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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Sunshiney start to May

Goodbye April and thank you for taking your cold wet showery weather away. 
May has brought us clear blue skies and nice warm sunshine - very welcome indeed.

The end of a month means it is the reveal of the monthly challenge.  The design chosen for April by Christine was from Romy's Cross Stitch.  The chart can be found here.  

This is my version ...... 

The little bells were from Lindt chocolate bunnies at Easter and they have a lovely jingle sound.  I'll have to wait till Christmas for more free bells from the reindeers! 
There are 4 finishes in the forum gallery so far but others are added when they have been completed at any time of the year.
May Day arrived, a bank holiday weekend so an extra day off for those that work.  I've been resting a lot and made a start on a baby blanket for my great-aunt.  She is to be a great-grandmother at the age of 91 and asked if I could knit up a little something for the baby boy that is due in the summer.
As I knit with throwing the wool over the needle, my left arm stays still so I've managed a little knitting.
It was a free pattern from Deramores blog a while ago - paper pattern is now available to buy from their site - it's called Blanket in Deramores Baby DK number 1001 (it also comes in a digital version).  A nice repeat pattern of 8 rows which gives the lovely finish and is sized for a car seat, pram or cot blanket.  We chose the pram size as it would also double up for the car seat as baby grows.  Two shades of blue and the white will also be the border.
Joyful World SAL has also had a little attention.  I'd started this last month but it got left as I was finding it difficult and painful to stitch.  
I made a few changes to mine.....
Bird - changed to a blackbird and gave him brown legs
Cats - mine have green eyes, and I added a pinky nose and whiskers
White flowers - changed to blue as the forget-me-nots are out in my garden this month
Fabric choice was an oddment of 28ct quite stiff lilac linen (no label) something a little different and not a colour i often choose, but, the colours really do look nice on it.  I just need to make it up and stand it on the easel before the month has gone by too much more.
I've been blog reading and am almost caught up, you've all been so busy making such lovely things.  I've seen amazing WIP's and finishes, charts that appeal to my taste and others that look really nice but not something I would like to stitch myself.  Bloggers are on holidays and having fun.  Some have exciting and happy news to share, some are not so well and I also read some sadness too. 
Sending {{hugs}} to a couple of ladies who I know are not having the best of times at the moment

Blessings to you all
Julie x


  1. Lovely work on everything and glad you can knit without aggravating your arm. I have a shoulder that tends to get inflamed with too much knitting.

  2. Oh your blue skies are delicious. Love your Jingle Bells finish. What a lovely blanket. Your kitties for the May SAL are wonderful. :D
    I will gladly accept one of your hugs Julie. Thank you!

  3. It certainly is nice to see the sunshine and the lighter evenings, especially when I'm leaving work. I hope you soon feel better, but glad you are still able to enjoy some of your hobbies. Love your May stitch so far I have only completed the cat.

  4. The blanket is lovely - well done! As is your stitching, I like the changes you did.

  5. Your ornament, Joyful World piece and knitting look fabulous! Glad you are able to do some stitching and knitting. Here's hoping your collar bone heals quickly and you are back to 100 per cent soon.

  6. I have just been catching up on your blog posts... I am so sorry to read about your accident... you poor thing.... :o(
    Jingle Bells looks lovely - I keep the Lindt bunny bells for just that reason - they make great additions to ornies :o)
    Your knitting is looking good! And, I love your May Joyful World - so pretty
    Take care... Hugs xx

  7. Today we are supposed to get a warm day, after some rather cool days this week. I even had to scrape some ice off the car windows yesterday morning. But the sky has been so blue this morning and I hope to be able to sit on the terrace and read a bit this afternoon.
    Your little freebie finish looks so nice. I also keep the little bells from the Lindt bunnies, they are perfect to use them for finishing things like you were doing.
    Good that you can knit a bit without having pain in your arm. Wonderful, the pattern of the blanket.Nice progress on your May piece. And I love the idea to stitch little forget-me-nots on it. I love these flowers.

  8. Lovely finishes and WIPs, Julie.
    It's lovely to see sunny weather rather than rain all the time.

  9. Great stitching & finishing.
    The Jingle Bells ornament looks really sweet and your baby blanket is adorable. I love the colour and the design.

  10. Lovely stitching Julie. I keep my Lindt bells too,just incase I need them:)
    Thank you for the link to the pretty blanket you are stitching,I have downloaded the digital file and saved the site for future perusal.
    I hipe that your collar bone is healing well and the discomfortis less now.


  11. Another lovely post Julie .
    Love your stitching and knitting love the little blackbird change.
    What lovely weather we are having I love May.
    Forget -me- nots are such pretty flower's.
    Love the blanket I will go over to the site in a moment thanks for sharing.

  12. WE had a lovely day at the park today as the church hall was closed for Polling so no Toddler Group.

    Nice work on Joyful World.

  13. Hello Julie,
    I read your last post and I'm sorry to hear of your fall. I will keep you in my prayers that you start to heal quickly and less pain each day. I'm glad for May as I was able to get out for two days and ride my bike. Now its back to the Wind blowing. I love your Jingle Bell finish. What a cute blanket and great color choice. The Joyful World SAL finish is beautiful and I like your changes.

  14. Somehow I missed your last post. Very sorry to hear about your fall - it sounds painful. Hope you heal quickly! Love your little ornament finish! And what pretty colors you've chosen for the baby blanket. Your little green eyed kitties with their pink noses are sweet. : ) Wish you would send some of your blue skies and warm sunshine our way. We are stuck in rainy, dreary, cool weather.

  15. Your little ornament is adorable - great idea to use the Lindt bells! Doesn't it seem strange stitching Christmas things when the weather is so summery?
    Your blanket is gorgeous - perfect for a new baby. Glad to hear you are still managing to craft with your poorly shoulder.

  16. Lovely stitching and knitting :) I especially love the colors in the knitting.

  17. I've been reading about the warm, sunny weather over there on several English blogs, Julie, and I'm so envious... Our days have been cool, rainy, and dreary all month. April was actually much better!

    Lovely knitting in blue and white--my favorite colors! And your Jingle Bell piece is darling with the Lindt bells. You sound like me--I save every scrap of ribbon, etc, that comes with packaging. You just never know when you might need it, right?

  18. The weather's been absolutely beautiful but it's gone and spoilt itself today, it's raining, and not just a drizzle either, it's really coming down. The pram blanket is lovely, I like a nice easy pattern, but one which gives a pretty effect. I'm loving each Joyful World design and June is out today, I know I'm never going to get caught up but it's nice to see what I'll be stitching eventually.


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