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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

1st & 2nd place

Saturday was the local horticultural and craft show which I am a committee member for. 

It's a busy day and we have professional judges come along to view and place all items entered, even the childrens section.   There are strict rules and guidelines to be adhered to.

A great day was had by all even though it was very, very wet outside.


This year I entered 3 items.  4ply pair of socks, 6 ply socks and a jar of homemade marmalade.

The 6 ply socks won a second place

and the marmalade won a 1st place.

The show benches were full of crafting entries this year

Childrens craft entries were well supported too....

Best in show went to a beautiful cross stitched piece of a bird table, it belongs to a lovely lady and was well deserved.

Trophies are handed out by a local celebrity gardener and radio presenter Ady Dayman.  He also auctions off any produce and goods that entrants don't want to take home and half of the proceeds of the day are given to 'Rainbows' a local charity for children with life limiting illness.
This year the Lord Mayor was in attendance with local councillors as we had presentations for Best gardens in the area including hanging baskets - a total of 18 extra rounds of applause!  Unfortunately I didn't take any pics of that as I was up front helping to make sure the correct certificate and trophy went to the right person.

A very inventive chap brought along a tyre which he had made into a basket and filled with plants, what a great way to recycle a tyre! 

With not being back to full health myself, I had a lot of help from friends on the day who gave up their time to come along and help out to make things easier for me personally.  Many thanks to all those who came along and supported us on the day and also my thanks to Clare and Barb who have sent me lovely little notes in the post, its lovely to have such good friends.  Clare had a special day all of her own on Saturday.
Now it's time for the craft and knitting groups I belong to put on their thinking caps and start planning for next years entries.
Today, we begin a mini heatwave again for a few days, the weather this September is so strange....
Blessings to you all


  1. Very dull and over caste here, lovely show, well done on your winning items. I would love it if we had shows here, but sadly we don't, hope you are feeling Berger soon.

  2. Congrats on winning first & second place, it's fantastic!! A perfect day :)

  3. Congratulations Julie! And thank you for sharing these pictures.

  4. So nice to see your pretty socks and yummy looking marmalade receive ribbons, Julie! By the looks of the tables, there are a lot of creative people in your town :)

    I hope you continue to feel better and regain your health... thinking of you!

  5. Hello there Miss Julie,A very well supported show, lots of goodies to look at well done on your awards and a certain little lady too. I like the bright crochet ,is it a bag. The self same bird table is sitting in my summer house awaiting the needle. Gentle hugs to you my friend.

  6. What a great show! It reminds me a little of the Lake County Fair. Congrats on your wins for the socks and marmalade! Hope you're feeling 100 percent very soon.

  7. Congrats on your finishes and so many lovely things!

  8. Great show Julie, you work so hard for this each year. Congratulations on your two prizes :-)

  9. Well done on your success. So many lovely entries, the show is obviously well supported and it's great to see the next generation taking part too. What a great idea using a tyre as a planter.

  10. Great photos,congratulations on your wins,I love your socks.It is lovely to see so many entries at the show.
    Hope you continue to regain your health.

  11. I hopemyou are soon back to full health again x well done on your awards. Lots of lovely entries in the show to admire.

  12. Congratulations on your ribbons! There were a lot of entries and it's nice to know your fair was so well supported. Hope you're back to full health soon.

  13. Congratulations on your show wins. It's lovely to see from your photos that the show is so well supported.

  14. Congratulations Julie on your wins , I know how much work goes into these shows , so happy you had some help.
    We are just planning our next years show , every year it's getting bigger .
    Take care Julie get better very soon.

  15. Congratulations on your show wins Julie, loved seeing all the other entries too.

  16. Looks like a fab show Julie.
    I do like that recycled tyre basket

  17. Some very lovey entries! And congratulations to you - I bet your marmalade was delicious! I'm very sorry to read that you are still not back to 100% - hope you feel better very soon.

  18. Ooo, congrats on your wins! I love marmalade (though I make mine without the peel). Looks like there were a lot of neat entries. That rainbow (clutch?) crochet is so cheery. Continue to mend yourself, miss!

  19. I always enjoy your show reports. It looks like an excellent year again. It's lovely to see the children taking part too.
    I love that rainbow crochet bag and I thought Christine would like the recycled tyre! Watch out for missing tyres in Cornwall now!
    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  20. It must be so much fun to attend such a show. Nothing like that ever happens around here, which is such a pity. Congratulations on winning second and first places with your marmalade and socks.
    Sorry to hear that your health isn't completely restored yet. But good that you had friends to help you with the show.

  21. Congrats on your winnings. The other photos look fantastic.


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