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Thursday, 2 August 2018

July- the round up post

Plenty of reading but not a lot of crafting again in July. 

The heatwave continued to hamper working with my hands, but sitting outside with a book was just perfect.

5 books read during July

Books 3 & 4 of The Seven Sisters series by Lucinda Riley.
I'm loving this series and so are many of my friends.  The next one - The Moon Sister - is not due out till November.
I caught up with the children's books revisited that are being read over at Needlecraft Haven.  June's choice was Anne of Green Gables  - a lovely read.
July's was Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.  It's been lovely to re-read some old classics. 
Have you read Rosanna Ley?
Linda has written a great review of Rosanna and her books here.   I've read all her books and do enjoy them.
The only craft finish was the baby blanket - shown previously.
A new start, another school cardigan my granddaughter asked for.  She says it feels like I am giving her a (hug) at school when she is wearing it. - I love that.  
This needs to be finished ready for the new school year. beginning of September.
 and of course the WIP one that STILL NEEDS THE FRONT BANDS ADDING ..... this also has to be done for school.
I had a birthday at the end of July as well.
Wool goodies from my family
Lovely cards and parcels from online friends. 
Thank you Clare, Christine, Barb, Karan, Kathy, Angi and Gill

Clare stitched me a lovely bookmark and added a little notepad and pen, Christine sent some beautiful wool and Barb, a book written by a local to her lady all about Chessil Beach with wonderful sketches (i'll show you some of the inside next time) ~ Thank you my friends for your kindness. xxx
That wraps up July and we now move into August. 
After some much needed rain at the weekend, which did spoil my birthday plans as our picnic to a local beauty spot with the family was cancelled - never mind we had tea/cake and fun at home instead - the hot weather is to return to us again for a while.
Stay safe those of you who live abroad in europe or are travelling there for your vacation as I see you are to have some super high temps.
Thanks for visiting, speak soon
Love and blessings
Julie x 



  1. The baby blanket is excellent. And you are a master at the school cardigans Julie!! ;) You are so blessed to receive such excellent, wonderfuf birthday gifts!! Wow! I am glad you did have a lovely birthday my friend. You take care now my friend.

  2. A belated Happy Birthday Julie, sorry the weather scuppered your picnic though.
    How lovely that Isabelle feels that way about the cardigans you knit for her, so sweet. x

  3. Love the sweater color....great gifts too. I should really get back to reading more.

  4. Belated Birthday Julie hope you had a lovely one.
    We were busy with the Garden and Craft show ,all the beautiful weather we have had ,it was like a hurricane here ,lots of the stores went home early , but most stayed and the show went on.

    Have a good week .

  5. Forgot to say love the baby blanket and little cardigan .
    I also love to read old children's books .

    Have a good week hugs.

  6. Happy belated birthday, I’m glad you didn’t let the weather spoil your day. I love your grand daughters comment about feeling hugged, how sweet was that xx

  7. Belated birthday wishes Julie, I'm sorry the weather didn't keep sunny for you. I love what your granddaughter said about the knitted cardigan - very special indeed.

  8. A belated very Happy Birthday Julie! Xx

  9. Belated birthday wishes …
    I love what your grand-daughter said about the knitted cardigan, as many here have already commented! But that is so very special … I know it must mean the world to you.

    Happy August Wishes

    All the best Jan

  10. The school cardigans are looking lovely, her comment about feeling hugged is so sweet.
    I see you got some of that Northern Lights wool like the shawl I made. It's lovely and soft isn't it? Are you planning a shawl too?

  11. I'm glad reading has kept you company even though your stitching hasn't. I'm glad you had a lovely birthday. Good luck finishing up your knitting in time for your grand daughter. How sweet that she likes them so much.

  12. Julie: Such lovely gifts, you are truly loved.
    Beautiful afghan, lovely colors.
    How sweet your granddaughter is to say it feels like a hug from you.
    I am a big reader myself, you have some great books to read.


  13. Isabelle has always loved your knitting, the school cardigans look lovely. There's nothing nicer than a good book is there :-)

  14. Sorry the rain stopped the picnic for the Birthday but it looks like you've had a great time anyway.
    Love the baby blanket and the new red cardigan. What a lovely way to describe how they make her feel.

  15. Great list of books to read Julie. I love all of your knitting but really enjoyed hearing how your lovely red cardigan made your granddaughter feel like she was getting a hug from you. How sweet. Glad you had a lovely birthday and were greeted with so many nice things. RJ

  16. Your granddaughter is so sweet...and knows just how to keep those cardigans coming! I'm sure we can all understand just how she feels about precious handmade gifts.
    I must check out the Seven Sisters books, I've seen them recommended by a few people now.
    Glad to hear you had a lovely birthday.

  17. Awe, she's feeling all the love you put in those lovely cardigans! I love the flowers on the second one.
    Happy Belated Birthday! It looks like you received some wonderful pressies. And at least you were able to celebrate in spite of the rain!

  18. Wishing you a very Happy Belated Birthday, Julie! I'm so sorry to be late with my comment--have been traveling a lot this month and we leave for Panama on Saturday so I'm visiting a few of my favorite blogs in these few free days :)

    I love your granddaughter's sweet comment--how very special that she loves your cardigans so much. This one is especially pretty with the knit flowers at the bottom.

    Looks like some good reading... You know, I have never read Anne of Green Gables--I really need to remedy that :) Hope you enjoy the rest of your August and I hope things cool off soon!

  19. Aww, belated happy birthday to you! I think your granddaughter's comment is the best thing a crafter could ever hope for. Your presents all look so fun; that pink and grey hank looks wonderful!

    Glad to see a few precious classics in there. I adore Anne of Green Gables and most of the sequels too.

  20. Goodness, with a granddaughter that says such lovely things...who could resist crafting for her?

    Happy (late) birthday! You had some wonderful gifts!

  21. The same here, Julie, when it's so hot I can't stitch, I prefer sitting on the terrace and read. And I was also doing a lot of reading these past weeks. I also bought the first book of the series about the seven sisters and I'm looking forward to starting it.
    Happy (very belated) birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day.


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