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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Welcome December


My advent candle is ready to be lit this evening when DH and I are sitting comfortably and will continue to light our way through the advent season each evening now we are in December.

Blessings will be given for our day and to everyone for a healthy and stress free time as we all try to achieve the deadlines we have set for ourselves with giving out goodies and meeting with friends to give our Best Wishes to each other for the festive season.  It's also a short time each day as the light flickers and the wax melts down to the next number to remember those who are no longer with us and the real meaning of Christmastime.

This year, December 1st also means it's time to rip open the envelope that arrived last week - i was very good and waited till today - to see what my exchange partner had stitched for me in the ornament exchange at Needlecraft Haven.
IT'S A BEAUTY .... thank you so much secret santa (details of who sent to whom will be revealed at a later date, this one is a secret exchange).   A lovely little robin kit you sent and I will enjoy those choccie treats too.   Your ornament will look so lovely on my tree and accompany many more that I have received in previous years from wonderful stitching friends.   I love this exchange and look forward to it every year.
As it's a secret exchange I am not able to share what I stitched just yet.  You'll all have to pretend you have the envelope sitting with you and you are waiting for the reveal date to see what's inside.  
At least with this being a cyber parcel temptation is avoidable, you wont be able to sniff, prod, squeeze and shake it.  You will have to be patient.  When the reveal list is posted on the forum, I will share what I made.
The last Sunday of the month is reveal for the challenge that Christine sets us and November 29th was the day.  A free online chart that you can stitch with any threads and finish any way you choose.
Novembers choice was from Shepherds Bush  A happy snowman with sheep, I know a few ladies who this will appeal to.
Christmas gift making has been happening and of course I am not able share that with you. 
I can share some knitting that I am doing for DH in spare moments.  Linda was kind enough to send me some sock wool that she wasn't going to use and here's the first sock finished using it.  Thank you Linda, it really does knit up lovely, these will keep his tootsies nice and cosy during the winter months.  Just got it's mate to knit now to make up the pair.
Wishing you a lovely advent, have you got a candle or do you prefer a daily chocolate treat as we wend our way towards Christmastime.
Blessings to you all, and your loved ones too.


  1. What lovely gifts from your secret santa. Love your snowman ornament - he's so sweet. I am glad the wool is being put to good use and love seeing how it has knitted up. x

  2. What a neat candle Julie. Those are fantastic gifts to receive. Your snowman is precious. I like the looks of the new sock. Your husband is so blessed to have many wonderful socks!

  3. I love your candle. What a beautiful way to celebrate. We have two boxes we painted with little drawers. I have one and my son has one. (I will blog about them soon.) My mom is filling the drawers with little goodies. Jeremiah (son) also has a chocolate one to open each day.

    I love the package you received. How beautiful the ornament is. Oh I can't wait to see what you have done up. I love how you finished the the snowman ornament. My finishing normally consists of sitting in a pile forever haha.

  4. Love the snowman finish and the colour of those sock!, lovely :-)

    Love what you received in the ornament exchange, (but i already said that on the forum, lol)

  5. What lovely exchange gifts! And a great looking snowman.

  6. Wish we could find such Advent candles state-side... what a beautiful
    daily tradition you have attached to your. We will all need the
    prayers for each other in meeting deadlines and maintaining sanity as
    we stride toward the big day. Less is more should prompt our planning.
    Love your Santa momentos..

  7. Such lovely gifts that you received from your Secret Santa, and the snowman ornament you stitched is adorable!!

  8. An advent candle is a lovely way to mark each day of Advent. And what it means.
    Love the sock,so colourful and pretty stitching too.Looking forward to your other stitching being revealed.

  9. I love the ornament and gifts you received from your Secret Santa. What a fun exchange! Looking forward to seeing what you sent to your partner.
    That sock looks lovely and warm.
    I really like the tradition of an advent candle but have never seen them to buy. Our sons have wooden calendars with a nativity scene on them. If they're good an elf comes each night and puts a sweet in!

  10. I think Advent does help to focus our thoughts on the true meaning of Christmas. Your secret Santa Sent some lovely things! I'm excited to see what you sent. That's a cute snowman finish! And your husband is lucky to have his own personal sock knitter. :)


  11. What a wonderful post love it.

    Your exchange gift is beautiful , and I love the sheep stitching I will be stitching this one thank you.
    I always light a candle on Christmas Eve for my love ones lost and it seems each year now I have to add an extra name to the list , so it's a time to think of the happy times we spent with them in life , hugs

  12. What sweet gifts to receive!!
    Love the little snowman too :)

  13. Lovely exchange gifts Happy December xx

  14. What a lovely Secret Santa gift package, can't wait to see what you sent out.

    For Advent we have my Little Stitcher Tree, my son has a Lego Star Wars one and two chocolate ones (the extra was a freebie from work!) and of course there is my online Blog Hop.

  15. A lovely exchange gift that you received at the Secret Santa exchnage. Such a nice idea to have a secret exchange. When I was still doing exchanges I sometimes joined a secret pal exchnage - what fun it always was.
    The SB snowman is so sweet and I love tzhe way you finished him.

  16. What a lovely exchange ornament Julie. Great finish on the challenge too

  17. What a pretty ornament with the lace edging, Julie--love it on blue, too! Your Secret Santa is certainly spoiling you--lovely stitched piece in your gift package...

    Wishing you a lovely weekend as you count down the days to Christmas!

  18. You were sent a lovely exchange package Julie.

    Of course I love your SB snowman and sheep ornament. So cute!

    Have a lovely December.We all have chocolate advents here. Many years ago I stitched my girls an advent each and it comes out every year to be filled to chocolates :)

  19. Lovely exchange gifts received. and your snowman ornament is so cute.

  20. Your exchange gift is gorgeous! I have been staring at the package hoping for some sort of inspiration to pop into my head so that I can "see" what you sent... but I guess we will just have to wait til the reveal!! :o)
    Love the snowman... such a cutie!
    Hugs xx

  21. Julie-- best wishes for a wonderful advent season... Your cross stitch is beautiful-- I also love the snowman!! The ornament exchange sounds like a fun little activity:)


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