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Thursday, 1 May 2008

Happy May Day!

7.30am this morning at Old John monument, Bradgate Park, Newtown Linford, Leicestershire and this is what was happening!!

Lori-Ann - this tells you all about it Morris Dancing Tradition

What did i accomplish in April?
TS April mini mystery - pen
TS Colouring Book Page - easter egg pincushion
Indigo Rose - 4 Little Hearts - tin finish
JA Monthly Challenge - The Drawn Thread/Caron Keeper
Harriet Bunny
Bookmark birthday gift
More bunnies!!
Papillon Creations SAL - Part 4
Chatelaine - Tiny Rose Garden - small progress
LHN Friendship Tree SAL started - 3 weeks progress
Needleroll for Exch @ TS - just needs making up
Needelroll for Exch @ JA - started ...

Not too bad this month then, of course i also spent a whole day with the sewing machine out sewing and not stitching, does that count as well LOL


Karen said...

WOW thats a lot of finishes. Those needles must be smoke'n

Sally said...

You did well for April Julie! Can you come and do some of mine please? Lol!

Karan said...

Nice list of achievements there Julie. Plus I reckon all creative stuff counts. ;0)
Love those Morris Dancers - great way to welcome in May Day. :0)

Lori-Ann said...

Phew... loads accomplished!
Dancing men...interesting. Are they just happy it's May... or is there some sort of tradition to this?

Paula said...

WOW Julie you certainly kept busy during April didn't you? WOnder what May holds for you....stitching and knitting wise.....
Hope it's a good one....

Lynn said...

goodness, I wish I'd accomplished just half of that this YEAR !

Well done Julie :)

brokenfairy said...

You got lots done in April well done you!!Especially all those Bunnies!!