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Thursday, 31 May 2018

May - the round up post and GG

May .....  we had a month of sunshine - quite hot at times, a Royal wedding, a full moon (couldn't see it due to so much cloud cover) and we are seeing the month out with some rather nasty thunder storms.

DH and I have spent a few days at the seaside.  My camera only came out once when I took a pic of Bircham Windmill.  So many sights in Norfolk we have seen before we didn't feel the need to whip out the camera and most of the time was spent at the holiday home resting.

We always visit Bircham Windmill when in the area to buy delicious bread and nice cakes.  There were so many house martins darting about this visit it was breathtaking to watch them - DH was able to try out his new binoculars and get a good view.  
Bircham Windmill is a super place to visit with lots going on during the season, you can stay there, bake yourself a loaf, or just visit the bakery/café/farm area.   There are often craft demonstrations to see.

Since we came home, I don't know where the time has gone to.  I haven't settled back into a routine at all and seem to be floundering.

I seem to have spent a lot of time bird watching out of the window at the feeders around the garden, such a lot of activity with babies for the blackbirds and blue tits and Mr & Mrs robin have been around a lot too. 

There has been a family of starlings with mamma feeding her little ones, I say little ones, they are as big as she is but still sit there with beaks open waiting for her to give them a tasty morsel from these coconut halves filled with fat/seeds.

I'm not keen on the magpies and jackdaws that shout and caw and scare the smaller birds away.  

DH is always pottering about outside and the plants are looking lovely now we have some spring growth and the greenhouse is filling up nicely with hopes of future goodies to eat. 

I've sat sometimes with needle and thread on my lap with good intentions, or knitting needles and sometimes a book but then all too soon its time to cook a meal or do something else and I haven't put in a stitch at all or read a page.

The only finish this month is the socks I showed you last time, one was completed and the other started, not a good show at all. These fit the GG rules (which you can find at Jo's blog, mainly anything you've been gifted or gifted to you) as the wool was a gift from Ann.  This pair are a gift for me!

A start on a cardigan for Isabelle, my granddaughter.  She asked for another red cardigan and the sleeves being simple they were knitted first - another tick for Jo and sneaking in last minute with GG for May.

The back and fronts are knitted in one piece with a lovely flower pattern so that needs to be started ASAP before she grows too much - here's a close up of the top right corner of the pattern, such a very different design, not one I had seen before.

Isabelle celebrated her 7th birthday at the weekend and is turning into a lovely and very bright young lady.   I know some of you have been visiting here before then and remember my excitement at being there at her birth.

The crafting collage for May is a bit sparse - just the one picture of the finished socks, and I've added a WIP of Just Nans High Hopes as I did get a couple of afternoons on it earlier in the month before I was away.

The reading collage looks a little healthier with 3 books read this month.

Fans of Jane Austen will love the Julie Klassen book, this is the second in a series.   Under A Pole Star was recommended to me, i did finish it but it wasn't as good as i had hoped.  The Glovemakers Daughter belongs to one of my book group ladies and i did like this one, a tale about the quakers.

A plan to visit your blog and catch up with you this afternoon so before i get sidetracked i'm signing off to do just that ....

Love and blessings to you all



  1. Love your socks, I am in the process of knitting my first pair, the design on the legs part looks very interesting. It's not been a crafty month for me, too much time in our garden.

  2. Oh Julie you sound so busy like me , I have never known a month go by so quick . We seem to have been doing the same things watching all the birds in the gardening nesting and the new babies flying away , nature is wonderful.
    Hope you enjoyed your holiday and had a good rest .
    Always love your knitting and stitching they are all so beautiful .
    Enjoy your weekend , I am after such a busy week I am ready for a rest .
    Have fun big hugs.

  3. That new cardigan for Isabelle with the flowers looks challenging and wonderful!!

  4. Visiting you from Jo’s GG.
    Sounds like you had a super holiday.
    Lovely knitting Julie! Great socks! I love the flowers on Isabel’s cardigan, exciting to knit, they’re just a little bit different, aren’t they! I once knitted a jumper with a similar pattern for myself ..... don’t do much knitting now though!
    I know just what you mean about sitting with needle and thread ready to stitch, and not a stitch done ..... I’ve been doing just that these past couple of days, and my project is almost finished too! I think it’s this funny weather we’re having, oh and too much gardening!
    Isn’t it lovely watching the birds In the garden! We’ve been keeping watch for a woodpecker family, we think we’ve been seeing a baby woodpecker on one of our feeders, but it’s so hard to tell.
    Barbara xx

  5. Hello Julie and thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I love yours, the mix of crafts and garden photos and books. I live near Bircham Mill, it's a lovely place, great doughnuts I believe.
    It's so easy to waste, sorry spend time, watching baby birds being fed, just sitting quietly. We have baby blue tits in the nesting box on the silver birch and can't resist standing beneath listening to them. This morning, a white dove has appeared in the garden, shovelling up the seeds dropped by the goldfinches when they visit the feeders, he/she even had the temerity to chase away other regular visitors as if it owned the place!
    Edwina x

  6. I hope you enjoyed the peace and quiet of your holiday,Julie.
    I do like those socks and the pretty flowers on your granddaughters new cardigan.It still amazes what intricate looking patterns can be made with yarn and knitting needles.
    Hoping you have a good weekend.

