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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

New homes

CCN Place of our Own has had the final stitch added to it.  The chart will now be off to a new home and I need to find a new start.

Another place of our own was being created this morning too. 

Looking out of my window this morning, I smiled to myself as I watched ....

a little robin is building a new home and nesting in the ivy on our garage wall ....

I spent quite a while watching him fly back and forth with bits of stuff in his mouth

I just hope the cats which live next door, and my own dear Midge, keep away from him and his family.
DH treated himself to a new feeding station a couple of weeks ago - the old one had seen much better days.  Don't look too close at the bottom of the garden, repairs are still ongoing to the fence that was storm damaged earlier in the year and the logs from the fallen tree are still stacked down there.

The birds seem to approve of the new 'restaurant' filled with lots of nice treats.   We've seen such a lot more activity.  Robins, blue tits, starlings, jackdaw, collared doves, magpies, blackbirds, long tailed tits, great tits and coal tits have all been visiting, we've even seen some house sparrows and hedge sparrows and they haven't been about for a long time.  A simple pleasure, sitting watching the activity .... happy days.

May's finish is now on display of the Snowflower Diaries SAL.   I see next months design came out yesterday as well.   An animal that hadn't entered my head would be on them appeared, she does look sweet though.

I've  had another finish too, the baby blanket I was knitting is ready for its new home.  As its only a few days till Gifted Gorgeousness i'll show you that in my post on the 15th.
Love and Blessings


  1. Love the feeding hotel. Lovely stitching.

  2. Beautiful stitching Julie. I was quite surprised by the June animal too.

  3. We have seen house sparrows in our garden, they are in decline, so very pleasing to see them.
    After I brushed our cats we put the fur out in our back hedge for the birds to use for nest material, it's all gone.


  4. How sweet the little Robin nesting .
    Love the bird feeding station .
    Beautiful stitching Jule hugs.

  5. Lovely CCN finish, perfect for Spring with those colours.

    Maja's May is beautiful too, I really like the bear on the next one but I would have liked a little cub too!

    I love your nest building robin, they must love your fancy restaurant.

  6. Love your CCN and Snowflower finishes! We have a couple of modest bird feeders in our yard, and it's very relaxing watching the birds nibble the offerings.

  7. How busy you have been with three finishes! I too, never guessed a bear was coming!

  8. Lovely finishes, all of them.

    Great feeder - the bird will be spoiled for choice! And how exciting to watch a new home being built.

  9. I hope you see some baby robins Julie. I do love cats but I don't like this aspect of their behaviour:-)

  10. Gorgeous finishes. I am close to finishing May. I too was surprised by June's animal. Well done on completing the blanket. Enjoy watching those birds and I hope the robin stays safe.

  11. Your May finish is pretty,looking forward to seeing the June bear.
    How lovely to see the robin building his nest,they have a sweet song,I like hearing them chirrup.
    Looking forward to seeing your baby blanket,

  12. I love the sentiment on the Place of Our Own design. How lovely to have robins nesting in your garden, the birds don't seem interested in our bird box this year, though there's still time. I've got a couple of those feeding stations, we get a good range of birds visiting and even saw a bullfinch last week. It's a good idea to offer a range of food, as you're doing, as it encourages different varieties of birds to visit. There isn't a month of the Joyful World SAL which I haven't liked yet, they're all so cute, aren't they?

  13. That is one five star bird restaurant! How lovely that the robin is building where you can watch. I've got a wren nesting somewhere very near the house but I've still not managed to figure out quite where he goes.
    Lovely stitching as always

  14. Your May SAL finish is darling, Julie! I, too, was SO surprised to see a bear on the next one :) It will be interesting to see that month stitched up...

    Awww... such a sweet robin--I like your British robins so much more than our American ones. I hope her babies survive. We have a horrible problem with Bluejays eating eggs here--they just got our one Robin's nest last week.

    Love that feeding station--will have to look for something similar for our yard...

    Enjoy your weekend!

  15. A lovely update Julie! I really like that CCN finish, it's such a great design with pretty colours and a lovely sentiment. Your garden looks wonderful, and the bird feeder must attract lots of different birds. We have had goldfinches near us this year which we haven't seen locally before. They are so attractive.

  16. Awwwww!!! How absolutely cute is that robin????!!!!!!! Gorgeous May finish!

  17. What sweet little treasures in your post!
    The CCN finish is lovely and the May finish for the SAL is adorable too :)

  18. So sweet, a robin building its nest on your garage wall.We have also some birds nesting again on a beam right in the corner of our roof. But there it's not the cats that could become dangerous but the magpies that destroyed another nest at the same place when three little nestlings were in there. That was really sad. I hope that they will survive this year.
    Nice new feeding place for the birds that you have in your garden.

  19. ... and two beautiful new stitchy finishes :))

  20. It's lovely being able to attract birds to your garden. Beautiful stitching finishes.


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