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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Needlebook Exchange reveal

Each time the ladies from Needlecraft Haven meet for the day an exchange is organised just for those in attendance.  Something to stitch and make to remind you of the lovely day we had and pass on the love and friendship to a fellow forum member.

When we met last autumn, we all filled in a card stating a colour, a flower, a chocolate and a season that you liked.

A card was then picked by each of us.  This exchange is totally anonymous so everyone gets a surprise stitcher, there is no organiser like in a usual exchange.  You are reliant on everyone keeping to the rules of exchanges and making sure their parcel arrives in plenty of time for opening day.  For this one we did have a receiving day and then opening day was a week later (this was to allow for postal delays or any other problem), so hopefully there would be no disappointments on todays opening day and we all opened our parcel on the same day.

I opened my parcel this morning, all wrapped in lovely pink tissue paper ......

My parcel was from Angi (no blog) - Angi was one of the first ladies I met online when I was first introduced to online stitchers, forums and blogs etc .... that must be about 14 years ago now!
The theme for this exchange was set as name or initial -
The front ..... 
the back ...... 

and the inside, with a lovely packet of needles ....
The whole parcel including the chocolate treat and little notecard.... 
Thank you Angi, it's beautiful and something I will treasure.
I chose to stitch a Just Nan design called Ornamental Letters and used red felt as the main body of the needlebook.   Lynn's was the card I chose and she had expressed a preference for red, roses, dark chocolate and her seasonal choice was Spring.
I attached the design to the front piece of felt and some ribbon roses, then blanket stitched around the edges of the front and back piece to hold them together.   A piece of wadding was added to the inside with a careful backstitch.   A press stud fastener attached and a little heart pin together with a packet of needles finished it off.
The inside ....

and the chocolate I chose to add .....

I hope you liked it Lynn!
What would your choices have been if you had been taking part in this exchange?
Love and blessings


  1. What a fun exchange! It worked out so well and pretty.
    I would have done pink, pansy, dark chocolate and Spring!! :D

  2. What a lovely exchange. Both needle books are so pretty

  3. A great exchange! It's so interesting to see how your choices were interpreted. You and Angi both chose lovely designs and your needlebooks are perfectly finished.
    A lovely reminder of our special day!

  4. Great exchange. Both needlebooks are lovely. My choices would vary according to when I was asked. I don't think I would be consistent.

  5. A lovely exchange Julie, there are so many pretty designs out there.

  6. Lovely exchange gifts .
    Love them both and the rose one is so pretty Julie .

  7. A lovely exchange with a lot of thought in it.

  8. Great exchange! I think I would have been very happy with Lynn's parcel although my season is really Autumn.
    Are the JN letters sold individually or as one chart?

  9. Oh what a fun exchange! The one you did is beautiful and the one you received is just wonderful too. Let's see I would have answered. Purple. Any flowers but I love snap dragons. Season would be Spring.

  10. It was a great exchange to do, your needlecase from Angi is beautiful. I love the one you stitched for Lynn, perfect match.

  11. How pretty, both of them are, Julie! I'd say your creation for Lynn took into account all of her preferences--you did a wonderful job :)

  12. What a great idea for the exchange. The needlebook received and sent both are gorgeous.

  13. That looked a lovely swap

    Julie xxx

  14. Oh my, Julie, what a gorgeous exchange this was. I love both pieces, the one you stitched and assembled, and the one you received.

  15. What a lovely exchange, both needlebooks are so pretty. My choices would have been blue, primrose, dark chocolate and summer.

  16. Fabulous exchange Julie, both needlebooks are lovely.
    I would have gone for peacock/teal, nasturtiums, autumn and very very dark chocolate

  17. Such lovely exchange pieces Julie, love the colours you chose Angi to do.Such a nice idea. I think I would like spring and yellow for daffodils and blue for forgetmenots.However no to the chocolate, perhaps a bunch of asparagus as they look like bluebells before they flower lol.

  18. Oh wow, both of you received great exchanges! Lovely L and sweet J.
    I would have chosen periwinkle for the colour, daffodil for the flower, fall for the season, and orange chocolate! Not sure how all that would go together though!

  19. This looks like a really fun exchange - I love your ribbon roses.

  20. Some beautiful pieces being exchanged and of course, you can never go wrong with chocolate. I think my choices would have been blue, sunflower, and I've actually been eating the Lindt 70%, summer. : )

  21. What a lovely swap, I like that it's quite personal. I think I may have chosen Spring too, but I love all the different seasons and the changes they bring. Some yummy chocolate chosen there xx

  22. These are both beautiful designs. What a lovely idea for an exchange!


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