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Monday, 31 July 2017

Second helping of Gifted Gorgeousness

A birthday in the house yesterday.......

Birthday gifts =  a GG post and there's still time to get it in before we turn the calendar to bring us into August and it's far too long to wait till next months so for July a second GG posting (that's scored me some brownie points with Jo)

My daughter knows my love of Cath Kidston pretty things. We're going to make some nice buttons to add to my crafting and a girls got to have a manicure when working with her hands.

DS always knows he can't go wrong with something for me to make.  A scarf kit from our local wool shop.  The colours of this are called 'coastal' - I'm going to enjoy knitting this one up for the coming cooler seasons - perhaps i'll get to wear it later this year at the coast.

Postal gifts from online friends. Clare is not only an online friend, we often meet up for tea/coffee/cake.  She always has such good ideas for gifts.  This year she has chosen to send books to her friends with the author or title relating to their name.  I've not heard of Julie Klassen before, but this sounds just like my perfect read, its the first in a series.  Thank you Clare.
Peter Rabbit, a favourite of mine - a selection of teas are inside this pretty tin from Barb.  Many thanks Barb, the earl grey packet has been opened and sampled already.
Christine made the beautiful QAYG pouch, it is so pretty and was much admired by my visitors yesterday.  She showed a blue one on her blog in May for GG but I have to say my pink one is better!

A lovely handmade card from Gill.  The circular threadwork did remind me of the nail/thread pictures my dad used to make many years ago.  None of them survived the test of time, but I'm sure you all remember them from the 1970's.
Bunches of flowers and plants making the house smell beautiful

With recent events I was having a quiet birthday this year, DH took me out in the morning to the local garden centre and we chose a couple of nice plants for the garden.  Little did I know that there were shenanigans afoot at home and when I returned a small family party with balloons, banners and the table laid with a buffet for my close family had been organised by DD.   My granddaughter was very proud of herself as she had managed to keep it a secret from nanny..... good going for a 6 year old!  
She had glued some shells that we collected at the beach together last year onto a frame and chosen a favourite picture of hers with us and her dog Alfie paddling in the sea, that was her special handmade gift for me - teary eyes!  It now sits on my shelf with other shells, beach sand and sea glass that I have collected. 

DD baked a great homemade cake, she called it the 'Basket of Buttons' and thought it went well with her button gift, it tasted delicious.  The little sweetie buttons were a real hit with the children.
One friend dropped by with a card that made me smile.......  she doesn't have a book club but thought the ladies in this picture looked like they meant business and would give me a run for my money.
Many thanks for you kinds emails and words of comfort and support recently, they do mean a lot.  I'm a lot calmer and happier about things and just today I have kitted up a little stitching design that was also a gift, this one from Justine at the meet-up in the Spring.... gifts come along all the time into my life in many different ways and I have lots to be thankful for each and every day.
Love and blessings to you all
Julie x


  1. Happy Birthday Julie.
    Lovely gifts from friends , your posts are always so up lifting thank you .

  2. Happy Birthday Julie! You were well taken care of. :D I love your surprise party and lovely cake. Well done for your granddaughter. What a sweet gift she made you.♥

  3. Happy Birthday . Glad you had a lovely day . The gift from your Granddaughter is perfect .xxx

  4. Happy birthday lovely Julie, I'm so glad you had such a lovely time and we're spoilt by everyone. The little seashell frame picture was so thoughtful, the cake looked rather delicious xx

  5. A belated Happy Birthday Julie. Such sweet presents from stitching friends.

    I love the frame that Isabelle made, and good for her for keeping the secret of your get together :-)

  6. Wishing you a Happy Birthday Julie.All your gifts are lovely.The one from your granddaughter especially so.

  7. Happy Birthday . Glad you had a lovely day . The gift from your Granddaughter is perfect .xxx


  8. Happy birthday! Sounds like the perfect day. I love handmade gifts and your beautiful cake and precious photo frame are so special.

  9. Happy birthday, such lovely gifts and a beautiful cake.

  10. Sounds like you had a lovely birthday Julie. The Photo frame from your GD is adorable!

  11. You had a lovely birthday, Julie. It's good to read that you are feeling calmer and happier about things.

  12. Aw, I missed your Birthday! Looks like you had a lovely time anyway! Great gifts from the family and friends. That book club card made me laugh!
    Love the frame that your grand-daughter made for you, such a lot of thought has gone into that. And she managed to keep the party secret too!

  13. Belated happy birthday Julie. Such sweet gifts from family and friends. I specially like cake and the frame from your GD.

  14. Happy birthday, Julie, and although I'm late I'm sending the best wishes to you.
    How wonderful the day must have been for you, and your family really managed to surprise you with a little party and a great buffet. What a treat. Enjoy all the gorgeous gifts that you received from family and friends. It was fun to look at all the pictures you shared.

  15. Happy Belated! What a fantastic birthday you had, you received great gifts and the cake looks amazing! The gift your granddaughter made you is precious, what a treasure.

  16. You definitely couldn't wait to post all that and I'm so glad you had a great Birthday. Happy belated Birthday!

  17. Happy belated birthday. What a lovely day you had after you were expecting a quiet day and such wonderful gifts too. I can see you've passed on the crafting gene to your family, the frame is so sweet, especially with such a lovely photo in it, and I love your button filled cake, just wonderful.

  18. What delightful gifts you received for your birthday, Julie! And I love the little surprise party that was waiting for you when you got home. Your granddaughter's gift is so special--she has obviously inherited your creative genes :)

    And I do love that book club card--will have to share it with my fellow librarians!!

    Take care now--and I hope your crafting brings some calm moments and takes your mind off your health worries--even if just for a bit! Sending you a belated birthday hug!

  19. I'm just so pleased you had a great day ...

    All the best Jan

  20. Happy late birthday! It's always fun to be surprised and they certainly pulled a nice one on you! The frame and cake are so cute! And those roses are beautiful, wow.

  21. Happy birthday Julie. I'm so sorry I missed it. I really am rubbish and often forget my own. A beautiful post, with beautiful gifts for a beautiful lady xx

  22. Happy, happy birthday, Julie - sounds like you had a marvellous one. Birthday hugs from me. xxx

  23. I'm terribly late wishing you a happy birthday! I got caught up on your doings of late and am distressed to read of your recent diagnosis of RP. I am so sorry you have to take those steroids to get it under control - those things are no fun at all! I hope the doctors can help you keep it in check. I hope you know we, who love you, don't care one whit what you look like, you are still you and it's the person inside we love!

  24. Happy Belated Birthday Julie. So glad you were spoilt by your family and friends. I love the fact that there were shenanigans lol! It felt weird not sending you anything this year and I felt so guilty!


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