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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Thank you Katie

Happiness is also an envelope in the post from a stitching friend across the pond.
Thank you Katie for the lovely charts from your 1,000th blog post competition.

Are you a visitor to Katies blog, Jeremiah's Mom?  If not, please pay her a visit, there is always something lovely to read about and wonderful stitching projects to watch grow.  I've learnt lots by reading her travel posts as she is often travelling with her family to exciting places.
Things here have not been up to par since mid December.  What with bugs, germs and ongoing health issues giving cause for concern for both myself and DH, normal service is far from happening in our house.  
Quiet times spent crafting haven't happened as much and plans I had for projects have not begun.  I have managed to keep up with things I had committed to and the exchange from the autumn meet up went off in the post earlier this week ready for opening day of 1st March.  The monthly challenge has also been stitched - its only tiny this month.  
This past weekend I did feel the urge for something new.  A new stitching start happened and I made a little more progress on it today.  
Oh no.... I've just noticed when I uploaded the photo that I have missed four little stitches off the bottom right hand corner inner border - isn't it funny how you see things when you look at a photograph but don't when you look at it on the frame.
Love and blessings


  1. Lovely charts from Katie - I do like seasonal designs. Hugs to you and DH, hopefully you will both feel better soon x x

  2. Yes Julie, I agree that sometimes things just jump out when you look at them from a different perspective such as a photo. The CEC charts are great - I loved doing my own thing with them and using the finishes for change around blog headers at one point. This is when I miss stitching and yet don't feel drawn back to it yet.

  3. Oh, those charts are great, Julie! I look forward to seeing them grow...

    So sorry your health hasn't been the best lately. I do think winter's are difficult and I hope things are looking up for you very soon. Your new start is such a lovely shade of green--perfect for spring!

  4. Congratulations on winning Katie's giveaway,lovely charts:)
    I do hope you both feel much better soon,these viruses have been very nasty and worse if they come on top of other health worries x

  5. Katie has been a real sweetie with her giveaway. I hope things will get better health wise so that you can enjoy stitching your new charts soon :)

  6. Hope things are soon on the up for both you and your husband, winter can be a tricky time of year for many but spring will soon be here and with it, good health, I hope. I've often noticed things on a photo which I never saw with the naked eye. Lovely charts, I'm sure you'll get stuck in to them very soon.

  7. I am sorry you and your husband have not been feeling well.
    Your gift from Katie is a wonderful one!

  8. So glad they arrived safe. We had the ick here for the whole month of Jan. It was horrible. Hope it leaves you guys alone soon so you get back to stitching. Can't wait to see more of your new start.

  9. Congratulations on winning the giveaway. That was one I'd have lived to win. Maybe we could do a SAL next year? I have the idea to make Cubes with them. I am a little cube obsessed right now.

  10. Your new stitch looks wonderful, and love your win from Katie enjoy Julie .

  11. I love those charts too and like Jo would love to SAL with you! I do hope you and yours are well again soon.
    Your new project looks lovely - I wonder what the design is?!

  12. Beautiful charts, what a lovely gift. Hope all your bugs and nasties go away soon, I think we all need some sunshine xx

  13. Great charts from Katie, that should keep you busy!
    I hope you're both feeling better, this has been a bad year for bugs.

  14. So sorry to hear that neither you nor your husband were feeling well during the last weeks. I hope that both of you are already on the mend. It's such a pity when you are not up to make all the things that you love doing.
    The win that Katie sent you must have been a real treat for you. I love these charts a lot and also have a couple in my stash.
    Nice new start, Julie.

  15. Congrats on the giveaway win. I hope you and yours are feeling better now.

  16. Nice giveaway win Julie, and a great new start

  17. You received nice giveaway gifts Julie.
    Hope that you and DH are soon back to form.

  18. I enjoyed the sock exchange so's been fun seeing what everyone received! The threads Christine sent to you were really the perfect match for those socks!



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