  7. At least you had a nice relaxing May. We had the hottest May on record here in Indiana they said. It's been as hot as late July or August. Crazy. We had horrible storms last night and maybe more this afternoon. We are safe and sound though. Hope you are back to crafting in June. But as long as you are happy it's all that matters.

  8. What a pretty pattern with the flowers on the cardigan, a bit different. Your holiday sounded lovely and relaxing, just as it should be. I live the sound of the book about Quakers, I shall keep my eye open for it xx

  9. Holidays, spring things, and knitting. Sounds good to me. Love that cardigan pattern and those socks.

    I got up early to watch the Royal Wedding here on TV. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  10. It's been such a beautiful month hasn't it. Perfect for spending some time at the seaside.
    I love your knitted socks. I really should get some more on my needles. X

  11. I thoroughly enjoyed our holiday in Norfolk last year and it's somewhere I'd love to visit again so I shall remember Bircham Windmill when we do, it sounds lovely. Glad you had a good time, I think it's nice to go back to somewhere familiar that you know you like and I'm sure you came home well rested. I could watch the birds all day long, especially at this time of year when they've got babies in tow. We've been feeding them for years and have a good selection which now visit the garden. What a pretty cardigan you're knitting for Isabelle, I remember cardigans that my grandma knitted for me when I was a child. My reading seems to have slowed down a little at the moment, though I've got a good book on the go at the moment so that's keeping me interested.

  12. Great socks Julie, and that is a lovely pattern you're knitting for Isabelle
    We've got lots of birds in our garden too, but oddly we don't see the babies very often, I think the Mamma birds are keeping them away from the cats

  13. A trip to the seaside sounds lovely - glad you were able to get away and rest, Julie. And I understand about settling back into a routine. It has been over a month since I've been back home and I still don't feel settled. That is going to be such a pretty cardigan for Isabelle! I need to pick up my reading pace a little - I've added The Glovemaker's Daughter to my list of books to read. : ) Hugs.

  14. Sometimes, Julie, life is like that - you just have to sit and enjoy the glorious weather and the garden - who made it a law that we have to be totally busy all of the time? Your socks look great and I cannot wait to see the gorgeous cardigan all knitted up. Your getaway sounds like a lot of fun and we all enjoyed the Royal Wedding here downunder, too. Thank you for your recent comments on my blog - not sure how I am going to deal with this not sending of comments as emails to us - for now I am going with commenting on the blog of the person who made the comment. We'll see how that goes. Oh well, must stop chatting - off to rural Victoria again for work this week - the Echuca region for three days this time. Have a great week, Julie. xxx

  15. Great knitting you are showing here, Julie. Those socks look gorgeous and your granddaughter's new red cardigan will be awesome. I love the flowers on the bottom of the piece, and your granddaughter will love them too.
    Your trip to the seaside must have been wonderful - lots of visiting old places and resting. Sounds like some successful days away from home.
    It often happens to me when I sit outside on the terrace with a book in hand and I just sit and watch the birds hopping around looking for food or using the bird bath. And there is no reading for quite a while. And why not, watching the birds and flowers just makes me happy.

  16. The design of for Isabelle's new cardigan is lovely. I'm like you at the moment, time just seems to be flying by!

  17. Sounds like your seaside getaway was very relaxing, Julie. The Bircham Windmill looks like a lovely stop, too! As a baker, I would love it :)

    I can hardly believe Miss Isabelle is now 7 years old! Amazing--I wonder how many gorgeous sweaters you have knit for her through the years?

    I hope June will be a fun and relaxing month for you with lots of reading, knitting, and stitching time as you sit and watch the birds in your garden :)

  18. A lovely round up post Julie of a lovely May. Wishing you a super June with plenty of reading, stitching and relaxing:-)

  19. I agree with Kaye, we should not be hard on ourself for not stitching all days.
    Lovely holiday pics. Your knitting is gorgeous .
    Have a good month.

  20. Julie: It seems you had a wonderful time, I am like you if I have taken photos no need to take anymore of the same thing.
    Your socks are lovely as other knitting, that sweater is so sweet.
    I have many bird feeders and love to watch them feed.


  21. I almost envy your thunderstorms! We went from one of the coldest Aprils on record to the hottest of Mays! I think spring was skipped this year. I have a hummingbird feeder out and it has been doing booming business, even attracting a curious oriole.

    You'll eventually get back into a routine, or not! Just let June take you wherever it will. Your socks look great and the little bobble flowers will look so cute on the cardigan.

  22. Thanks for taking part in GG in May. How ever is that child 7 already? In much the same way my Small Boy is 9 I suppose LOL.

    Nice work on High Hopes too.


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