the needleroll exchange at JA, i think i must have chosen about 40 different ones and changed my mind, wondering if they will be suitable for my partner!! Fabric and threads are also sorted so i think this is what i'll take with me to the stitchy club tonight. I did notice that the Chatelaine Tiny Rose Garden was looking at me sorrowfully as it's been in the box for way too long, this 'tiny' project should have been finished ages ago ... so i am giving myself a telling off and a reminder that when the needleroll is sent, then this must be finished before i start anything else... i hope i am listening to myself LOL


  1. pretty picture our cherry tree's had there blossom blown off a few weeks back:O(
    what design did you choose this time lol

  2. Your cherry tree looks lovely Julie. I've got a weeping cherry tree in the front garden and it's still it's blossom for now!

  3. What a beautiful sight.
    Good Luck on the needleroll exchange.

  4. The blossom tree is beautiful Julie - when the blossom is blown off it reminds me of wedding confetti. :0)

    I talk to myself like that too but I never listen - especially when it comes to not buying any more stash until some of what I've got has been stitched! LMAO

  5. Pretty view!!
    Hope you manage to listen to yourself, as I think if the kids don't listen to me why should I listen to myself!! ;0) LOL

  6. your cherry blossom is gorgeous Julie, what a lovely view to look out at.


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