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Sunday, 22 January 2017

It's not my parcel

The thud of a parcel on the doormat announced a delivery.  DH had ordered me something that he thought I would like and I was quite excited thinking what a quick delivery it had been.

A surprise awaited me when I opened the front door and found a little box in the porch .....

Our cat, Midge, had received a parcel - it was from one of the supermarkets.

He certainly likes the taste of his new trial treats and by his snoring they live up to their name.

I'll be stalking the postman this week for my little parcel.

Shouts of hip hip hooray as i put the final stitching into last years Joyful World SAL during the week.  The full set is now living with my daughter for her to enjoy.  I do like this final design.

A close up and hopefully you can see the sparkly bits on the Polstitches hand dyed fabric for this festive month.

A knitted finish this weekend, my socks will be keeping my feet cosy and warm.
A visit by my granddaughter and she was asking about old toys as she has some homework to do for school.  She has to write about one of her oldest toys and has a lovely bunny that she loves.  I showed her my teddy, he was given to me the day after i was born so is a mere 53 years old.  Wow she said, that is old!
I thought you might like to see him.  DH's late mum knitted him some clothes not long after i met her as he is a little threadbare in places.  His name is Cyril.   Happy memories of long ago times.

I hope you have enjoyed happy times this weekend.

Love and blessings




  1. Your December Snowflower Diaries design is very pretty especially with the sparkles.
    Midge looks very content after tucking into his parcel:)
    I love your socks,the West Yorkshire spinners yarn has made a lovely pattern.Cyril's outfit is very smart,how lovely to still have your teddy bear.

  2. Midge looks very peaceful after the treats. Looks like they are well named.

    Your December pattern is so pretty and sparkly fabric adds a special touch.

    Love the socks - you always find the most interesting yarn.

    How special to have your childhood teddy. Cyril looks very dapper.

  3. lol! I love that Midge got some mail and not you! Great finish on December and the socks and that is such a sweet teddy bear!

  4. Congrats on finishing all the Joyful World SAL pieces. The socks look cozy. Cyril is a smarty. I have a knitted doll made by mother with me now.

  5. You're not THAT old - mind you I'm only 44 and that's ancient to my boys! Midge is such a sweetie, I would love a cat but DH is allergic.
    Lovely socks and hurray for your SAL finish!

  6. Old toys are the best Julie, they hold so many memories. Midge looks very happy with the treats:-)

  7. How lovely for Midge to receive his very own parcel, and one containing something he so obviously enjoys too. The December Joyful World design is lovely and you've chosen the perfect fabric to stitch it on. I've still got two of my old teddies, Growly and Pinky, one growls and one' guessed, pink!

  8. A very lo ely photo of Midge and His parcel.Perhaps yours will be with you today ,we are hoping for a longer walk today so I shall share with you where we go.
    December is lovely and well done for finishing them all .AAAH such a sweet teddy my friend,he looks very smart in his dungarees. You very lucky to have your old teddy ,mine gotlost when we moved house and was never found again.

  9. Your cat definitely looks content with the treats!
    Great December finish, the fabric is really pretty with the sparkle.

  10. Hi there, just found your blog. Love your cross stitch finish and your socks look awesome. Our cat is a Dreamies nut, he just loves them. What a sweet teddy!

  11. I have to admit on not finishing the Diaries SAL...someday. How cute, a delivery for the kitty. Your teddy is a wonderful keepsake.

  12. I had to laugh at little Midge getting a parcel! ;)
    I love that fabric for the December finish. Very pretty and different. I am so very impressed that you have given the whole series to your daughter. What a spectacular gift Julie!
    Cyril is so precious and well loved obviously.♥

  13. The cat litter that I buy sometimes has a free gift of these same cat treats inside the bag. My cat seems to love them as well.


  14. Love your old teddy he is so cute in his knitted outfit.
    Love your December stitch , and those lovely socks .
    How nice your little cat had some goodies.

  15. That's so funny about the post, and lovely bear! DD has a bear that I hope will last a while. We have 2 spares just in case.

  16. LOL Too cute. Midge stole your credit card and placed an order haha. Glad he is enjoying it. Love your December finish. I really enjoyed watching those through the year. I agree December is beautiful. The socks do look warm and cozy. Love your bear. So neat you held on to him this long.

  17. Ming & Max would love to receive something just for them!
    Your December looks fantastic, I love the fabric you chose.
    The socks turned out looking lovely and warm, good for you!
    Awe, sweet Cyril, he looks very happy in his new outfit.

  18. We got some treats through the post too but they don't go far when they have to be shared three ways. Love the December finish and the socks and Cyril is looking handsome in his outfit. Hope you get your parcel soon x

  19. Lucky Midge. I don't know what they put in those Dreamies but our two go berserk for them, they actually recognise the word now.
    I think the December design might be my favourite out of all the monthly ones.
    Great socks too

  20. One very happy cat there. Well done on completing the Joyful World SAL - I must crack on with mine. The socks look very cosy and much needed at the moment. How lovely that you have still got your teddy after all these years. I have a chimpanzee which my Uncle David gave to me when I was born and so he will be 53 this year too.

  21. What a handsome fella Midge is, and he does look very content. I can only imagine what my husband would say if our cats started receiving packages. : ) Your December piece is lovely on that fabric! And your socks turned out so pretty. Cyril looks quite cuddly - I love his red overalls. Children can be funny about age, can't they? : )

  22. Midge getting apparel - how cool is that, lol.
    So lovely, your last finish in the Joyful World SAL. And it looks great on the fabric you chose.
    You knitted some cozy socks for yourself and a new outfit for Cyril, so the bear and you could benefit from your knitting skills :)

  23. That is one happy kitty there, Julie! My middle son just got a kitty so I'm hoping to be asked to "cat-sit" now and then :)

    Your December piece is lovely--and that fabric--WOW! So pretty! Love your knew socks and your sweet "old" teddy. How wonderful that you still have him. My 31-year-old middle son's old teddy is still sitting up in his old closet with his nose nearly rubbed off :)

  24. Midge looks very happy with his treats.

    Love your December finish. I think this is my favourite of them all. I'm glad I saved them all though and will stitch them at some point.

    Nice socks.

    Your teddy is so sweet. I have one too that I've had since I was a baby.

  25. Pretty last Joyful World SAL piece, they were all lovely designs. great socks and who doesn´t just love an old teddy? where is mine? did I have one too? where is he?

  26. Haha, when the cat gets more mail that you do!
    Love the December finish, it's been such a great series.
    My oldest toy was Pink Rabbit who used to belong to my Uncle. Paul was given him as a baby and gave him to me when I was born. Paul was 17 then. I have now passed him back to Paul's grandson to cherish. So Pink Rabbit (who was rather more grey than pink) is nearly 70 years old!

  27. That's one happy furbaby! Love the socks and your sal finish is beautiful xx

  28. Well done Julie on completing the Joyful World SAL. Some lovely finishes as always. Your teddy looks a lot better than mine - he's 'sticking the years well' :)

  29. I love those charts too and like Jo would love to SAL with you! I do hope you and yours are well again soon.
    Your new project looks lovely - I wonder what the design is?!



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