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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Autumn Equinox, seaside & wool shops

DH and I took a walk on the day of the autumn equinox - the day when both day and night are the same on both of the earths hemispheres.  This year it was Thursday 22nd September and our walk brought us to this ...

It's the site announcing you are at the Greenwich Meridian Line at Cleethorpes.  The Greenwich Meridian separates east from west, just as the equator separates north from south.


It's sitting right on the coastal path in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire.  It was lovely to be doing something different to see Autumn officially arrive especially when the sun was out and the beach and sea were right next to you.
DH decided to take me away for a few days to rest and relax and its done me the world of good. We've spent time inside this fabulous caravan -

Tea and cake on the beach at 15.21 the exact time of the equinox where we were, and only just a little early for the British tea and cake time of 4pm lol.

With a lovely view, tide out and sun shining .....

A little crafting being done on the comfy sofas in the caravan in the evenings.  A few little x's were put into the Christmas ornament challenge chosen by Christine over at Needlecraft Haven and a sock  was knitted ....
Slow walks in the fresh air taking in the sights,
remnants of the war out to sea... 
and official memorials to those that have lost their lives in combat .....

There has been such a lot of activity in the Humber Estuary and surrounding areas over the years during the troubles and in peacetimes.  DH reads a lot of factual and non-fiction about the forces and it pleased him to see the men and women remembered.
Looking round the shops in Cleethorpes I homed in on one that looked like my kid of place.  The entrance had been yarnbombed with seaside and beach hut knits
The lady behind the counter at A Good Yarn was lovely and there were knitters in the back room clicking away having fun.  We chatted sock wool and I was salivating over the Hollyberry pair that had been knitted and on show in the window, but alas no wool in stock so I came away with a different ball of West Yorkshire Spinners sock wool to enhance my stash.

After a restful few days and on the way home, we stopped off at a place both DH and I had been to in our childhoods and many times since with our own children.  At Sutton on Sea we sat and had our lunch on the beach and read our books for a while.
A wander along the High Street, which has hardly changed in over 30 years I spied one interesting addition since we were last there.
The Mill is a wool/haberdashery/gift shop.   Stocked to the gunnels with eye catching displays of beautiful things.  The owner was kind enough to let me take a snap to show you just how fabulous and yummy everything is.....

We spoke about supporting local shops and how the internet is not kind to them.  We had a giggle when a guy came in with his lady wife and he was heard to yawn loudly and I did comment that only a man in a wool shop could be bored!
The Mill has Twitter and Instagram accounts which were written down for me so I could pass them on to my visitors ....

and of course I did purchase something,  Still no West Yorkshire Spinners hollyberry wool, but I did spy another ball that I had been drooling over in other shops, so that came home with me.  I also bought a round needle to try out knitting socks on that instead of the 4 pins I usually use.
Many thanks to the lovely lady at The Mill (i forgot to ask your name) for taking time to chat with me and I look forward to visiting you again when we are in the area. 
Arriving home DS had taken delivery of an envelope for me whilst i'd been away.  Inside was the most delightful gift from June, our dear butterfly friend.   Thank you so much June for your kindness, lots of lovely things that will be so very useful.  DH already has his eye on a pair of cable patterned socks in the magazine!
DS had taken a wander to the post office and sent out a parcel from me.  He mailed off a little something to Barb that she had asked me to make for her.  A little redwork covered tape measure.
I did say earlier in the post that I had added some little x's into the monthly Christmas ornament challenge whilst away, I did in fact stitch it all.  Today, being the last Sunday of the month means it's reveal day and as I managed to grab an hour whilst listening to the omnibus of The Archers BBC radio series this afternoon, its all finished and pic sent to Christine for the gallery, so, before I sign off i'll add it on here for you to see my finish.  This months design is by Aliolka.
With having little or no internet last week I have a weeks worth of blog reading to catch up and i'm looking forward to visiting you all to see what you have been up to and seeing your pics of Yarndale.   As autumn is now upon us, that means darker earlier evenings coming and more productive crafting happening.   It also means that it will be Strictly Come Dancing again at the weekends so I'll be getting on with catching up on my Joyful World SAL whilst that's on as the ladies at Needlecraft Haven are having Strictly UFO stitching time whilst watching the glitz and glamour and as I'm only on July it's definately an unfinished object! 
As always, thank you for your visit here and blessings to you all.
Julie  x


  1. I did enjoy Strictly this weekend, it's a good way to just "switch off". Your little break looks lovely and sounds like it did the trick Julie, I'm glad.

