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Monday, 27 February 2017

February challenge reveal

Here we are almost at the end of February. 
For me, that means it's time to reveal the monthly Christmas challenge design chosen by Christine over at Needlecraft Haven and how I finished my version. 
February's choice was by Luli and there were two differing designs to choose from.
I used the design for a friends February - the month of love - birthday, stitched it in pink and ecru on a random pale pink fabric.  I also chose to backstitch around the edge - that wasn't on the charted design.  I fitted it into a round coaster and she loved it.

Then, I decided to stitch the same design again as I liked the first one so much.  Again, I backstitched the outline.  I made this one into an ornament.  A simple hoop finish with a Christmas ribbon I found in my stash that had a design that matched the stitching.  The others can be found in the gallery.
An urgent request for a school cardigan for my granddaughter, she is growing like a weed at the moment.  It has kept the knitting needles busy this past week.  All finished and handed over ready for the new school term.

She loves the special ladybird buttons and of course as its handmade there is no chance of her coming home in the wrong cardigan.
Yesterday morning there was a fabulous female green woodpecker on my feeder.  I went to get my camera and by the time I returned it was gone..... and then.... I spotted it on my neighbours back lawn.   Not a very clear picture but I had to record this as I have never seen one so close before, I though you might like to see my fuzzy picture taken through the window.  Perhaps you have seen one before?
I'll end this post now as I'll have another reveal to show you soon as it will be opening day for the meet up needlebook exchange on March 1st.  My parcel has arrived with its new owner and i have also received an envelope myself... not long to wait to rip it open.
I hope all is well in your part of the world.
Love and blessings



  1. Pretty hearts Julie and the cardi looks very cosy. I saw a green woodpecker on the footpath near our house. Beautiful bird, I was really excited to see 4 waxwings Thursday. They've been in and out of the garden most of half term since.

  2. We don't have many woodpeckers up here, I think it's too cold for them so no chance of a green one:-)
    The cardi is so neat - what a lucky girl.

  3. Oh, what a gorgeous cardigan--those little buttons are a perfect accent, too, Julie :)

    Love both of your hearts and I'm sure the birthday girl was happy with her new coaster.

    Have never seen a green woodpecker--I didn't even know they existed! Lucky you!

  4. Love your two finishes. They are both beautiful and so different even though the same pattern. The cardigan is beautiful. The buttons are perfect. We get a lot of woodpeckers but I don't think we get this type here. Thanks for sharing the picture.

  5. Wonderful finishes. Love the way you have FFOed the heart stitching. Your granddaughter is so lucky to receive such beautiful cardigans from you.

  6. Amazing what a difference your color choices made on the same little heart. Love the buttons on the cardigan, very cute choice for a little girl!

  7. Lovely Challenge pieces, it's such a lovely design and suits many colour combinations. Great Cardiff for a growing girl.

  8. Those hearts are so different and both so pretty! I haven't done mine yet but having seen all your lovely finishes I'm going to stitch them both.
    Gorgeous cardigan for your granddaughter, she must be the envy of her classmates!

  9. Lovely cardigan and stitched hearts :-)

    I've only seen a woodpecker once, it was in the road as i was driving to work one day. Although when I was walking in the park on Sunday I saw a flash of yellow/green flying from one tree to the next and i didn't know what sort of bird it was but now I've seen your photo i think it could have been a woodpecker. How lucky for you to be able to see one close up.

  10. Beautiful stitching and knitting as always .
    We once had a green woodpecker on the verge in front of the house. The first and only time I've ever seen one .

  11. My goodness how time flies,it doesn't seem so long ago you were knitting baby things for her. The hearts were a fun stitch and I love your second colour combination.How super is that to see a green woodpecker ,our neighbour has seen one in her garden but we aren't lucky it does not want to visit us. We do have lots of others though so we mustn't grumble. Having so many cats near you having a lovely bird is a bonus. Must have a catch up, time is a flying yet again. Hugs and love to both.

  12. How pretty those two hearts are and they're both so different from each other with their differing finishes and being stitched up in different colours. The cardigan is so pretty and I love those ladybird buttons, what a lovely colour for a uniform, one of the primary schools around here has red for theirs too. I've never seen a woodpecker around here but I'm always excited when I see something a bit different on the feeders.

  13. Lovely hearts. ESPECIALLY the pink! ;) Anything by Luli is tops!
    My you are a fast knitter. That cardigan is adorable!!
    No I have never seen a green woodpecker. So neat!

  14. Lovely challenge finishes Julie and the cardigan is gorgeous

  15. Sweet heart stitching each with great finishing ideas.


  16. Lovely hearts and love the finish .
    Love the red cardigan and cute buttons .
    Lovely woodpecker
    Have a good week.

  17. Very pretty stitching and a lovely red cardigan for your granddaughter.
    We have a woodpecker in the area.I thought I was going a bit mad the first time I heard it as I thought I was hearing things.You got a great picture,Ours is elusive.

  18. Those are two pretty heart finishes. The school cardigan is pretty.

  19. Your two hearts are gorgeous. How clever of Christine to find a Christmas Heart for the month!
    Lovely red cardigan with the sweet buttons.
    We have had a woodpecker in the garden but they are very hard to capture on film!

  20. These hearts look wonderful, Julie. I had already seen Clare's version in blue on her blog, so great, too.
    Your granddaughter must have been thrilled with her new cardigan. The little ladybird buttons are sweet details.

  21. Your finished hearts are very sweet, I think I like it pink the best.
    OMGoodness, the cardigan you made is just adorable! She'll love it!
    I haven't seen any woodpeckers here yet, but did notice our fence post looked pecked at!

  22. Such pretty heart finishes, Julie. And I think your little granddaughter is very lucky to have a grandmother who can knit such beautiful pieces. : ) I've never seen woodpeckers around my house, but I have seen them at my mother's. They are always eye-catching.

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