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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Gifted Gorgeousness - July

Coming to the end of the month, I had better get my GG post done.  

A bit of a finishing off spree this month of things that have been sitting in the workbox for way too long.

A gifted chart from an old stitching friend.  My Four Seasons Sampler by Giulia Punti Antichi.  I finally added the last few stitches this past weekend.

Completed my pair of socks for the Yarndale Sock Line organised by Christine at Winwick Mum blog.  After Yarndale these and all the others donated will be gifted to someone in need.
I belong to the local knitting group and this blanket for prem babies joined the collection to be handed over.
The gift of friendship on a forum and we have been stitching a SAL for the seasons of the year.  Everyone chooses their own design to stitch for each season, I did Prairie Schooler Spring and now i have the PS Summer made up to accompany it.
Thank you so much for your kinds words of support and comfort in my last post, it really meant a lot to me and for the emails, cards etc that have been sent.
I had a very special gift box parcel arrive in the post from Barb, thank you my friend for your thoughtfulness.   An M&S rose, tea bags and shortbread to enjoy.
I'm sure you all know what Gifted Gorgeousness is all about - but just in case you don't ....

It is a chance for us bloggers to show off gifts we have received.  It could be yarn, a thread, a piece of fabric or something that's not for crafting but was sent/given to brighten your day. 
You can read more about 'GG' here.  It's the brainchild of Jo at Serendipitous Stitching
Love and blessings
Julie x


  1. Hello there Julie, how lovely to see a post from you. Oh your knitting is so lovely,the moth has been busy again here, I had been knitting a shawl and it has been put away for quite a while.In a wicker basket , I felt the urge to get it done ,but not to be as it had moth holes in it. I wonder if it is the same one that ate Seymores waistcoat , it certainly did not come out of my purse!!
    I have Miss ROSE and the girls on a shelf now so I am hoping they will be safe. Will be in touch soon .Hugs and much love to you.

  2. What a lot of lovely things you've finished up this month. I had to smile at the socks, I used the same yarn for the socks I've sent for the Yarndale Sock Line too, and I'm sure I saw someone else had used this yarn for the same cause too. I do love how you make up the little hanging cushions, they look so sweet displayed this way. I need to have a go at something like that myself, though I'm rubbish at finishing things off so I doubt I'd manage to make it so neat, your work always looks so professional. What a kind gift from Barb, we have such a wonderful kind, caring community here in Blogland.

  3. Pretty blanket what did you knit it in? Lovely socks and beautiful cross stitching

    Julie xxxxx

  4. All of the projects are simply wonderful. Keeping you in my thoughts.

  5. Four Seasons is done! Hurrah! What a lovely pair of socks you made someone Julie. How lovely of Barb and Martin. I am keeping you in prayer dear Julie.❤️

  6. Love your Four Seasons Julie , all your knitting and sewing is always so beautiful.
    Sending you loads of hugs and kisses .

  7. All of your projects are marvellous, and I know that the Yarndale socks will be very much appreciated - thank you! xx

  8. Thanks for taking part in GG this month, and quite early too! I love the four seasons sampler but I would be the woman stitching for all four seasons!
    Lovely work on your charity donations too.
    The gift of friendship is the nicest one of all.

  9. Lovely work Julie. Your knitting always looks so soft and cosy.

  10. Such beautiful work x Enjoy the shortbread.

  11. Four Seasons and PS Summer are lovely finishes,as are your socks.
    What a pretty blanket,I love the pattern and colours.

  12. Dear Julie I hope you're feeling a little better. I adore the four seasons sampler, such lovely stitching. The socks are such a good idea, I've never had the courage to sit down and have a go, perhaps one day when my list of things to make isn't as long xx

  13. Such lovely finishes in this post. I specially like the blanket.

  14. Lovely stitching and knitting Julie. I love the colours in those socks

  15. Such a great GG post, Julie. Congratulations on finishing the four seasons piece, I just love it. And that Prairie Schooler Summer design is so sweet.
    Enjoy your nice little package from Barb.

  16. Love all of your projects. The socks are absolutely out of this world!

  17. I am so happy to see the Four Seasons piece all finished up, Julie--it's really lovely and seems to remind us of simpler bygone days. Your socks and blanket are so lovely and will surely bring big smiles to the recipients.

    And, of course, I love the little PS summer pillow! I'll have to add that one to my "way too long" list :)

    I'm sure Barb's gift brightened your day--please know you are in my thoughts and prayers, Julie. Sending you a caring ((hug)).

  18. LOVE the Four Seasons sampler, so pretty.
    Someone is going to be very lucky receiving those socks and the little blanket.

  19. You have been so busy gifting Julie! Thank you again for the Four Seasons chart, I'm so looking forward to stitching it.
    Your socks and blanket are beautiful, and you're so generous with your talents!
    Hugs xx

  20. Your Four Seasons looks wonderful! Do you know how you'll finish it?
    The socks and blanket are lovely, I love the colours.
    Isn't it nice to receive a little something from friends? That must have been nice to open!


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