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Monday, 7 March 2016

Travelling pattern needs a new home

End of February was the reveal for the monthly Christmas ornament challenge.  A free design chosen by Christine to finish anyway you choose.  Februarys design came from Pineberry Lane. 

March arrived and with it has been some lovely sunshiney days with fluffy clouds

Spring flowers are blooming at last in my garden
For the season SAL at Needlecraft Haven, I chose the free design from here.  It's been printed out and sitting on my pile for many years.    I popped it into a lovely frame with border found in the local Sainsburys supermarket.
A start on the Joyful World SAL - March.   I went for a pale blue fabric this month.
A new start in the Wednesday parlour with Barb and the parlour maids.  CCN A Place we call Home.
Here in the UK we celebrated Mothering Sunday yesterday, I hope all mums had a wonderful day.  My thoughts were with those who have angel mums and angel children.

I visited my own mum on Saturday to hand over a little parcel and some seasonal flowers.  She loves hedgehogs so when I spotted this lovely fabric decided to make her a couple of placemats using it.

Another finish recently has been the travelling chart that Jacqui gifted to me.   It is by Tra La La and now that I have finished it, it is ready to hop off to another home.
If you would like to have this chart, stitch it and pass it on to another person then please say in your comment.  Jacqui included a sheet of paper with it so that we could add our names and where we are from so as it travels we can all see where it has been previously.
So far the list only has two of us on it  ..... 
Jacqui and her blog is My Journey - and here's a link to her Finish post (details of her stitching of this chart and how it came to be a travelling chart)
My name and blog will now be added to the list .... will yours be the next one
I'll draw a winner on Sunday 13th March, so it can be off in the post to you ready for Easter - i'll also add a little surprise in the envelope with it for you.
Thanks for stopping by, sending love and blessings to you all
Julie x     


Vickie said...

Pineberry Lane finish is so sweet. Oh, I like your outdoor pictures very much. What a sweet present for you mum.

Maggie said...

Well done on the Pineberry Lane finish, and I love the place mats you made for your mum too :-)

Love your free Spring finish, (i'm off to follow your link!)
And your Travelling chart finish is lovely too, I have other commitments leading up to Easter so better not enter your draw as i'm not sure i'd be able to stitch it very quickly. I will follow it's travels though and enter another time.

Have a great week xx

Ranae said...

Cute ho ho ho finish. I love the hedgehog fabric, I bet your mom was over the moon. I love that blue linen. I'm trying to get in the groove to blog again, wish me luck, lol
Please enter my name to the adorable traveling pattern.
Happy Mother's Day to you, yesterday

Katie said...

Congrats on your ornament finish. Too cute! Your Spring piece is too cute too! Love the March SAL for the Joyful World. I just keep loving these. I'm trying not to do them though haha. Nice new start. Love the hedgehog place mats! Congrats on your traveling chart finish. I have too many projects on the go right now but I wish everyone luck that enters.

Christine said...

Lovely stitching Julie, and I love the hedgehog mats

butterfly said...

Lovely post Julie , wonderful stitching , Happy Mothers day for yesterday .
Love all Easter charts so would love to stitch this one please add my name to the list hugs.

Jacquie Morris said...

Oh I adore your finishes, really smiley happy stitches :)
Oooh yes! Joyful World SAL is adorable, so pleased your stitching them up too... Yours is wonderful :)
Gosh! Gosh! Gosh! Awesome!! You stitched up the wonderful Easter design!!! It's very pretty... And wow! The chart will soon be on its travels....AWESOME!! Thank you so much for joining in the fun and being the first one on the charts amazing journey.
Big smiles :)

Tiffstitch said...

Beautiful finishes and thank you for the link to the Spring one. I can't sign up for the traveling pattern, but I hope it finds a good home.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I do love rabbits Julie but since I'm not stitching just now I think I'd better not enter. It's a pattern that I've liked for a while so it's good to see it stitched.
I hope your mum enjoys using her placemats.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great finish for the NH Santa and lovely placemats too.

You've made a lovely version of the TP, a great start to its journey.

Amy said...

Your finishes are all so cute! I'm going to have to bookmark the 'Spring' one for sure.

I love the little mats you made for your mom. Such a sweet gift!

Tina said...

Love your xmas ornie finish,the tra lala one is gorgeous. Loving your spring finish,going to have to stitch them,

Lovely placemats for your mom,no stopping you now you have got your sewing machine

Hugs x

Bea said...

Lovely stitching all round - some really delightful pieces.

Clare - Aimetu said...

Beautiful work as always Julie, great frame and lovely placemats.

I'll like to be in the draw for your travelling chart please :-)

Linda Harris said...

Beautiful stitching as always. I love the fabric you used to make your Mother's Day gift with so sweet. Could I be added to the draw for the travelling chart please.

Lesley said...

Love your Ho ho ho and Tra La La finish and the place mats for your mum are lovely.
Beautiful picture of the sky and the snowdrops are such pretty flowers.

Justine said...

So many beautiful photos! I love your Tralala finish and would love to be entered into the draw. I didn't enter when Jacquie first offered it and regretted it later. I'm sure I could squeeze it in!
I love especially your little Spring stitch - what a great idea to frame it yourself in that way! I will have to start looking for simple frames when I'm out shopping. It really sets off your work.
Those placemats are lovely - you're so clever!

Barb said...

Hello Miss Julie
lovely post as usual with lots of things to admire . Love the bunny finish and much as I would like to stitch it,as things are I do not know how long it would take me . Perhaps if it is still available I can order it and stitch it at my leisure. You enabler you. How come whatever you turn your hand to it comes out perfect, told you you should have been named Mary Poppins. Hope all are well ,will drop you a line soon.
Much love

Mii Stitch said...

Hello Julie!
Lovely stitching & finishing.
Your Christmas ornament looks so cute & the Spring finish looks fantastic in the frame :)
Please don't include me in the TP as I have already stitched it. I am sure the next stitcher will have fun working away on this cute little design :)

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Love your spring finishes and your Pineberry Santa. Hope you had a happy Mothering Day!

Penny said...

Love the pieces you have stitched, Julie! And I'm also a fan of hedgehogs so of course I love the placemats. :)

Astrids dragon said...

Cute finishes and great starts, looks like you've been busy!

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Lovely finishes and the placemats are cute.

Stitching Noni said...

Gorgeous finishes!!!
I love that gorgeous Tra La La design.... and would so love it to come to Australia for an end of Summer holiday :o)
Hugs xx

rosey175 said...

Ahh, I do love seeing the March Joyful World. It's such a cute design! And you worked up the Tra La La so fast! I won't enter this time but it's fun to see them travel everywhere. :D

That hedgehog fabric is adorable. They are not so popular over here.

Brigitte said...

Oh, what a sweet little ornament you made with the Pineberry Lane design. And your little spring finish looks wonderful in that frame. Nice stitching on your WIPs.
Tralala is one of my favourite French designers, but please don't include me in your draw as I have already stitched this lovely piece.

Von said...

So much lovely stitching shared in this post! It looks like we've stitched about the same amount on the Joyful World March design. You're probably far ahead now as I haven't had time in the evenings to stitch. There's always hope for the weekend, right?!

Carol said...

I think the hedgehog placemats are adorable, Julie--I wish I could see a hedgehog in real life. We don't have them in my area... Lovely stitching, too--my favorite is the Ho Ho Ho Santa. I love the way you finished the ornament using the blanket stitch. I need to give that a try some day, too.

Hope you are having a warmer than normal March like we are :) Enjoy your week ahead...