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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

All quiet on the homefront

It's was a very quiet weekend.

Yet another check up with the Dr and I was advised not to speak for the whole of the weekend to rest the throat area.  The joys of this rare disease that no one knows about, all trial and error and wait and see.  I did as suggested but it didn't really help.  We await their next bright idea!
The sun was shining so I sat in the garden under the umbrella reading for a while and also stitched on Just Nans High Hopes
It grew quite a bit by the end of the afternoon

The squirrel was lifting the lid and eating his nuts in the feeder DH made for him, it was to try and stop him eating the birds food, but it doesn't

There was a variety of birds on one of the feeders, whizzing in and out.  The starlings were feeding their babies and so was mamma blue tit.   Oh look, there's DH in the greenhouse, I didn't notice that when I took the picture.

My companion wasn't too helpful, not once did he go and make us a cup of tea! - his owner lives next door but he wishes he lived at our home and spends most of his life with us.   

Finishing off of the Summer SAL. 
I changed the colour of the flowers from the white charted and made them brighter with the pink.

All 4 seasons are free charts from Lynn at Happiness is Cross Stitching.
The back is so sweet.

A little knitting, not a good picture of the red cardigan - why does red not photograph so well?

The flowers along the border I showed last time turned out really well. 
All the parts are knitted now, just the sewing up and neckband and button bands to add (the bit I am not keen on)

DH went up to the community garden/allotment on Sunday where he is Chair of the group of volunteers.  This week he came home with strawberries and the first potatoes of the season.  Nothing beats homegrown foods that you can pick and eat immediately.   Plenty more to come as the plot is filling up nicely. 

I hope you had a lovely weekend spent with those you love and hold dear.
Love and blessings

Thank you to all who left comments on my last post. 
I usually try to reply to all who comment, but with the recent issues with replying etc unfortunately I haven't managed this time. 


  1. I love the little squirrel queueing up Julie, they are very cheeky. Home grown produce is very special, enjoy it while it lasts. Hope your issues improve with resting your voice. When I have my surgery I'm always told not to speak and especially not to whisper.

  2. Julie , your garden, sewing, knitting and photos are all so beautiful.

    Hope your issues improve sweet friend , you are always in my prayers with my other sweet friends .

    Big Hugs.

  3. Hi Julie! Goodness me, I am sorry to read about your health issues - I hope that they are able to find something that works for you...
    Love the bee cushion ;o) Those squirrels are so cute!
    Take care, hugs x

  4. It must be so frustrating having such a rare disease, you're a bit of a guinea pig having to try things out and not knowing if they'll work or not. Fingers crossed that they hit on just the right thing soon. What a wonderful weekend sitting in the garden stitching and reading, we're lucky to have had some lovely weather over the last few weeks, it does lift my spirits when I see the sunshine instead of rain all the time. Yum, strawberries and new potatoes, how I miss my allotment when this time of year comes around.

  5. Hello my dear friend,,
    So sorry there is no improvement in the voice,but glad to hear you are resting and enjoying your beautiful garden. I think it is going to be another hot day today so I may join you with a book in the garden. Effie has already been for one of her 2 daily visits to the sea, she loves it.
    Love the little summer cushion ,I may have to do that one for my summer basket.I think a certain young lady will be very pleased with her new cardigan,she is so lucky to have such a clever nanny.
    Thinking of you sweetie

  6. Hello dear Julie. I am praying for you. I hope today is a great day! I am smiling that the neighbor cat prefers your home and garden!! ;) Love the cardigan so much. What a sweet summer stitch.

  7. Sorry to hear of your continued health issues, Julie. I think about you often. You've made good use of your weekend, your stitching is beautiful and that garden wow! I wish my grass was as green as yours!

  8. That is a lovely place to sit and rest while you wait for the medical world to catch up with you.
    Great progress on High Hopes and a lovelt cat too. We shared a cat with our neighbour one Summer!

