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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Travelling chart = winner announced

It's time to draw the next stitcher for the travelling chart by Tra La La

I printed off all the comments on my last post and cut out the ones that wanted to be entered

Folded them all the same and put them into a large bowl ...

 DH gave them a swish round and drew a winner ...

the winner is   .............. JUNE

June, please can you let me have your mailing address and i'll get the envelope with the chart and a little something else in the post to you this week.

I hope you enjoy stitching as much as I did

Thank you to all who entered.  You will have to wait until June has stitched it and re-enter on her blog next time it goes on its travels.

Love and blessings




  1. Awesome!! Happy happy stitching June :)
    Smiles :)

  2. Congratulations June! A great winner given her love of rabbits.

  3. Well done June, good timing after you saying that you loved rabbits:-)

  4. Congratulations June :-)
    A very worth winner considering her liking for rabbits :-)


  5. Wow thanks Julie's DH , I needed some happy news today thank you . I will start stitching right away and then pass it forward , hugs.

  6. Ah lovely, enjoy stitching the chart June

  7. Congratulations to June! It will look lovely with the one she has just had framed.

  8. Yeah! Well done June.... she is going to love this bunny :o)
    Hugs xx

  9. Congratulations to June. She will love stitching it.

  10. A sweet design ~ congratulations, June!


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