  2. What a wonderful way to spend the equinox and I'm so glad you have had some well earned rest. Beautiful wool and such a lovely selection of goodies in the shop and waiting for you when you got home.

  3. Oh my Julie. The little redwork covered tape measure for Barb is fabulous! And that little sheepie ornament is just precious!

  4. What a lovely week away and thank you for sharing with us. Love the yarns you use for your socks - all the sock knitters in my family are fixated on black, grey and dark blue! The tape cover and little ornament are adorable.

  5. It sounds like the week away did you good :-)

    What lovely goodies from June, and those yarn shops looks amazing, such lovely yarn you came away with too, looking forward to seeing what they look like knitted up.
    have a great week x

  6. A lovely post full of great holiday snaps, goodies and sweet yarn shops :)
    Enjoy Strictly!!! It's perfect for stitching ;)

  7. Sounds like you are feeling quite a lot better Julie:) what a great way to spend the equinox.I love the wool you have chosen and your stitched pieces are so pretty.

  8. A short break by the sea AND wool shops! Sounds ideal.
    Great finish on the challenge piece

  9. What a great break and thanks for sharing the information about the Meridian Line. I wonder if other towns on the line have similar monuments?
    The wool shops look lovely, it is important to support the bricks 'n' mortar when you have them.
    Great sheepie ornie too, Christine always finds good freebies.

  10. Lovely vacations pics. The info on Meridian line is interesting. Like you I also like to visit LNS/LYS during my travels. Nothing beats the pleasure of seeing craft supplies in real.Great gifts received and sent.

  11. So nice of you to take us with you on your little trip to the seaside. It must have been a very relaxing time for you with interesting walks and nice and crafty evenings at the caravan. And the best being the visit at a needlecraft shop. I always visit a needlecraft shop when I see one and it's always a pleasure.

    Such lovely little gifts you have received from June. And so nice what you sent to Barb.

  12. What a lovely break away and a great way to celebrate the autumn equinox. I've only ever been to Cleethorpes once and that was back in 1976, the year of that very hot summer. The yarn shop looks fabulous, very well stocked, and it's always nice to know that the owners are friendly. What a lovely package of goodies you received from June and I love your Christmas ornament.

  13. I'm so glad you and your husband got to go on a relaxing seaside getaway, Julie... I'm sure the fresh sea air was wonderful! Love the looks of those cute shops--I could have spent hours in The Mill!

    Love your latest sheepie stitch and pretty sock. Enjoy all those lovely goodies from June and those you purchased while away :)

  14. Loved reading about your break away, we all need to step back and recharge our batteries sometimes don't we. The Mill shop is a great little place to go, we have a van in Mablethorpe and when I'm down there I often go for a visit to the shop. Recently I was crocheting my virus shawl and ran out of wool, I couldn't get any more but the lovely lady that she is advised me on what to use that would go together well it's a perfect finish. The shop is well worth visiting and she's really lovely. The Wool Factory in Mablethorpe is well worth a visit online or in person they have a market stall every Thursday too. Thank you for the info regarding the line I've not read about that before. Xx

  15. Julie it looked like the perfect break for you , I really enjoyed visiting it with you both. Just love that mill and its wonderful displays. I was thrilled with my little tape measure and thankyou so much for doing it. June is such a sweetie isnt she. Enjoy your knitting time . Much love

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  17. Julie, I so loved this post, I felt like I took that little break with you, too. Looks like it was just what the doctor ordered - and great craft shops, too. What more could a girl ask for? K xxx

  18. I enjoyed reading your post, the yarn looks lovely.

  19. Gorgeous yarn and wow that shop looks amazing. Love the little sheep stitch.

  20. The ideal break, Julie - relaxation, some stitching, knitting and shopping. Love your work.


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