  9. Hey Julie, sorry to hear about your throat issues, it's so hard not to talk, I was a bit like that when I had my thyroids out. Love your garden and the cute squirrel. Lovely Cardie, the flowers are fab, she's growing up quick. Love that bee cushion, got a bee thing going at the moment so might just have to stitch it myself. Yummy fresh strawberries and post.Take care xx

  10. I'm so sorry they can't help you more. I hope they find the right answer very quickly for you. I just love your peaceful garden area to stitch. Your stitching looks beautiful. Love your season finish too.

  11. What a lovely garden,no wonder you have a furry feline companion come to see you in such a tranquil setting.Your stitching is gorgeous and the cardigan for your granddaughter so pretty...yes I have noticed that red does not do well in photos.
    Home grown fruit and veg cannot be beaten.
    Hoping your voice returns and the medical profession find a way to help you more.I can only imagine your frustration etc.Take care,Julie.

  12. I'm so sorry you are dealing with this health issue, Julie. It must be so frustrating not to have a definite medical plan. I'm glad you have such a lovely garden space to spend time! It does look very inviting and complete with the neighbor cat, too. : ) Your stitching is so pretty, and I love your little summer SAL piece! Sending lots of good thoughts and hugs!

  13. Hope your throat is improving Julie,
    Lovely sewing and knitting - try lying the red cardi on something green to photograph it and see if that helps balance the colours out.
    Cats really are no good at making tea are they, they should be more like the cats with thumbs from the advert

  14. Sorry to hear about the health issues Julie. Love the pretty bright red knitting with the unusual border and the change of colours on the Summer SAL pattern. We are still waiting for a bit of sunshine here in the north of Spain, your garden looks inviting to sit and stitch-

  15. I have missed visiting with you Julie but I'm so happy to be back tonight. I have been dealing with health issues too and sometimes they can really get you down. I'm so sorry to hear yours has not improved and I will keep you in my prayers that the answer is around the corner. I love your pretty. Enjoy your days relaxing outside and have a lovely weekend. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  16. It must be so frustrating to know that it's all trial and error with the doctor's advice. But you never know if it works or not so it's always worth trying. Maybe some more days resting your voice will help.
    That cardigan for your granddaughter will be so pretty. And I love the little ornament you finished for the summer SAL.
    Nice progress on the JN piece. I think I have that somewhere in my stash too. But haven't stitched it yet. Enjoy stitching it, Julie.

  17. I love your volunteer cat! I want one like that (enjoy but zero responsibilities lol!)

    Your Just Nan is so pretty and the finished ornament is adorable. The sweater is nice but that red does reflect light back to the camera, huh?

    I couldn’t imagine staying quiet all weekend and phooey that it didn’t even help.

  18. Aww, you've been adopted! All the love, none of the scooping litter haha. Since it went from cold to extremely hot here, there's not been much sitting outside for us. Enjoy your time!

    Red is a bugger to photo but your little cardigan is looking lovely. Good luck with the sewing up!

  19. Sorry about your health issues Julie. Your garden pictures make me happy as I live in a desert. Lovely summer ornament and cardigan.

  20. I'm so sorry to read that the doctor's advice didn't help, Julie. Having such a rare disease must be beyond frustrating at times! I'm sure you are very grateful that you can still knit and stitch and read to help take your mind off your condition. Everything looks lovely :)

  21. Your Just Nan stitching is looking great!
    Oooh, an easy care cat! We have two little monsters ..... love em! Especially now, they keep bringing in mice. It’s not their fault, just the way cats are!
    Love the summer stitching! The knitting looks great, growing well!
    How lovely to have homegrown produce..... it always tastes best, doesn’t it. We have wild strawberries and, while they are very small, they taste wonderful.

    Sorry to hear about your health problems, Julie! I do hope the doctors find a solution soon for you. I hope you are enjoying sitting in your garden, it looks lovely!
    Barbara xx

  22. So sorry about your throat but hopefully they will find a solution soon. Lovely chatty post - my favourite kind, Julie. Hugs to you.


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