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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

A little R & R

Last week was a very rare one in the last twelve months.  No appointments with hospital, own doctor, specialist nurse or my own nurse.  No tests, x rays or scans.  There was just one thing in the diary and that was easily re-arranged.

With this freedom of the week, we headed off to the seaside for a few days for some much needed quiet time together, just DH and I.

Not all went to plan, I wasn't well for some of the time, but we did manage some beach time.  I sat in the sun shelter - oh yes, another of those rules to add to the increasing list of 'you can't do this'  I'm not allowed in the sun - I read a while

and I stitched for a while on the autumn SAL, the first time I have stitched for a few weeks.

 DH played for an hour and a half ....

at flying his kite.  The whole length of string was out and it was so high in the sky you can hardly see it.
He has this fantastic little kite that can be flown by one person alone.  No need for someone to run along holding the kite and hope for enough wind to pull it into the air.  We've all done that haven't we, only for the kite to flop straight to the floor as soon as you let it go!  It's called a pocket kite and has been accompanying us on trips for many years.
Another day we drove to a different beach and sat watching the sailing boats coming in and out of the harbour. 
We really enjoyed the time away and were sad when it was time to come home.  The peace and expanse of water really does feed my soul.
Saturday was the local horticultural and craft show.  As many of you know DH and I have been on the organising committee for the past 10 years, but retired after last years show.  At the prize giving we were given a lovely rose bush with thanks for our services to the community - ooops forgot to take a pic of said rose bush.
This year, I entered a pair of socks in the 'Hand knitted garment' category.  We have so many amazing knitters locally, unfortunately they were not placed.  
My little embroidery did well though and won a 1st.  
The community allotment project which DH is Chair of did really well.  They had 3 x 1st, 2 x 2nd and 3 x 3rd places.
This is their entry in 'Container of homegrown produce' which they got a 2nd
They've been harvesting tons of French beans and other crops at the weekend meet up and handing them out within the community and to the local lunch club for older persons to use.  Just what the project is all about.
We've been volunteers with one thing or another for over 25 years, times spent within the schools, at the community centre and other things, its very rewarding.  Do you volunteer in your community?
Love and blessings


  1. Glad you managed away Julie and well done on the first for your embroidery.

  2. I so happy you were able to have a bit of holiday! Reading and stitching are my favorite things so it sounds like heaven to me! I'd LOVE to fly a kite! Super-congrats on the 1st place embroidery win, well done! Your DH did so fine! The first place container must have been majestic because 2nd place is really amazing.

  3. How nice that you were able to get away! Congrats on your first place ribbon.

  4. Hooray for having an escape! That beach looks so lovely and how fun to fly a kite there. Did it feel wonderful to stitch again? Congrats on your embroidery win and the awesome representation in the community allotment.

    I currently just volunteer with our local "friends of the library" to host book sales and little things throughout the year. I'd eventually like to branch out but I'm a bit shy and a lot anxious when it comes to putting myself out there.

  5. I'm so glad you were able to get away together. It looks like you had a nice time, even in the shade. But at least you got some stitching done!
    Congrats on winning 1st, it's so lovely.
    I volunteer at Nathan's school and at the Christian radio station when they need help.

  6. Congratulations on your wins and how lovely to have some me time at last.
    Yes I volunteer- our library has just one member of staff now and I am one of many volunteers who does a shift there, which I love. I am also starting a short walking group with the local U3A.

  7. Your break sounds perfect, we are planning 3 nights away at the end of the month, it's the only time we have spare. Well done on winning with your stitching, it's nice to have people confirm your work is good.

  8. So good for you that you could have a little trip and holiday time with your DH. And congratulations on winning a 1st prize with your stitching.

  9. I'm glad you managed to get a few days away, it really does lift the spirits and recharges the batteries. You didn't say which seaside you visited. It was years since I'd flown a kite until we gave it a go last year and we had loads of fun with it. Congratulations on your 1st for the embroidery, well deserved, shame about the socks though, they must have been up against some stiff opposition not to have been placed. I don't do any voluntary work in the community now but I did various things when the kids were at school.

  10. There is something about visiting the seaside that lifts the spirits, glad you had a restful few days away.
    Congratulations on your 1st prize for the embroidery, it was well deserved :-) I don't do any volunteer work, I really wouldn't have the time, but I think it's great that you and your DH do. Hope you have a good week x

  11. Julie, A change of scenery is good for the soul and recharge, just sitting and listening to the waves is rejuvenating. I would love to see a close photo of your embroidery, is the brown cows? Congrats on winning 1st place. That basket of vegetables is amazing, what a great service to the community. I deliver meals on wheels with a friend.

  12. I am so glad the two of you got away Julie. I completely understand not going in the sun of course. I cannot do it myself. Can't even be out in any heat. Congratulations on the 1st place ribbon. I always loved that embroidery! Henry and I visit the elderly still at a local nursing home. We try to go once a month.

  13. Glad you had a trip away. Sometimes those are just what we need. Glad you got time to read and stitch. I'm on a medicine that says to avoid the sun and then my doctor tells me I need to be in the sun. So confusing. Hope you can find more time for yourself very soon.

  14. So pleased you had some R & R, it's always good to take time to just 'be'

    Well done on your first at the show, you and DH have certainly done a lot of work for the show over many years

  15. I find the seaside to be very restorative. It was nice that you and your husband could have some time away. And congratulations on winning first place - it is a lovely embroidery! I volunteer at the Food Bank and enjoy it very much.

  16. Glad you were able to get a few days away, Julie.
    Congratulations on winning first prize for your embroidery.

  17. How lovely to get away for a few days Julie.
    Well done on your first prize, and that basket of fruit and veg looks gorgeous

  18. Glad you enjoyed your few days away Julie.It looks lovely.

    Congratulations on your first prize.

  19. I'm so happy to read that you were able to spend some time away, Julie! That must have felt wonderful to have a full week free of appointments or obligations. I would be sitting with you in the shade, too--I hate being in the sun and am always under layers and umbrellas at the beach each summer. At least you could get out and walk the beach when the sun went down...

    Congratulations on your well-deserved first prize! And enjoy this last half of September--hope you have more "free" days!

  20. It's so hard to find a week with no appointments - good that you were able to get away. And congratulations on your wins

  21. That sounds like a lovely week :) Well done on the prize too. I just stopped by to say thank you for visiting my blog again and leaving a couple of comments :)

  22. So glad that you enjoyed your week in (not) sun! Sounds like fun! Well done on your 1st place with your stitchery. Look after yourself, my dear.

  23. So happy you were able to get away for some rest and relaxation at the beach, Julie. You sure deserved it. Congrats on winning first place on your stitch. It looks so pretty. We just spent a week at the beach too and it was so relaxing and enjoyable this time of the year. RJ


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