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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Gifted Gorgeousness - November

15th Day
This month I've gifted a Christmas ornament to Clare for the tree she decorates at Church.  
I've been lucky in the past to meet with Clare at the church and see the trees that are decorated by the community and its always a joy to see such variety and hard work put in by everyone. 
Clare's theme this year is Winter Wonderland and even though stitching has not been happening much here, I really enjoyed making this ornament.  You can see Clare's ornaments she has made in this post.
My chosen design was from Just Cross Stitch ornament edition 2008.  A design by CCN called Let it Snow with a few alterations made to it.  The border and wording were left off to make it smaller.  I also changed the little bluebirds into our beautiful little robins with their little red breasts.   The large snowflakes charted were also changed to teeny tiny little single crosses.
Christmas gift knitted too - the doll is dressed
A slight mishap as I put her boots on upside down, but I wont tell if you don't!  Would you have noticed if I hadn't mentioned it?   She's on her way to santa now.
I'm sure you all know what Gifted Gorgeousness is all about - but just in case you don't ....

It is a chance for us bloggers to show off gifts we have given or received.  It could be yarn, a thread, a piece of fabric or something that's not for crafting but was sent/given to brighten your day. 
You can read more about 'GG' here.  It's the brainchild of Jo at Serendipitous Stitching
Hey Jo, i'm posting on time this month...that's got to be good news hasn't it. 
On the health front, yet another change in meds and the new regime seems to be working and for the last couple of days I've been feeling much better than I have for a very long time. 
I'm way behind on lots on things so hopefully the next few days will see a catch up to a lot of them.  A blog read session and answering emails is on the list together with a pile of ironing, I know which I prefer to do!
Love and blessings


  1. Lovely ornament to donate for the church tree. The knitted doll is adorable .

  2. What sweet, sweet gifts you made up Julie. I am so glad to know you are feeling better.

  3. Glad to hear that you are feeling a little better Julie, hope the meds continue to do their job.

    Lovely addition for Clare's tree and the little doll is really cute.

  4. No, I didn't notice that her boots were upside down - they look perfect to me :)

  5. Lots of lovely gifts Julie. I'm glad the new meds seem to be working, I hope it continues.

  6. A pretty ornament Julie,I like your little robin.Love the doll,her clothes are so beautifully knitted.
    Good to hear your new meds are helping you feel so much better.

  7. Lovely ornament for Clares tree and fab doll.Glad the new meds are working and that they continue to do so, xx

  8. Your ornament is adorable!! The doll is just too cute too! I would never known about her boots if you hadn't said anything...but good for you for confessing...haha Here's hoping the meds continue to do their job and you are back to good health again soon!

  9. It's a very beautiful tree decoration. I'm glad you're feeling much better. X

  10. Great news on the health front, fingers crossed that they've now found what works for you and that you go on improving. I love the little ornament, it's so cute, and so is the dolly.

  11. Great news on your health, I do hope this is a sign of things to come! I'm sure the ironing can wait!
    That's a lovely ornament for Clare's tree, I'm sure she was thrilled to receive it.
    Your doll is so chic with her little cape! I think her boots are very stylish and can't see anything wrong with them. Lucky Isabelle at Christmas!

  12. Love how Nina looks now, lovely colors. Très élégante ! Well done. xxx


  13. Lovely gifts you made Julie .
    Happy to hear you are feeling well , hugs to you sweet friend.

  14. Thank you Julie for your care, pleased to read your new meds have improved how you feel.
    Beautiful x stitching and I didn't notice the boots on the knitted doll were back to front, she was a real cutie. I am hanging in there but not easy.
    Blessings Chrisxxx

  15. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. Love Clare's ornament. I sent her one earlier this year.
    The little doll looks great too and no-one would have spotted the boots if you hadn't told us!
    Glad to hear that you are feeling a little bit better now. And a timely post for GG too.

  16. What a lovely ornament you made !! Ohhh I love that little doll, she is so cute.
    So glad to hear you feel better ! That is wonderful news.

  17. So glad the change of meds is helping to make you feel better x beautiful gifts, I wouldn't have noticed.

  18. I'm so happy to read that you've been feeling better, Julie--what great news! It is amazing how a change in medication can hurt or help. My mom was really so bad last month mostly due to her medication for her back pain. Thankfully, she is off it and back to normal.

    Love your sweet ornament and the little doll. And, no, I would never have picked up on the boots being upside down if you hadn't mentioned it!

    Hope you continue to feel well!

  19. Great check in post. I've been being selfish and just stitching for myself this month so no post from me haha.

  20. HOORAY on the health front! It's such a nice thing to hear and I am guessing it's a SUPER NICE thing for you to feel!

    I promise I won't mention the boots, and I promise I didn't notice them until you said something!

  21. Lovely gifts Julie. The little doll is so cute dressed in her new knitted clothes - I would never have noticed that her little boots were upside down.

    Good news to hear that your meds and the new regime is helping you to feel much better. My poor DH has been suffering with his health really bad this year, which is the reason why we have had to spend the majority of our time back in the UK since last November. Had hoped to be back to our life in Dubai well before now - never imagined we would still be going through this nightmare a year later.

  22. Snowmen are my favorite, and this one is sweet! I never would have noticed the boots. : ) I'm happy to hear that a change in medicines has you feeling better - hope it continues. And I never worry too much about the ironing until it becomes an absolute necessity. : ) Take care, Julie.

  23. Oh Julie, such good news. I'm so glad to read that the new medication seems to help and makes you feel so much better. That sounds so, so good.
    Great little ornament that you stitched for Clare's tree. And this little doll's clothes are so cute. No, I would never have noticed that there is something wrong with her boots, lol. She is just lovely.

  24. Do pleased to hear that your new health regime is working for you. Your ornament and the doll are both lovely.

  25. So glad to read that you are feeling better Julie.
    The ornament for Clare'[s tree is lovely and the dolly is just adorable

  26. Beautifully made gifts, the ornament is lovely with the little robins and blue fabric and love the little doll all dressed up and with the tiny flower on her hat. Glad to hear you are felling better.

  27. Your ornament is lovely and the knitted dolly is so charming - fat bottomed boots and all! It so good to hear you’ve been feeling a bit better, I pray it continues!


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